Rosemary Mansfield

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Rosemary GMs and plays.

Rosemary has a number of characters including


Summer 811 We are still walking to China
Autumn 810 Slow Portal to China
Spring 809 A Pirate's Lament
Winter 807 Neither Hare nor Thar
Summer 804 Coming Forth by Day (no scribe notes)
Summer 802 Joe the Balrog
Summer 801 The Great Mummy Hunt
Winter 798 Kali and the Five Dwarves
Summer 798 The Twisted Avatar (no scribe notes)
Spring 796 Neverland (scribe notes held by Rosemary)
Winter 796 Delta Baby (no scribe notes)
Spring 795 Delta Blues
Autumn 795 Illusion, Delusion, and Dainty Danger
Spring 794 Lost Hobbit Adventure (no scribe notes)
Spring 791 Trevaris the Ghost City (no scribe notes)
Winter 791 Jellinfeld's Pumping Machine (no scribe notes)
Autumn 791 The Monumental Blunder (scribe notes hel by Rosemary)
Spring 790 Zoo Quest (no scribe notes)
Winter 789 Eringdale Kidnaps(no scribe notes)

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