Alchemy Ingredients Needed

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Alchemy Ingredients

Wanted by Master Pontanus

These are the ingredients that Master Pontanus currently wants. The most valuable part may change over time

Item Most valuable part Silver Penny Price
Cockatrice Blood 10,000 sp per cup
Harpy eye 200 sp
Mind mage 3rd eye 500 sp
Witch 3rd nipple 2,000 sp
Medusa hair 1,000 sp
Crocodile Skin & teeth 50 sp per item
Griffin nest 7,500 sp
Dragon Any parts Variable
Mantacore Spikes 100 sp
Enchanter courage 5,000 sp
Nymph tear 500 sp
Dryad sap 500 sp per pint
Elven Princess hair 2,000 sp
Dwarven Champion beard 20,000 sp
Werewolf claw 250 sp
Two Sacred Elven Trees bark 10,000 sp
Pixie whole,ground 500 sp
Fachan foot 2,000 sp
Cyclops eye 2,500 sp
Sylph wings 1,000 sp
Boggan mud 50 sp per pound
Vampire ashes, home earth 500 sp pound
Dragon egg 20,000 sp
Gila Monster tongue 100 sp
Hydra head 500 sp
Asp venom 20 sp
Storm Giant toenails 200 sp
Hobgoblin fangs 50sp
Kobold eyes, hoods 20 sp
Goblin warts 10 sp per wart
Gnome ears 5 sp
Gnoll urine 10 sp per pint
Ogre liver 50 sp
Centaur hooves, balls 100 sp
Chimaera hind quarters 2,000 sp
Gorgon eyes,hair 1,000 sp ea
Minotaur head, tail, balls 500 sp ea
Sphinx kidneys 6,000 sp
Unicorn horn 2,000 sp
Gargoyle teeth 50 sp
Griffin feathers 50 sp per feather
Hippogriff beak 500 sp
Pegasus hair 1,000 sp
Phoenix feathers,egg 5,000 sp per feather
Roc feathers 1,000 sp per feather
Hen teeth 20 sp each