Captain Zohar Haima

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Zohar is the son of a deceased guild member and he had a life in his own right before he came to the guild for further training. He was raised as a water mage when his magical potential was discovered and he forged a shipping empire (albeit with some funds from his father) that encompasses many shipping lines and now includes a number of shipyards specialising in new builds and refits of wrecks etc.
When his father died he inherited his wealth, gifts and accumulated knowledge which he uses to great effect to this day.
He is known to have contacts in every port and within most trading concerns in the western hemisphere and the central/southern lands. Many of his contacts have been with his networks for years.

He sponsors Water-mages and Air-mages wherever he finds them and offers then work to give them and theirs a better life.

A water Mage
He is a capable fighter and 'trading fleet' owner usually based in the far east.

In Spring 814wk he was made an Admiral of the western kingdom.

Adventure History

  1. Reclaiming_Walontaun Spring 814wk
  2. The Hippo's Bride Winter 816wk
  3. The_Fox_vs_The_Marquessa Summer 817wk
  4. Lord_Azzur's_Black_Fleet Winter 818wk
  5. Monsters_Inc Spring 820wk