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Visible Value

He dresses simply yet appropriate to most situations. His clothes are always well made but usually show some wear and age. However his weapons and accessories are all of the best manufacture (if not magical).
Whilst adventuring he will generally wear his Mirrored Chain-mail armour but has a few changes of clothes easily available.

Party Roles

Ranged combat and subtlties.
In combat he tends to rise above the melee and rain arrows upon the enemy


Experience new things, find lost things, solve puzzles and reveal mysteries.

Friends and Allies

Has contacts in Sanctuary, Mittlemark Haupstadt, Kin-Lu, Aladar, Newcourt, Darkhini, Plaztoro


Is persona-non-grata in Elfenburg

Gods and Powers

Whilst he has interacted with a number of these entities he has chosen to remain unafiliated


Suberb Common and Elven (occasionally a touch out of date, think 60's idiom)
Native Erelheine
Conversational Drow, Draconic, Hobbitish
Adequate Dwarf, Reichspiel, Folkspracht, Quechan, Hill Giant, Silent Tongue,
Passable Lalange, Eldaran
Simple Calamari

Main Skills

Master Troubadour (8)
Spy(7), Courtesan (6) and Cook (7)
Flys very well (7), Rides and Climbs well (both 6), and Swims and Stealths adequately (5)
Knowledge of The Western Kingdom, The Baronies, Mordeau and Mittelmark Haupstadt
Also Artist(5), Philosopher (4), Ranger (3), Herbalist (3) and Assassin (2)

Non-Standard Skills

Kyujutsu (Eastern Bow Mastery Rk 7)

"Racial" Talent(s)

Glass is partially a Doppleganger and as such has the following Racial Talent (more to come)

Shape Shifting Glass is able to change his appearance to be any Race and also "his" gender.

Main Magics

Project Image (20), Concealed Casting (20) and Enhanced Vision (18) talents
Disguise (15), Deep Pockets (14), Invisibility (11), Illusory Animal (10) and Illusion of Mist (10)
Has most of the rest of the College at at least 7, except the General rituals

Non-Standard magic

Darkvision (18) and Excellent Taste (14) talents
Rainbow Bow (20), Disguise Mind (15), Phantasmal Form (9) and Solidifying Illusions (9) spells
Non-standard Maze spell (11), includes local mist-to-mist personal Teleport (1200') and ritual guiding the party through the Fae Mists (1200 miles) options.

Passive Detections and protections

He has slightly better magic resistance vs Control Entity magics
He is immune to ingested Natural poisons and most poisons manufactured from plants

Other Stuff of Note

He has Conscious control over the morphology of his lower face (below cheek bones), the colour of his skin and eyes (including scars and blemishes but only within a natural range of colours) and can grow (or shorten) any or all body hair by up to two inches once in any 24hr period.
He has been rejuvenated (in 806) back to apparent age 18
He has travelled back in time at least thrice (To just before the War of Tears (~-35,000 yrs), just before the Darkhini cataclysm (~-25,000 yrs) and to just before Panjarre (~-2,250 yrs)) thus his soul has a much greater age than is apparent from his physical form.
He wears (almost always) a pair of boots ("Lifts") that let him "fall" at upto -1G at whim but with a 2 second delay. He has had them for the last 10+ years and used them significantly in that time so is quite proficient in both judging the 2 second delay and achieving a desired height and/or duration.