Where is the Blood Coming From?

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Where has the Water Gone II: So Much Blood

Ross Alexander
Turf Elf Warrior
Kilroy Human Accomplished Rune mage
Kree Erelheine Skilled E&E and warrior
Orthostopheles, gold dragon
Destroy the blood worm that is destroying the water. Locate and terminate the blood vampires.
Pocket Plane (The Endless Desert)
18/10/803 WK to 22/10/803WK

Entities Encountered

  • Orthostopheles
    • Elderly Gold dragon.
    • Powerful enchanter, seems a little senile.
    • Generally retired from public life.
  • Metastopheles
    • Young Blue Dragon.
    • Was prisoner of blood dragons for some time.
  • Blood Lord
    • An immortal.
    • Known for his skill with alchemy and blood.
  • Pain & Suffering
    • Blood Vampires, minions of the Blood Lord.
    • Stronger than normal vampires, less weaknesses. Can move through sunlight.
    • Two colleges? Mind, E&E and/or Necro
  • Baccarat
    • An immortal.
    • Known for his skill with fate and chance.
  • Delerium
    • An immortal.
    • Known for her skill with the mind.


Turf was approach to a servant of Orthostopheles to resolve the water crisis in the Pocket Plane. Blood worm had escaped imprisonment and was being controlled by the vampires to wreak havock on the place.

The worm had been fed and grown immensely, its body was the size of a large building and the tentacles could tunnel over a mile from the body of the worm. Located one of the tentacles and managed to sever it, it was as thick as a man is tall and as hard as steel. Miniature arms and eyes are attached to the tentacle that can attack anything close.

Vampire launch attack on main city, its bat troops attack and attempt to capture people. The bats are difficult to hurt, they can shift damage from their bodies to their wings. We damage the bats, but there are too many to stop. Kilroy uses a devise that forces everyone to approach us, including the bats. An intense combat occurs they cover us with blackfire as we slowly pick them off.

Learn through the immortals that a gambling house holds an item that may allow the Blood Lord to reform/reenter the plane. We await the attack at the gambling house. The street is ripped apart and the three stories build is pulled into the earth by the tentacles. We follow the build down and fight our way to and through a portal that the building is pushed thought.

Appear inside blood temple, is a pyramid. Blood Lord is am alchemist, and the interior is filled with mechanical devices, pipes and people - all woven together. Locate a giant brain that we attack, vampires join the fight to stop us. The vampire can shift damage to the people woven into the pipes. Long combat ensues, Metasthopheles arrives late in the combat and breaks his way into the temple. The vampires flee through the hole in the roof, one is destroyed by the immortals as it departs from the hole in the temple roof. The other attempts to escapes into another temple.

We track the second vampire and destroy it outside another blood temple. The temple contains artifacts for altering souls and creating blood minions. A coffin remains inside a magic field that we cant penetrate. We destroy the evil devises and hand the temple over to the Immortals.


Turf was approached by '#13', a freed half devil from the 'Pocket Plane' that is employed by Orthostopheles. Orthostopheles required Turf and some other experienced people, to assist him. The blood worm was loose and causing wide devastation, destroying the water sources - people were beginning to die and mass deaths would occur in a matter of days. The Blood vampires were behind the activities.

Turf recruited Kilroy and Kree, they made their way to the plane with haste, flying overnight to the stone pillars in the desert that act as a portal the plane. We portal the next noon and arrive at the castle of Orthostopheles and hour later. We await for Orthostopheles to finish his nap, he is surprised at our early arrival and not completely prepared.

A long conversation follows and we are eventually explained the problem. Some time recently the seal holding the Blood Worm was damaged by the immortals, and this was exploited Vampires who took the BW for their own. Subsequent to this tombs were looted and bodies taken, in all likelihood to feed the blood worm. The two lakes that supply the opulent city with water are tainted and people are beginning to die.

We investigated the lakes, they had being mostly drained and remainder was converted to a sickly thick blood residue. After a great deal of poking around we surmised a large tentacle had burrowed into the lake and tainted and drained the lake.

We next visited the large lake near the Iron Tower. After much magical scrying we found a tentacle enter the lake and descending hundreds of feet, draining the cold. Following much discussion we decided we needed to look closer to the tentacle and it was tracked back to a point near the desert surface. We visited the servant city and hired a work crew to dig to the tentacle.

Later that afternoon after the sun was beginning to descent we begin to dig and eventually exposed a position of the tentacle. It was many feet thick and the exterior was as hard as steel armour. It was then decided to server the tentacle, after breaking through the exterior an internal 'pipe' was exposed that quickly retreated. Kilroy cunningly used some magic to halt the 'pipe' and we eventually severed it. Dozens of smaller arms appeared, covered in eyes, months and claws to harry us but we evaded them and covered over the tentacle.

A few hours later we observed a wave of gigantic bats flying toward the city where the worked resided. We made our way there with haste to find the city under attack and the bats carry off people. We were overwhelmed with the numbers and simply couldn't defend the citizens from the bats until Kilroy utilized a magical convergence that caused them to move toward us. A lengthy magical battle Kree destroyed all the bats with hell-fire.

While we were trapped in the city until the convergence ended we conversed with Lady Delerium [immortal], discussing further tactics. They had deduced that the vampires would attempts to steal a item located in a gambling house that resided in the rich city. A decision was made to guard this establishment and destroy the vampires when the showed themselves.

Our waiting finally paid off and they gambling house was indeed attacked, by the Blood Worm. The ground exploded as dozen of tentacles arose from the ground and pulled the building beneath the ground. Standing upon the precipice of the crater we were greeted with the sight of the hundred of tentacles and armoured minions. We, our course, charged. Kilroy made his way into the building while Turf and Kree wreaked blood carnage, slaying scores of minions and severed dozens of tentacles. The building was being pulled toward a portal, and we assembled upon the building roof as we passed through the portal into the unknown.

We appear inside what was later revealed to be one of the many ziggurat that littered the landscape. The Blood Lord was a master alchemist and the interior was a maze of pipes. Along the wall captives were held, with pipes running into their bodies they appeared to be part of some fiendish devise. Our most pressing concern were they large, heavily armoured golems that assaulted us. We alerted the immortals that we had located the lair of the vampires and they assured us they would get their as quickly as possible. A lengthy combat follow which ranged over almost the entirety of the ziggurat - we caused as much destruction as possible while hunting for the vampires. We found what could only be revealed as a gigantic brain in a large crystal box, and began to destroy this. This forced the vampires to show their hands and the combat started in earnest, they vampires proved to be deadly opponents as they brushed off our deadly blows and passing the damage to the poor captives.

We eventually obtained the upper hand and the vampires were weakening when our allies appeared - Metasthopheles ripped a hole in the roof of the ziggurat and rained down bolts of lightning. The vampires attempted to flee thought the hole and one was delivered a killing blow by the awaiting immortals. We conversed with the immortals and they persuade the remaining vampire toward another ziggurat. It had changed into a rat and was using a small tunnel to make its way into the ziggurat, which suited Kree as he followed with his wizard eye and dispatched it with hell-fire.

We forced entry into the second ziggurat and found a very evil sacrificial alter and a room, larger that the interior of the ziggurat, that contained what could only be described as a field of bodies slowing growing. We destroyed both the alter and field. The other oddity was a sarcophagus what was surrounded by a magical field that stopped time. We spend hours trying to penetrated the powerful magic, with no success.

We left the ziggurat in the hands of the immortals and, having completed our mission, were granted a boon by Orthostopheles.