Into the Unknown

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I'll run a game but this will only be for new PC's - at a push PC's of 1 game may be considered, but I'm trying to encourage new PC's into our top heavy DQ milieu. It's much more fun at low levels than high IMHO
I've moved the character creation details to the discussion page - CJC 10th Sep 17

Scribe Notes


Adventure: Into the Unknown
GM: ChrisC
Season: Spring 817 wk
Night: Wednesday night (starting 20th Sept)
Level: Low

Hieronymus Ermit of Seagate
Bring his daughter home. She hasn't returned from a guild mission exploring a new portal recently discovered. She was the 3 guild member sent through to explore the portal and none have returned.

All have 2 x guild scrolls of banishment to enable their return should they need to use them but none have done so or returned to Alusia.

5 x Guild rates + 'Salvage' (within 'laws of the land' - of course)!

Scribe Notes

Session 1

Day 1

Before our meeting meeting with the guild security, we are introduced to our employer, Hieronymus Ermit of Seagate. He is most concern about his daughter disappearance and he is willing to pay 5 time the going rates for us to investigate what happen to her as well as returning her to her family.

On further enquiry, he explains that his daughter had offered her services to the guild after her son and husband went missing. She took the assigned of exploring a portal 25 miles North of the hills of Aldri; there she vanished like the previous adventurers.

We learn from the Guild Security that the portal had been investigate 3 times in the past year. This resulted in the disappearance of all Adventures. What is baffling for us is that each adventurer had 2 scrolls of Banishment and 2 of Whispering wind, and yet no messages were received.

The guild is willing to equip us with armours, and weapons as well as a 1 item of our choosing plus 2x scrolls of Banishment and 2 x scrolls of Whispering Wind for each member of the party.

Before our departure we enquire about some astrology reading, Potions of healing and Greater, and we spend the following 4 days getting ready for the trip.

Rahne Astrology Reading
  • Bring those you trust
  • Gird thy Loins
  • Love conquers all
  • Do not trust the disbelievers
  • Darkness is coming

Day 5

At noon of the 5th day we depart on horseback headed to Stoneboro.

Day 6

The following day we reach a natural deep in the ground covered in thick mist. The Spell-caster perceive the area as high mana ground, however we do not venture in and limit our travelling to the ridge of this depression. Just before duck we set camp and Haedric erect the perfect forest traveller camp essential; an Igloo. While on patrol Haedric is attack by a wild boar. Haedric and Dimitri make mincemeat out of it, while the rest of the party are oblivious of what is happening. The two discover a barbed arrow on the body of the boar, before the making breakfast out of it.

Day 7

After a hearty breakfast we continue our journey. Along the way we make the acquaintance of a wood elf (Nermal) hunting outlaws and Drow. We show the arrow found on the boar and he advise us to get rid of the culprit if we found it. He also gifts us some Elven biscuits, which I hear it can sustain a man like a full meal. After setting camp and a good meal, we retreat in our igloo. A big, white, ice made construction may not be the most conspicuous thing in a forest. We are not particularly concerned about it and in the middle of the night we are attacked by 5 brigands. 3 casualties later, and with 1 brigand fleeing for dear life, we interrogate the captive one. He and his companion were forced into this life after contracting some infectious disease and been driven out of their town.

Session 2

Day 8

After breakfast we continue on our way north. The path is not well travelled and the only tracks spotted by Haedrik appear to be months old. We follow the trails until we reach a misty area. Lifting the mist exposes 6 unusually rounded shapes in the vegetation. As we ready our weapon we notice that those are the slumped bodies of orcs. They appear to have been killed by Elven arrows. We proceed on our journey, after rallying Dimitri and Katalina who run scared of the undead I just turne. After crossing a stream, we reach a web-tangled section of the forest were we are attacked by 4-feet wide spiders. As we get the better of them, Eydis seize control of 1 spiders mind and with my help we get it to release all the victims tangled in their webs. 3 desiccated orcs are lowered to the ground. After collecting valuables, we search for a suitable spot to camp for the night.

Day 9

We break camp, and 4 hours into our journey we reach a clearing with a rocky formation on one side, and a 15 feet tall wall extending out of it. The wall appears to continues down the gulley on the far side, and has a door in the middle. We knock and announce our presence; a Guild Security Member lets us in. Before settleing in for the night, we spend some time talking to the guards and inspecting the portal.

Day 10

At dawn we decide the marching orders through the Portal and we ready ourselves for a walk into the unknown. I observe all my companion traversing the dark shimmering portal and as I enter, I step 4 feet ledge, with the 2 dwarfs dangling from the sheer rock face on either side, and the rest of the party are swimming in the water in the subterranean pool at my feet. After reaching dry ground, we inspect the deep pond were I have spotted the spirit of someone. We resurface the dead body. It's the remains of Darvos the Rune mage, sent last winter by the guild. His skull is fracture but there is no sign of foul play; he must had cracked is skull by falling in the lake. What an end, may the Loa carry his spirit. We exit the cave and enter a squelchy swamp landscape. The wetland surrounds the hill we have just exited. Before venturing further, we use one of the scrolls to give news to the guild; the spell fail. We must be some place were magic does not work. We head for the top of the hill wile Dimitri fly to inspects the surroundings. He return with news of an inhabited area miles north. Strangely dusk is upon us, so we camp while a make the acquaintance of my new familiar a 6-foot-long Anaconda. The night goes by with no trouble.

Day 11

Early rise as we have decided last night to build 2 rafts to help us navigate the wetland. We spend the whole day constructing and testing them.

Day 12

We spend the day navigating the swamp. Every now and then we spot a mound of dirt rising out of the water with the left over traces of camps. This indicated that people are living or hunting in this area. We proceed very slowly on our rudimentary barges and as dusk settles in, we find a spot where to erect our perfectly insulated Igloo, and rest our weary bones

Day 13

We carry on our journey, after a breakfast of elven crakes. 2 hours in and we meet a man on a kayak. He does not appear surprised to see us however it disappears very quickly. We decide not to follow him and continue, due north towards what we believe been civilisation. After some more fishing, and strenuous poling, we reach a palisade in the late afternoon. We talk to the lizard folk that inhabit the camp and successfully negotiate to have a meal and spend the night in their camp.

Session 3

Eat, drink, talk with village elders. They are good people, this is a bad place. Village name: Liz-holme-zoo Leader: Kristoc Honour the lizard god H'thgar

The swamp is 100 miles across North-east are the Doom Hills - Evil Orcs and Ogres. Old ruins under the swamp, remains of ancient city. Beware of Swamp Monkeys in trees and flesh-eating Roach swarms. Silmaren a.k.a. Oooze are shape-shifters, doppelgangers, recommended to burn them.

Where we came through is known as the Eye of the Swamp. An evil place where many strange and out of place creatures may be found. it turns out they have a cow that was found there, suspicious - we check it out. A skin-changed Alusian. We arrange to purchase the cow (100sp).

Vulsom is the town to the north. Humans and other races. There is currently a road leading north to Vulsom about 1 mile west of the village.

Day 14 Moonday 14th Thaw

After breakfast, we head west on our rafts to the 'road' - semi solid land and muddy weedmat wedged and woven together into a track mostly navigable by hand carts. After binding his will, we counterspell the cow. Bal-hazar is a 'good' greater summoner, ambushed by a witch, stripped skin-changed and pushed through the portal. He believes he can arrange his own return home and wishes to make his way on his own, he promises to deliver a reward for his rescue to the Seagate Guild.

We anchor our rafts, Bal heads south, we walk north.

Lunch at Deyl's mine just off the track. Peat mine and archaeological excavation. Debt-slaves and criminals used as labour. Schorl does some private work and liberates some gold statuettes that were found in the ruins.

Continuing north we cross paths with a patrol out of Vulsum heading to check on Deyl.

Camping on a larger mound of dry ground, the igloo breaks the surface layer of matted dirt and vegetation to reveal a worked stone roof. Poking around we find a trapdoor and open it. The cloud of stale air knocks out a couple of us. Wind Whistle, dinner and rest while the air clears and we recover. Then we prepare to venture in.

Session 4

Each of the 6 floors below us are identical; 30 feet by 30 feet with nothing left but the stone work. All organic matter is now decomposed and turned to compost.

What we presume being the last floor is a much larger room with wooden double door on our left and a single wood door right in front of us. The wood of those doors look as if unaffected by time as the 4 suit of armour laying on the Floor. I look for spirits, and 4 standing figures appear before me. They are still guarding the portal as they were in their previous lives, oblivious of the changed in their circumstances. They are determined that nothing must come out of this portal.

We investigate the smaller door and after some convincing (hammer and chisel) the door opens up to reveal an armory and storage room. We take all the weapons we can carry as they are in good nick before direct our attention to a 5-foot-long trunk. Scholl has some skills in opening this thing so we stand aside to let her work, before Headrik returns with a key and unlocks the chest.

We retreat for the night before venturing into the portal, however, the night does not pass uneventfully as we are attacked by a huge Lizard folk. After the mind mage gives it a piece of her "Mind", I proceed in extracting all the creature teeth for future use.

Day 15 Duesday 15th Thaw

Is early morning and I am still divinating all the loot we have accumulated, before descending in the building again.

They key that Headrick found yesterday also opens up the portal, and a long circular Tunnel extend before our eyes. The foul odor hit us as some of the party lay for a quick nap. 10 minutes later, when all the party is up on their feet, we enter the strange and dark passageway until our way is blocked by a crystal wall.

With the dwarves put to good use, we manage to dig free the crystal and enter the next section of the intimidating place. The air is fresh here and the wall are covered with frescoes of foul creatures crawling out of the ground.

We walk down the corridor and discover few traps when Headrick and Schorl dangle few inches above some spikes. We get to the end of the corridor to find an aperture filled with toxic fumes. We return to inspects the traps and at the bottom of the first one, we uncover an obscure a door in the floor.

We crawl the tight tunnel which leads to a room with a trapdoor above our head. We climb up to a 30-foot square room. The room contains 3 Chest and has 2 doors opposite each other. We open the door to the north and find nothing. We send Schorl to open one of the chest illuminated by a fearsome red light and a skeleton attacks her. We run to her rescue and defeat the undead. The second chest spay the party with darts, and the 3 one is full of vipers.

Session 5

Despite Zilmar efforts to persuade us from venturing further, we decide to continue exploring the North tunnel and, as the tunnel turn westward, a lever opens up a concealed door; a new corridor extended North to South. This corridor has 3 doors on the West side as well as 2 crawl tunnel. As we open the first door the spirit of a Lizard-folk youngling appears to me. It tells me that it parents, priest and priestess of a cult, imprisoned it in here. Here been the tomb of the Lizard folks as well as the prison of the greater Evil. Zilmar with a knowing grin exclaims "I told you so". We do not bother with the doors (they are traps according to the youngling) and enter the 1st crawl tunnel. A storage room opens up in front of us. After a quick inspection, we find a jar that contains a brain. It is alive and it tries to befriend the Dwarf Mind Mage while the rest of us wants to destroy it. As we do so, I see the spirit of a Lich departing the brain and the demon of the frescos, devouring it. We return to the surface to rest for the night but not before divining all the loot.

Day 16 W'ansday 16th Thaw

It's early morning and we return below ground to inspect the gargoyle statue we had discovered in the second crawl tunnel. The statue is magical and used to value gems. We return to the corridor and inspect the east wall. Another concealed passage extends out from it, and wind itself south of our location toward a barred entrance to a church. Inside, a caged figure speaks to us. She is a goddess and promise us power, riches and a place at is court, in exchange for her freedom. We are now convinced that fleeing this place may be the best option. We do so while dragging Schorl with us as she is convinced by the offer. The dwarves plan to blow up the entrance is executed without casualties. The massive explosion cause by the gasses forms a new crater in the swamp and is quickly filled by debris and water. Happy with the result (except for Schorl) we continue in the direction of the city. Along the way we meet a merchant who is traveling to the mine to sell his pots and pans, and during a pleasant exchange we discover that in the city they loath magic.

Session 6

Day 17 Th'rsday 17th Thaw

The morning duties are done and we are on our way North towards the city. As the road veer east, the Eydis alerts us to the sound of battle. We rush in succour of some city guards ambushed by 2 canoes filled with ½ a dozen orcs. The guards are pinned in the middle of the clearing by the orcs and taking arrow from both fronts. We arm our self and in no time we have half of the orc dead, some captured and a couple fleeing.

The guards offer to escort us to the city, while their ungrateful sergeant questions us on our reasons for been here. An irate Headrick sees the unappreciative leader scampering away with his guards.

After lunch we continue towards town. As we camp for the night the town is still not in line of sight.

Day 18 Frysday 18th Thaw

The night passes uneventfully, and after breaking camp we venture further.

By mid-morning the ground start to feel more solid and the surrounding land is cultivated. The fortified town appears before us.

We reach the gates, and the expecting guards welcome us and direct us to the town hall where the mayor is waiting for us. As we enter the office the mayor and the city guards Capitan are busy in conversation with the Sargent we met yesterday; he is very sheepish and appears to have been demoted. As the now Corporal leaves the mayors welcome us and tanks us for our effort in recuing his guards.

After stating our business his clerk provides us with information regarding the missing Air-Mage; she appears to have left town with the Wicca some months ago. We also get rewarded for our help; this will come handy to pay for our accommodation for the night.

Session 7

We make our way to the Golden Harp Inn, and after organizing our lodging for the night we sit for a well-deserved meal.

Knowing how to deal with the underworld, Schorl make her way to an alcove in the common room. She comes back to get some money and return to the alcove until we see the shady guys walking out of the place. They appear frustrated. Schorl has manage to gather little information. The Air Mage had dealing with the shady guys, and was in a hurry to return to the swamp. According to the Inn keeper she left with Herold the Wicca. This confirming what the clerk told us.

We decide to visit the pawnshop in town. Here we discover that one of the Air Mage Scrolls of Expulsion has been on sale here for a while. This was found by lizard folks and is definitely a Guild Scroll. While Haedric negotiate with the shop owner we look after Eydis; one of her spells backfired, and managed to turn herself into a lycanthrope.

Once the deal is done we return to our accommodation and retire for the night.

Day 19 Reapsday 19th Thaw

Eydis is back to her dwarven form; each night she will be turning into a lycanthrope until the full moon. After procuring some provision, we leave town from the east gate, toward the Doom Hills. According to all information gathered Herold (the Wicca) comes from there.

During the day we cross 2 hamlets. In both places they are happy to sell us provisions cheaper that the town. They also confirm that the Wicca travels by quite often. The crops grown in this area are a testament to that, as it is mid spring and most crops are in full fruit.

The night camp goes by with no worries, except for the lycanthrope.

Day 20 Sunday 20th Thaw

We travel all day and we come across only 1 hamlet. Here they have seen Herold only a week ago.

On suggestion of the party, I inspect the field and on each corners there is the spirit of a dog guarding it. Also here the crops are in full fruit extremely early in the season.

At about mid-afternoon we reach a fork in the road. One road heads North-East towards the Doom Hills and the other due South-East in the swap. We decide to continue towards the swamp.

During the night a dozen famished anacondas to leave us alone and disappear into the night darkness.

Day 21 Moonday 21st Thaw

Is med-morning when we reach another hamlet. Here the crops are still sprouting. The villager knows of the Wicca but the assure us it comes from the west road, where we just came. Also they have never seen or heard of the Girl we are looking for.

We head back to the intersection and on the way we decide to interrogate our captive orc. They know of the Wicca and know where he is settle. What a bunch of novices we are. We could have saved some time if we did so earlier.

Day 22 Duesday 22nd Thaw

After a restful sleep, we start to climbing the hills and few miles in we reach an orc fortification.

Session 8

We bribe our captured orcs so to guarantee us safe passage, and after they speak with the wall guards, we are welcomed beyond the fortification. Once inside we discover that orcs, ogres, goblins, and some dwarves leave in a harmonious and tranquil environment. Exactly what you do not expect in an orc camp. We keep an eye out as we expect an ambush which never comes.

We set camp by the foot of the towering rock that host the Wicca's cave. Our escort advise us that he has been spotted leaving in the morning and should be back soon.

We stay put for the rest of the day, and observe this strange society, which according to Boris and Brian (local dwarves miners), is led by a giant named Ballista.

As the night fall I perform a divination spell on the area and the locals. They all have an aura of peace and prosperity which according to our chaperons is due to the "stone in the cave" not far from here.

Day 23 W'ansday 23nd Thaw

Is early morning we decide to visit the cave where the "Stone in the Cave" I located. The orc escorts are more than happy to share the secret of this place. They take us to the centre of town, were, at the centre of the main square we find a set of stairs leading into a 100 feet area. At the far end, another stairwell takes us to a 200 feet aperture. Here, a 3 feet wide block of diamond is emanating a powerful magic from a red gloving gem in the middle of the diamond.

We all feel strange, more harmonious and less inclined towards squabbles despite the fact that some party members try to punch each other out just to see the effect of the stone.

We decide to leave this place quickly and return to our camp. Our escort are more than happy to provide us with food and beer. In the late afternoon after copious amount of beer we spot the Herold and is companion.

We head up the stairways to his cave, and introduce our selves. We explain our reasons for been here. Mavis is distressed and Herold is very accommodating. As dusk rises so the lycanthropy in Eydis. We restrain us and the Wicca calls for the local shaman; a goblin named Semitriana. She will spend most of the night attending to Eydis curse.

Day 24 Th'rsday 24nd Thaw

As we rise in the morning we are met by Mavis. She wants to go back and meet up with her family again. She is happy to wait a couple of days while we further explore the swamps.

Herold escorts us to the entrance of a shaft he hoped to explore one day. We descend to find a room full of muck; all 6 feet deep of it.

Session 9

We manage to find a door and force it open. At the end of the corridor a brass door is before us and as I try to push it open I get electrified. Now that I have triggered the trap Schol can continue to open it.

Inside we find a square room. 2 illusionary wall on both side of us and ahead of us a flaming crevice. We hear something sinister so we retreat in the corridor. 4 Ghouls rise from the flames.

Our victory is swift. We precede to search the room for an aperture where the key found on the dead bodies may fit. We spot 2 locks by the pillars hidden by the illusions. Those activate a mechanism that raises an altar and walkway above the flames, as well as opening a door on the other side of the flames. This door is also trapped.

Past the door a cross junction corridor extends ahead. A fire rune is inscribed on the floor. I reanimate one of the ghouls and send it forth on the rune. A fire ball later the ghoul is, but a pile of ash. At the other end of the corridor another electrified door faces us. This time it takes a while for Schol to open this, as well as taking its toll on her. Once inside a gigantic room extend ahead; 30 bodies are erected to rest in the alcoves that lines both long walls. A door is on the opposite end of the room.

Passed this door, another corridor and another door. Schol gets this one open and we discover a figure seated on the throne. As we enter 12 Vampires rises from some coffins. We do what we have been trained for, and run, while taking care to move quickly never look back. We are swift in our return to the orc Camp.

The return journey is pleasant and we finally make it back to the guild.

Loot and Expenses

  • Items on loan from guild vaults - armour, weapons, boots, amulets, etc.
  • Scrolls of Banishment - in sealed scroll cases.
  • Scrolls of Expulsion - in sealed scroll cases.
  • Scrolls of Wind-speech - in sealed scroll cases.
  • Waters of Healing D-5+9, free, last the season.
  • Cash advance on pay for healing potions, restoratives, greater's.
  • Wild Boar meat, fresh off the hoof
  • Elven waybread from Nermal
  • 2x non-magic rings (150sp ea)
  • 48sp and 8 schillings (desiccated Orcs)
On Darvos body
  • 1x Scrolls of Banishment - in sealed scroll cases.
  • 1x Scrolls of Expulsion - in sealed scroll cases.
  • 2x Scrolls of Wind-speech - in sealed scroll cases.
  • Black Gem Quarterstaff
  • Amulet of Luck
  • Amulet of Jet
  • Amulet of Iron
  • Amulet of Aquilegius
  • Amulet of Amethist
  • 2x Water of Healing 10pt
  • 2x Water of healing 20pt
  • 2x Restorative 8-16
By the Portal
  • 4 Suit full plate, +9 Damage +1 EN +10 Spell Armour
  • 4 Kite shield
  • 4 Halberd +10% +2DM RK8
  • 16 Trowing Dagger +8% +2DM RK8
  • Silver Chain Mail with diamonds, 10% weight, 9 protection, the wearer will not be affected by Hand of Death, screen of conjuration, life draining, Agony and putrid wounds
  • Magic Staff (must have 120RK to be used) gives +20 to cast chance +20 MR
  • 12 Alligator Teeth
  • 6 Alligator Claws
Gold/Silver/Bronze Chests
  • 2 Heavy Scimitar: +15% +3 Those two weapons are weighted for a right and a left hand. Right weapon ignores wooden protections. Left ignores never living
  • 1 Ring
  • 1 Potion healing +20
  • 1 Crystal Box
  • 12 vipers skins
  • 1 Bag of sapphires value 2010sp
  • 1 Vile containing 1 eye. Will grant gaze attack-petrification
  • 1 preserved shroud
  • 1 24 carats gold necklace. Absorb sunlight and can be triggered to release it
  • 6 dagger form orc ambush
  • 12 doses of Opiate Tea
  • Favor from the Greater Summoner
  • Jassums Amulets from the Wicca
  • Emerald Amulets from the Wicca
  • 1 gold plated teaspoon
  • 1 Golden Key
  • 1 x Scrolls of Expulsion - in sealed scroll cases from the Pawn Shop
  • 25 Gold Coins from the Mayor

Buffs & Mil Sci

Long Term (assumed always on)

Magic (caster) Rk Effects Dur PM Di Ha Sc EO KH Sh
Ice Armour - Self (Ha) 6 11% 1 AP 4 hrs - - Y - - - -
  • Lesser Enchantment for season
  • Greater Enchantment (rk 20) at cost +21% on one area 4,000sp per additional area.
  • Astrology readings

Short Term

Magic (caster) Rk Effects Dur PM Di Ha Sc EO KH Sh
Weapon of Cold (Ha) 6 +7% +3 11 mins

Watch Order

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Schorl Papa M Eydis Shades
Dimitri Haedric Katalin Schorl

Marching Order

Skirmish Formations (Front)

Haedric Katalin
Schorl Eydis Dimitri
Papa M Shades

Double File

Haedric Katalin
Schorl Eydis
Papa M Shades

Single File

Papa M



Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Thaw (10)
  1 Guild Meeting 2   3   4   5 The Carzalan Generals Ball

Departure; Night in Stoneboro

6   High Mana Depression
7 Nirmal the elf, and brigands ambush 8 Dead Orcs and spiders 9 The wall and the portal 10 Into the unknown 11 Building the rafts 12 Navigating swamps 13 Man on Kayak; Lizard-folk village
14 Deyl's Mine; Ruins 15 Ruins tunnel, skeleton, 16 Ruins Blow up 17 Orcs ambush 18 Town, Mayor and info re: air mage 19   20  
21   22   Orc Fortification and camp 23   Diamond and meeting with Herold and Mavis 24   Dungeon and Vampires 25   Return to guild 26   27  
28   29   30    
Seedtime (11)
  1   2   3   4  
5   6   7   8 Rites of Thunor 9   10   11  
12   13   14   15 Equinox 16   17 Eostre 18 The Seagate Spring Ball
19   20   21   22   23   24   25  
26   27   28   29   30    
Blossom (12)
  1   2  
3   4   5   6   7   8   9  
10   11   12   13   14   15   16  
17   18   19   20   21 Floralia 22   23  
24   25   26   27   28   29   30 Walpurgisnacht