Lost of Eyrth

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Start Date: Heat 22, 803 WK (22/02/803) Finish Date: Breeze 30, 803 WK (30/03/803) Duration: 39 days
Uzi Urksome 11100
Sabastian 11100
Tulip 10100

Lost on Euyrf

Game MasterRoss Alexander
Party LeaderSebastian (Terry Spencer)
Party ScribeTulip (Tricia Hunt)
Party MembersUzi (Zane Hembest)
Sabrina (Tulip's war wolf)

Uzi and Tulip arrive in a dessert on Euyrf when caught in a magical sand storm on plane of Kalbaf, luckily we have all our travelling equipment and the camels. Sebastian arrives from a party on Alusia, he has only the clothes he is standing in.


Date: 22/02/803

Walk through the dessert toward some birds we can see in the distance, find a seashore, and along this a fortified port town. Get supplies and pay for passage to Suez.

Date: 23/02/803

On ship.

Date: 24/02/803

Arrive at Seuz in evening, find an inn, change money. Book passage with a merchant to Gaza should take about one week to get there. We are attacked in the night, but manage to beat them off or kill them.

Date: 25/02/803

Go to the slave market and by (the only) slave that speaks common and the local language. Feed and heal him. Return to the inn to collect our stuff and then transfer to Merchants camp the night.

Date: 26/02/803 - 02/03/803

Travel in Merchant train toward Gaza. While we are travelling, Sebastian reads the stars and Uzi uses his precognitive crystal to try and get an idea of how to get back to Alucia. We get a variety of pictures/ways to get home, one is of the "Dome of the Rock" in Jerusalem and the best way to get back is to be found in Florence. Arrive in Gaza on the evening we obtain supplies and begin our journey to Jerusalem.

Date: 03/03/803

Travelling together along well defined road from Gaza to Jerusalem. We are attacked by deserters from the Christian army in the night. It starts well but rapidly deteriorates as the low willpower party are all stunned. Tulip takes a grievous wound that we bind with the special bandages we just received on Kalbaf. We eventually win and chase off the few survivors, loot the bodies. We get poor quality plate, the leather armour and weapons as well as 103sp. Move camp and recover until morning.

Date: 04/03/803

Knights with a witch hunter emerge from Jerusalem in the morning and go to the site of the fight, we pack quickly taking the only magical item (a scimitar) and all the armour, the rest we abandon. The old man takes the loot, the camels and Sabrina in through the gate. Uzi and Sebastian climb over the wall, and Tulip doges in among the crowd "unseen". There are wards on top of the wall, which Uzi and Sebastian set off (a loud bell starts tolling). They escape "unseen". We regroup and hire a room in an inn for a week. We are still weak from the fight and hang around resting all the rest of the day.

Date: 05/03/803

Go into the city, find somewhere to sell armour and get some sculpting tools for Sebastian. We find a store, sell armour and get tools (stone and fine) as well as a Damascus steel dagger and 30gp for the armour. He needs time to get gold and so we need to wait for a couple of hours. Sebastian is unable to sell any of his rings, the quality is not good enough. While waiting we find a "Book" store, the old man inside seems to know something about magic. DA gives him as a Namer and his highest ranked skill as Philosophy, he is from this plane. The old man is able to put us in contact with someone who can send us back to Alusia, but requires we do a job for him first. He sells us a set of lock picks for 8gp. We are to come back tomorrow for the lock picks and to find out the mission.

Date: 06/03/803

Uzi takes one of Alyson’s potions, it gives him the use of Wizards eye for one month for only one point of fatigue. We return to the bookstore and send the eye in first, some places it cannot go and in other places, it seems to just give an image of what what "should" be there and not what actually is there. Somehow, we are not too surprised about this! We need to rescue the witch Genevieve from the Hospitilar knights, she is in their stronghold of Kracde Chevalier. He shows us where it is on a map. He also sells us a set of lock picks for 8gp. Sebastian spends the afternoon remaking some of the leather armour into a suit of Hobbit leather. That evening we go "unseen" and climb the wall (setting off the ward) and when out of the low mana zone of the city cast shadow wings. After 3 hours, we land and prepare for another set of shadow wings. Sebastian backfires and has muscle spasms, we have to return to Jerusalem. We find a door and bribe the guard to let us back in.

Date: 07/03/803 - 08/03/803

We find an Oriental healer, Sebastian asks for a Strength of Stone from Tulip who backfires and gets arthritis, the oriental healer, heals us both. We rest for the rest of today and tomorrow to regain lost endurance and fatigue. Pay for another week at the inn.

Date: 09/03/803

We rest during the day and then at night exit through the gate. Cast wings and fly 3hrs, recast wings and fly for 3hrs. We get a little lost and land about 15miles from the fortress. Sebastian makes a very bad landing. We sleep for the day.

Date: 10/03/803

We approach the fortress and do standard recognisance, send eye in, and then Sebastian goes in. Castle is warded (against unbelievers) all the way around, but he finds a small break in the ward on the top of one of the gate towers. Inside the keep is another tower. Sebastian manages to get in and find the witch. He uses up 5 charges of Tulips wind walking rings to get him and the witch out (He did almost die permanently). We all return to camp, cast wings and fly back to the same spot we stopped in on our way out. Rest for the rest of the night.

Date: 11/03/803

Rest during the day. Witch will arrange for someone to help us get back home, we must go to island of Cypress and wait. Wings back to Jerusalem, in through the gate in wall.

Date: 12/03/803 - 15/03/803

Sell the camels and get supplies. Fly to port and catch boat to Cypress. On boat for a couple of days.

Date: 15/03/803 - 29/03/803

Wait on Cypress for the witch or her representative.

Date: 30/03/803

Witch arrives with Father Alfonzo who has some gifts for us and a Magical Mace that returns us to Alusia. Sebastian chooses to stay. Some discussion with Alyson for loss of Camels.


Ring of mind magic related to domination. This gives the wielder an bonus of 10 to their Willpower for dominating others, however the wielder will penalty of 5 to their Willpower for saving against Domination themselves.
Two bottles with potion that return him to his prime and extend his prime of life by 5 years.
Seal that disguises his aura. It can be used to duplicate another entity's aura (target gets magic resistance verses Namer Special). The copy is only good for six hours and cannot the aura strength of the wearer.
22/02/803 WK.
30/03/803 WK.
38 days.
Time Playing


Uzi 11100
Sabastian 11100
Tulip 10100


Looted items
Magical scimitar (+%5BC, +1 DM) 1310 sp
Money 103 sp
Items purchased
Stone mason tools 100 sp
Fine tools 400 sp
Dagger (Rank 8 +2DM +3%BC) 100 sp
Lock Picks 96 sp
Camels 1600 sp
Supplies (Port) 2 sp
Passage to Suez 84 sp
Inn in Suez 24 sp
Slave 40 sp
Merchant to Gaza 21 sp
Supplies (Gaza) 2 sp
Inn in Gaza 160 sp
Gate Bribes Gaza 4 sp
Healing 24 sp
Camels 30 sp
Items used up
Special Grenado (Tulip) 1500 sp
Wind Walking (Tulip) 1750 sp
Healing Potion (Tulip) 1000 sp
Healing Bandages(Tulip) ???? sp