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Vassal of Mordeaux
Status See (Barony)
Location Northern Mordeaux,

South of Foxcourt
North East of Tuscana

Area approximately 1/12 of Mordeaux.
Geography A rugged landscape deep in the Mordeaux hills, where the granite bones of the earth poke through forming razor-back ridges, and jagged boulders litter the hidden valleys.
Population 20ppm
0% (Low)
Major Towns




6% (mostly clergy)

Goat Wool, Stone, Ore
Grains, Metals


Montagrier consists of rocky peaks, steep valleys, and small villages and farming hamlets whose inhabitants eke a meagre hand-to-mouth existence from the land, and are suspicious of strangers and city folk. The insular mindset is encouraged by their neighbours, raiders from the wilds south of Bowcourt and from the north-west extremity of Tuscana. A common folk saying here is "No good ever comes from the plains". The wind is almost constant, and its incessant howling is said to drive unwary visitors insane.

Places of Interest

  • Visitation Mount. This famous 400' high pinnacle of rock is where the eremetic mystic Saint Barthélemy de-Bellegarde sat and prayed for seven years before being visited by the ArchAngel Michael. It is said to be a holy place, where magic does not work, and natural laws are suspended, forcing one to survive by faith alone. It is also perhaps the windiest place in Montagrier, with gales howling around the base of the rock more than 120 days of the year.
  • Abbey Château-l'Évêque. This Abbey is the administrative hub of Brantôme. It is bleak and grey, set high on a stony peak overlooking the wilds of Tuscana.


  • Reverend Canon Privat des Prés, Michaeline Abbot of Château-l'Évêque and current administrator of Montagrier. The Reverend Canon is in his sixties or early seventies, and whipcord thin. He is aesthetic and severe, expecting impossible tasks from those around him, and more from himself. He has little tolerance for self-indulgence or luxury, and is said to sleep on the stone floor of his monastic cell, and eat no more than three times a week.