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Jurgenmark This county is the North-western most of the Aquilan counties and is thus the most NW'ly location in the Western Kingdom (to date - as at 818wk)

Vassal of Aquila in the Western Kingdom
Status County
Location NW corner of Aquila.
Area 15,000 sq miles
Geographical area type Mountain, highland plains and Woods
Population 525,000 citizens @ 800wk, 320,000 citizens @ 815wk




6% (mostly urban)



Jurgenmark is a County bordered by the vast Dragonspine Mountains along the northern border and has a lot of lessor mountain ranges throughout the area. There are several tracts of woodlands along with several lakes. The people of the county live mostly in the Southeast and Southwest of the realm.


This county has a dark and checkered past, perhaps to do with being in the Dragonspine mountains and rarely seeing sunlight.

Since 810wk the Count of Jurgenmark has been conspicuously absent from the court (his court functionaries are still at court and working for the kingdom) but the taxes have still flowed, albeit severely reduced ones due to the reported incursions of trolls, drow, bandits and assorted other monsters.


The Great Plague of 810's

The area has suffered a pestilence/plague since 810wk of an other worldly origin.
The Count has imposed severe travel restrictions since 816wk when around 25% of the population died from this plague. Reports are that the Count was forced to burn entire villages (along with crops and livestock) to keep the plague at bay.

  • This is known to still be a threat and anyone travelling up north to Jurgenmark must declare themselves before doing do.

Quarantine 811wk

King Ulric imposed a quarantine of the county in 811wk with royal guards stopping inward and outward travel in regards to the county. He has declared the area March of Sanitaire under the Margrave Alfred de Camus.



  • Helmsfort
  • Yorgenhausen
  • Zietershiem
  • Drendfeld
  • Crisanya
  • Zalissya
  • Meremure
  • Chaney
  • Radu
  • Ardeal
  • Langella
  • Darnub
  • Hellsmarch


The County has two main passes which usually enable regular entry (except when extremely bad weather) to the realm and these are:

  1. Yorgen's Pass to the west (Drakenburg), and
  2. Alryn's Gap to the south into County of Graunzeger.

To the East is the Mythrin Plain is a pass (Mythrin Pass) into County of Fesenheim which is only open when extremely good weather allows passage, due to its high peak saddle.

Places of Interest

  • Astrigan Abbey in Helmsfort


Rulers of the realm

The list of Lords here is that of 810wk when the realm became 'a problem' for the Western Kingdom.
King Ulric imposed a quarantine of the county in 811wk with royal guards stopping inward and outward travel in regards to the county.
King Ulric has declared the area a March of Sanitaire under the Margrave Alfred de Camus.

  • Count Cyrus De Vire of Jurgenmark (b768, d) - Missing (Presumed Dead)
  • Baron Nokter de Cyvin (b765wk -), Baron of Drendfeld - Missing (Presumed Dead)
  • Baron Alfred de Camus (b762wk -), Margrave of the NorthWest - alive & well (Aquila)
  • Baron Alfons Metternich (b755wk -), Baron of Helmsfort - Missing (Presumed Dead)
  • Baron Anselm Adler (b768wk -), Viscount of Yorgenhausen - Missing (Presumed Dead)
  • Baron Gabriel Brahms (b758wk -), Baron of Zietershiem - Missing (Presumed Dead)
  • Baron Albrecht Eberhardt (b755wk -), Baron of Marnau - Missing (Presumed Dead)
  • Baron Christos Nordberg (b753wk -), Baron of Zalissya - Missing (Presumed Dead)
  • Baron Henric Henrikson (b789wk -), Baron of Hellsmarch - alive & well (Brastor Holdings)
  • Baron Alfons Lagerfeld (b771wk -), Baron of Meremure - Missing (Presumed Dead)
  • Baron Felix Zimmermann (b760wk -), Viscount of Chaney - Missing (Presumed Dead)
  • Baron Alejandro Von Habsburg (b766wk -), Viscount of Radu - Missing (Presumed Dead)
  • Baron Francoise Sammelhausen (b730wk -), Baron of Ardeal - Missing (Presumed Dead)
  • Baron Dagobert Liljenstein (b765wk -), Baron of Langella - Missing (Presumed Dead)
  • Baron Ottmar Hundertwasser (b785wk -), Baron of Darnub - Missing (Presumed Dead)
  • Baron Aloys Rothschild (b730wk -), Baron of Annon - Missing (Presumed Dead)
  • Baron Reinhard Fassbinder (b765wk -), Baron of Shyllie - Missing (Presumed Dead)
  • Baron Maxmilion Cochenhausen (b770wk -), Baron of Nodvest - Missing (Presumed Dead)


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