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Adventure:Where's Johnny
GM:Ian A
Session: Autumn 815
Night: Monday
Location: Mt Roskill
Level: Low Low/Med


  1. Aaron - Enchanter-human
  2. Poppy - Fighter-merchant-human
  3. Lim - Water Mage - Alchemist
  4. Horton - Mind Were-Leopard
  5. Marco - Earthmage Explorer Sabre-Tooth
  6. _

Represented by Two Probable Goblins called Alandia and Whatdah

Johnny has gone missing. The Party is to find him and bring him back.
He was last known to be heading towards the Tower.He is not within 300 miles of where he was last seen.
There are some garbled partial messages that have come through since. These contain a lot of references to orcs and to big smoke.

5,000sp each (advanced to the guild).
Magic stuff, rings,potions,mushrooms,feathers...
10 Arcane Points


Scribe will receive an EP bonus if the notes are up to date more than 24h before the next session, and the in game dates are correct.

Session One

Day 1. First day of Fruit. (guild meeting)

Group meet in a room and meet the 2 employers, 2 gobbos called Alandia and Whatdah. They are looking for Johnny who went to the tower with the light and hasn't come back. He's an apprentice shaman and last time some of us meet him he was a halfling. We discussed where we need to go, and how we get there (dancing around a tree in Slippery Rock) so we plan to travel the next day so we can plan and do some shopping.

Day 2. Second day of Fruit.

We travel to Slippery Rock. We attach feathers to ourselves. We disappear and we reappear falling from the sky. We can see a giant donnut shaped cloud around the tower that some of us have been to (the one that blew up and chucked us some daggers) and we are falling heading to it. Unfortunately I fell asleep while falling and my feather falling charm triggered. It caused me to float away from the party and I ended up landing in an odd clearing a bit away from the party. The party moved swiftly towards me through the undergrowth which is super cause the off clearing I landed in was a burial area and soon lots of zombies were coming out of the ground trying to eat me. I fought some, the party arrived and helped me get out from amongst the horde and then Marco cooked the area with some molten magma.

Marco does some DA's and we work out we aren't in Alusia any more. DA says we are in Valley of the Trinity. First clue is it's bright and sunny... well as bright and sunny as it gets when you are this close to The Gloomy Vale. We decide to head off in case there were more. We work out we have to head to the Gloomy Vale with the goblin guides to begin our search for Johnny. We travel in that direction. And end the day making camp in what appears to be an abandoned Goblin ambush camp, with it's own hidden pits etc. We catch a goat and make stew, set watches and head to bed.

Session 2

While on 3rd watch Poppy notices movement in the woods, things hiding behind bushes. Wakes up party. A dozen sneaking someone's about 100ft ish or so out of camp. We listen in. Lim changes the ground into sand/quick sand trapping some of the goblins. We find 2 trapped ones. We question them. They are from a different tribe to our goblins. Their cave is 10 days travel away they say. We convince them to tell their others to leave us alone or else.

Day 3: Third day of Fruit. Still travelling towards Gloomy Vale following animal trails. We discuss what we need to do about THE Tower, Johnny and how to find him. We discuss some plans. We make it to the Waystation and decide to stay there the night so Aaron can have some time to do some more weapon spells. A couple of caravans come through the waystation. We chat to crew for gossip. We helped the guard with their watches. Night passed uneventfully.

Day 4: Fourth day of Fruit. Travel on to Gloomy Vale, arrive. Arrive at gates, head in, do some shopping for supplies. There are special rules about goblins when in town... so our goblin guide/employers are "disguised" as Halflings. We stay at a known inn, yay for comfy beds.

Day 5: Fifth day of Fruit. Head out early towards THE Tower. The travelling isn't as pleasant. We get to the bush not far from where things will get interesting. We pause to buff up. We follow the guides very carefully via the trees, using special soft spots. Have lunch. Get to the rocks, cliff, tunnels, it's dark... and into the goblin caves. We get take to the Shaman Goblin.

His room is a bit of a shamble treasure trove. Stacks of interesting things with lots of random junk. He retells us what he knows about Johnny and his trip. And about the messages they have had back.

.... ghosts in the brambles....

.... the Elf lives....

... animated goblins... mechanicans...

... quality of the brickwork in the cistern was excellent, great hand holds....

... sneaking past orcs in the keep...

... wolves in the dungeon are dodgy...

.... Big Smoke on the horizon....

.... the witches hate this place...

... quality torture... (this was a week or two back the Shaman says)

... glad I learnt Orcish....

So we will also have to learn Orcish so we can follow him. The Shaman gives us all some special green goblin drink, grog of some sort... drink with a trainer (another goblin who knows Orcish is found) and we drink up... get drunk... need to retire afterwards so nothing "bad" happens. We sleep.

Day 6: Sixth day of Fruit. Argh, wake up with a hang over. A dull pain in the head. I want to make up some soothing tea for this, but the Shaman says if you fix the pain the Orcish will go away. This will be a painful trip. No teas it is. We also need to read the language so the Shaman smacks us all in the head with a book of orcish poetry. (title: The Big Book of Orcish poetry) It was a big book. It seems to work. We can all now speak and read Orcish to rank 4. We make plans to travel to THE Tower tomorrow in daylight, first thing. We rest and make plans.

Day 7 and 8: Seventh and Eighth day of Fruit. We travel to THE Tower with our Goblin escorts. at the end of day 8 we arrive outside of the brambles. This is where the ghosts are. We plan ahead so that if some of us are scared we can try and hold the party together.

Session 3

Day 8 (cont): Eighth day of Fruit After preparing we moved into the brambles. Our goblin guides leave us at this point. They are infested with ghosts. Marco and myself had a bad reaction to seeing them and we kind of got a bit crazy and charged through the brambles and into the entrance of the tower. Horten got a bit scared and hid behind Aaron... and the rest (Aaron and Lim) were fine. Perhaps because they had been here before.

THE Tower entrance way had a group of zombies and a group of ghouls which moved to attack Marco and myself. There was also a group of skeleton archers on the walls who shot at us too. We were way ahead of the others so we spent several rounds attacking and being attacked before they arrived. Marco had one of his cats out so the cat did a lot of damage tearing zombies and ghouls apart. When the others turned up some of the foot troops were destroyed. The cat climbed up onto the walls and started working on some skeletons. And Aaron has this cool bow which smashed some of the skeletons too. Marco and I had some minor bolt holes but were fine. We found some usable armor and weapons on the skeletons which we kept.

We heading in the entrance of THE Tower. We head downstairs following directions that Lim and Aaron have used before. We went downstairs, past the necromancer's area. Down to the water cistern. We negotiate with the Fosagrim with fire eggs (grenados) for water walking and safe passage through the water cistern area. Lim also grabs some of the water in vials for later. 1 for everyone and 1 for Johnny. So far no location spells have found Johnny.

We head upstairs to a landing with 2 locked doors, no scratches or change in décor from last time. More stairs up, corridor is human-worked stone. There are doors and on this side they are just normal doors but on the other side they are secret doors. We find spy holes used last time to look into orc areas.

Session 4

Session 5

Session 6

Session 7

Session 8

Session 9

Quick catch up

We sneak past the orcs, and out of the fort which appears to be on the foothills of some mountains. Johnny is located southwards, which is down a large valley. We travel that way establishing we are in 'Orcland', wildlife seems fairly normal but a little nastier, domesticated animals appear 'Orced' often having more tusks and being more fierce.
About four days south alongside a large river we find a huge town, which seems to be about a million people, sprawling over tens of miles over a number of islands at an intersection of several major rivers. We 'talk' to locals and find out it's safe to enter the city and we won't be enslaved instantly as not orcs.
We enter the city and join the Friendly Healers Society (They are not friendly) so we can get discounts on healing, and most of us have some skill useful to them. We start work for them while slowly locating Johnny, eventually working out he appears to be in the jail.
Approx three weeks later our plan to infiltrate the prison works perfectly, right until we have the unfortunate run in with the head jailor and her dire wolf. We however do well enough in taking down the Dire wolf and resisting the massive area of effect sleep item she uses to negotiate a deal with her to recover her brother, and to take Johnny with us at the time.
Lacking time to do a proper recon we elect to simply kick the door down and go in through the tunnels to attack the estate. The plan gets a revision as we discover crocodiles in the tunnels, and with binding animals we acquire ourselves an attack force of 6 normal crocodiles and one giant crocodile, then launch our attack. The Orcs have four guards rather than two, and there are also some people in with her brother.
The Crocodiles do well holding them up, but with double the number of guards they are unable to overwhelm them, and start falling as the Troll & Necromancer emerge. The Necromancer gets one spell off before an arrow lands in his chest and takes him out of the fight, he later gets finished off. The Troll gets Controlled, some guy in gaudy silver armour flips out, slices two crocodiles apart before getting ripped apart between three of the party dramatically. The guards get called on to surrender, and one survives to do so, while three end up down.
We recover the tortured brother, leaving as a Devil comes down a chimney into the torture room, that was also full of ravenous lesser undead of some kind in cages. There is also a mention of an 'Earl' on the other side of the door we had blocked with a wall that we take to be a Demonic Earl. We leave even faster taking the two important bodies with us, stopping to feed them to the giant crocodile that survived on our way out so they can't be ressurected.
Later taking to the head Jailor reveals both were pacted, Necromancer to the Duke of Thrones and the Gaudy armour to the Earl of Justice. The entire city is abuzz with what happened, and the head jailor a bit taken back that we slaughtered the two and didn't have a scratch on us.
We spend the next week working quietly for the Friendly Society before leaving town at the end of our month as negotiated, taking the fast way back up to the fort by mage currenting up the river without a boat. Infiltrating back through the tower is successful.
We head up the Tower, find a new door and decide this means we are meant to go through, entering we find a many hundreds of years old Alchemist working on things, we chat, catch him up on the actual year, and trade some things with him then leave out his windows. We travel back to the Goblin caves where we reunite Johnny and Gablebrox, and then set up to spend some time looking at what we have acquired.
We spend a week at the caves, then head on towards Lake town. Stops at Gloomy Vale to talk to people about possible flesh golems and other things happen, and we find Captain Alberto in junction and organise a ride to lake town and possibly further. In Lake Town Harold has a meeting asking about some things and being concerned we are in the area. We reassure him we are just passing through, and organise a pig and some stuff to trade in Sandspit.
We travel down through what seems to be some kind of watery middle-march now we know a bit more, with some normal mist and some magical mist blocking sight as we travel the canyons. Just before we emerge Horton gets a feeling of danger, we do some quick prep and then arrows start falling and the Boatmen do some boat magic to jump us out to sea a bit.
We land in Sandspit shortly after and talk to them, discovering there are a few hundred orcs building a really big catapult on the cliffs, and this is a problem, we make an arrangement with Captain Jack for some favourable trading to occur if we are able to deal with this situation, then concoct a number of evil alchemical and sneaky plans to make things go boom.
We leave that evening after organising distractions in case we want them at certain times, head down the coast in Captain Jacks boat a bit, then climb up the steep slopes/cliffs, and pick our way past bands of orcs towards the camp. Reaching the camp it's about 1000' foot across at the widest, but fairly spread out, and we have locates on the Boss, the Mage and the Engineer. We sneak our way through most of the camp undetected & invisible, then prepare to deal with the Catapult and the Engineer.
We decide that as the mechanician is awake we won't try and assassinate him silently. So we start casting to bring the catapult down also starting a fire in the Chiefs tent. When the mechanician emerges he is greeted by an arrow to the chest followed by Greek fire.to the chest and falls screaming into his tent dying. The shaman gets a similar treatment though lasts a bit longer before Greek fire.connects with his face. We then flee the camp shouting that the gods are angry as lava burns the catapult and a bunch of falling stars are impending. We leap off the cliff gliding to the bottom and make some distance before the falling stars impact, a couple of minutes later the locate on the chief vanishes indicating a change in leadership. By morning no orcs are left in camp and there are two suspicious statues at the base of the cliff. Turning out to be stone golems of rare stone. We loot them and what remains of the camp, sell the ship fittings to a merchant, and head towards Seagate getting dropped off in Bolton bay. We pay the locals with ships strengths to hire a boat to Seagate and quietly work some other water magic for a faster trip before selling our remaining loot and returning to the guild for debriefing.

Mil Sci

Mil Sci will receive an EP bonus for ensuring Combats run smoothly and quickly

Daily Pattern

Watch Order

1st Watch: Lim and Horten. 2nd Watch: Alandia and Aaron. 3rd Watch: Poppy and Whatdah. 4th Watch: Marco and one of the cats.

New Watch order: Dusk: Horten and Lim. Midnight: Aaron and Poppy. Dawn: Marko and cat(when not in town).

Marching Order

Aaron, Poppy, Lim, Horten, Marco, one of the cats.


Buffs listed in the table don't need to be detailed, other buffs not on the table must be mentioned at the time they are cast.
Y means always on, N/- means never on, 'Sit.' means when the party has time for buffs before a fight. R means Ritualised
Weapon Spells which weapon/s it is going on normally should be noted also.

Magic Rk Effects Dur Aa Po Lim Ho Ma 6
Greater Enchantment 9 10% 1 Area/ 2 Areas free. 3 months/ 3 days Y Y Ma/Re Ma/Re Ma/Co -
Enchant Armour 12 26 def +1 armour 14 days or 390min/11hrs Y Y R R R R -
Enchant weapon 9 10 SC +3 dam 14 days or 14min/23min Y Y Fal R H & 1/2 R ShSw, S Claw R Sai's, S Claw -
Strength of Stone 12 +12 EN 22 hrs Y Y Y Y Y -
Lesser Enchantment 6 -1 to die rolls 14 days 2 hrs Y Y Y Y Y -
Blending 6 Invisible when stationary 15 hrs Y Y Y Y Y -
Tracking 6 +22 to Tracking BC 7 days 2 hrs Y Y Y Y Y -
Scales 10 40pts Ablative 20min/29min S S S S S -
Waters of Strength 7 [D-2]+7 16 Pot. / 40 eff. - - S S S -
Restorative 6 8/16 14 Pot. - - - - S -
Waters of Healing 6 [D-4]+6 14 Pot. - - - - - -
xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x hrs x min - - - - - -
Mind Shield (Self) 5 cloak thoughts 11hr - - - Y - -
Mind Speech 6 rng 210' 70m S S S S S -



Dice Rolls for Loot Split. Lim 34, Aaron 44, Marco 67, Poppy 91, Horton 93.


  • 16,000sp Selling Chain & stuff.
  • 13,000sp Two big jobs for the Happy Healers
  • 15,000sp Working for the Happy Healers wages
  • 12,000sp Casting for the Thieves.
  • 2,000sp assorted loot scavenged from orcs.
  • 3,500sp Golems
  • 2,000SP. Ship fittings sale.


Fall into the Valley

  • Featherfall Totems.

Battle into Tower (sold for 16,000sp)

  • 4 chainmail (rank 5) from skeletons
  • 4 crossbows (rank 5) from skeletons
  • Pile of bolts

Big Smoke Dungeon Fight:

  • 4 * Shield bracelets (from guards)
  • 4 * Scimitars (from guards)
  • 4 * Suits Plate (from guards)
  • 1 true silver scimiar (from necromancer)
  • 1 Suit Fancy Scales (Dragonskin) (from Necromancer)
  • 1 Suit Fancy gilded Silvered Plate (from orc Ninja/Lord)
  • Fancy Hand & Half (Silvered) (from orc Ninja/Lord)
  • Healing Potions x 6
  • Restoratives x 1 (from necromancer)
  • Amulets of luck x 6
  • Troll Club x 1
  • Silvered kite shield x 1 (from orc Ninja/Lord)
  • Scabbard. Magical.
  • Necromancer Weapons
  • Assorted Wiccan Amulets
  • Spare Bandages from the healers after (they wouldn't let me take more than 2)


  • One bag misc alchemist goods.
  • Matching recipes.

Orc Hilltop battle

  • Restorative (1 x rank 8) from Shaman's body.
  • Set of specialist tools from mechanician's tent
  • papers from mechanician's tent



  • 5,000sp Illusions Party
  • 5,000sp Johnny
  • 1,000sp Scry Shield
  • 3,000sp Paralysing arrows


Autumn 815wk: Fruit (4)
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Lugnasad 1 Guild Meeting - Alusia 2 Travel via tree dance to stormy tower- Valley of the Trinity 3 Travel towards Gloomy Vale 4 Arrive in Gloomy Vale 5 Head to Goblin Caves 6 Hangover from Goblin drink
7 Travel towards THE Tower 8 Arrive and head into THE Tower - Orcland 9 Outside orc village 10 Travel to Big Smoke 11 Enter Big Smoke and get jobs with Friendly Society 12 First day working 13
14 15 Discover Johnny location 16 17 18 19 Visit mad hermit 20
21 22 23 24 25 26 27
28 29 30 1 2 3 Break out Johnny 4
Autumn 815wk: Harvest (5)
5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Finish our month of work
12 Travel back to Gloomy Vale 13 14 Arrive back to Goblin caves 15 Equinox 16 17 18
19 Harvest Moon 20 21 Last night in caves 22 23 Reach Gloomy vale 24 Fast push to Junction 25
26 Reach Laketown 27 Get Offering and trade goods 28 29 30 1 2
Autumn 815wk: Vintage (6)
3 4 5 6 7 8 9
10 11 12 13 14 15 16
17 Blood Moon 18 19 20 21 22 23
24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Beerfest