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Scribe Notes


Adventure: Okla is missing
GM: Jono
Season: Summer 820wk
Night: Monday in Albany
Area: Ivinia
Level: Medium/High
Info: Information from players for Jono
Playtest: 47 - Thief skill 3.1.1 and 33 - Assassin skill 3.1.2 37 - Healer skill 3.1.4

  1. Ragnfríðr Yngvarrsdóttir played by Kelsie.
  2. Keshah played by Michael Haycock
  3. Mungo the humble played by Michael McFadden.
  4. Hagan played by Michael Parkenson.
  5. Vychan played by Sean MilSci
  6. Rahne Human E&E played by Stephen Scribe & PL


Eric Arlesen

A handsome fit human male, who is in his mid-twenties, named Eric Arlesen. He comes from the clan holdings of Markah in the Kingdom of Gilenmark in the far north, area of Ivinia. Eric is well dressed in this year's style of clothes from Seagate. At Eric's side is an young human women dressed in a Seagate-style blue gown, obviously clean and well kept. You can see by her hazy eyes she is blind.

He says 'We have spoken to the Seers from the Kingdom of Lokis', and indicated to the woman next to him. 'They directed me to hire a party of both adepts & warriors from your powerful and well respected guild.
One of the great clans of Rogna has raided our lands and killed many, captured more, and escaped before our warriors could mount an attack. My Okla is missing; presumed stolen. I want revenge. I want your help in this mission. Our great king - Harlmaar Ivyrsen, has given me this chest of gems worth 90,000 sp to pay for those willing to help me.


  • Our great king - Harlmaar Ivyrsen, has given me this chest of gems worth 90,000 sp to pay for those willing to help me.
  • A gift of a collection of rare amulets.
  • The use of a Long ship & brave crew of six men for two years.
  • Your deeds and legend will be sung in the great halls of out land.
  • Ransom paid by the clans for rescued members.
  • King Harlmaar Ivyrsen has agreed to grant good lands to those proving themselves worthy.

Arlesen clan arms

Scribe Notes

Setting Sail

We meet with our employer and discuss the situation. The 200' longship (the King Harlmaar's flagship) sails on the tide in 2 hours, Mungo orders a feast then we head to the docks to board.

2 weeks sailing west and north, gaining a tan, wind swept and a layer of sea salt.

Arrive at the settlement of Markah. Popn. 200+

Offloading fabrics and metal tools purchased in the south. The ship then departs back to Gilben.

We are welcomed into their main hall. Eric introduces us to his mother, Ola. She shows us around the village.

We are taken to the corpse of one of the raiders, Keeshah speaks to his spirit.

  • They are from Heling on the Isle of Heg.
  • Captain Turee - Destinian. 3 hooks instead of left hand. Used to report to Slimy Jack.
  • 6 Destinians and one damaged ship, now using longships.
  • They were raiding for sacrifices to appease a monster that has been burning their outlying villages.
  • Had disease carrying bears.
  • Wounded are unnaturally diseased - necromancy.

Ragna, Keeshah and Vychan help with their many wounded.

Some of their traders offer me a necklace to help understand their language. After a few hours, understanding of Ivinian does come.

They put on a feast for us, stories are told.

Duesday 15th Meadow

More healing then in the afternoon we prepare for departure.

An older warrior wishes to come with us, Mungo is keen to lead him to a glorious death but we talk him into staying to protect his people. [i was only thinking of his best interests - Mungo]

Keeshah spends a few hours in rituals preparing his flying ship. Late in the afternoon, we launch and head west. Flying through the night for 10 hours, we land at the edge of the bay north of Heling.

Heg Island
W'ansday 16th Meadow

We need to scout around to find a walking path as the thorns and bracken would make a slow hard walk.

A morning walk through rough highlands, we come to one of the burned out villages. It has been 6+ weeks since the village gardens were last tended, no sign of people having died here, looks like they packed up and moved to Heling. The hamlet is set up for defence, implies a hostile environment. We eat, sleep most of the day, with watches.

Mungo Wyrm Slayer

Th'rsday 17th Meadow

We openly walk into town, past several abandoned villages.

The town walls are over 50' tall, wooden ramparts above 30' earthworks. We later discover they have been recently reinforced. The gate has been replaced by 30' stone rubble. Mungo declares himself sent by the gods to slay the beast. We are cautiously welcomed in over the rubble and escorted to the council by over a dozen warriors.

The council appears to be dominated by the young and passionate Ker, daughter of the Yarl.

They had a great defeat last night, a fortification outside the walls was overrun by the beast. Ker blames the seniors of the council for the foolish and doomed plan, she then publicly executes one of then men who broke and ran.

In our own special way, we negotiate to slay the beast in return for some gold, silver and the prisoners who include Okla.

The Destinians say they are getting the prisoners to sacrifice to make the walls stronger. Ker suspects they have another motive.

The beast is described as 140' long, 15' wide, 12' high, and glowing bright as day during the night.

We head out to investigate where the beast has been and are shown to a hole where it has emerged from the ground. 60' drop to a tunnel that leads away, appears to have been burned out rather than tunnelled. We find a scale that has been shaped from human bone by Solar magic as defence against necromancy.

Mungo casually insults Hel who stops his heart until Keeshah restarts it.

A storm starts magically forming above and around us, we head back to town through snow, rain and strong winds.

Into the Storm

We can see the centre of the storm is 30-40 miles east, crying there with crystal balls we see a group casting Lightning at someone out of sight.

Ranga chats to Meketa who tells her of what she saw after she died. Ghostly warriors goading the worm with spears to drive it.

Breaking out Keesha's boat we sail east to south of Ilby, following the tracks we find the pirates (giants, humans, giant walrus) assaulting the walls. We speak to local villagers who tell us of the Sea Witch who has taken over Ilby. We debate leaving the pirates to hopefully kill the witch but decide to intervene, Mungo leads the charge. We hit them with Ice and Air Storms, then retreat from the incoming Flash Flood. 6 Walruses follow, 3 of them spectral. We engage, the spectral ones are a lot tougher, all are big and strong, trample when they can. Exploding birds. We slay 5, one flees. The flash flood washes away the pirates, the town is alerted, we leave them to it.

Flying home we stop at the corpse of the Sea Beast. It's spirit is present, we chat. It was called here to die by priestesses of the sea, it will recover if we can bring its companion (the worm that has been rampaging) to it. Borgon - Behemoth Leviathan of the Deeps. If we can free the worm from those goading it, the sirens nearby can call it.

Frysday 18th Meadow

About midday, we head out to investigate the worm hole we spied yesterday. We are joined by Meketa- warrior woman resurrected by Ragna, keen on Keeshah.

Following the tunnel for a few miles past several side tunnels we come out in a river valley with lava fields in the distance, this is the plane of Karashoo. Signs of the worm having come out and changed gut stones.

Back in, taking a branch we come out in an underground cave, on Alusia, a few miles south west of Heling. Vychan summons a Jasper Elemental it tells us:

  • there are 3 other worlds back there but most of them lead to Alusia.
  • there is an ancient artefact inimical to mortals under the lake, it assumes we summoned it to remove this. It is a child of the drowning deep, it comes from an island to the south west (Gly). Stone with 3 bands of metal.

Wreck of a ship down there too, maybe loot, aquatic folk keen to get in but have been kept out by the artefact. We decide to get there first.

Octopus of the Deep

We enter the water and make our way down towards the ship. Attacked by Sea Hag, Mermen, and undead Squid. Giant (80') Octopus observes. Ink used to obscure vision, Hag destroys water with a glance. Death curse.

Slay the (charmed/controlled) Mermen and Hag, talk to the Octopus. It is also from the drowning deep, sibling of the wyrm and slain behemoth. If we slay the hags to release the wyrm it will reward us with the

Scouting tunnels and camp

Take rock back to shipwreck. Head back through tunnels towards the fae when we smell bear on a breeze from a tunnel that was previously still. We divert to follow the scent, a few miles later we find 2 dead locals that fell in when the tunnel crossed the cleft they were near.

Half an hour further it opens out over a camp:

  • 1 Animalistic scared mind - the great wyrm
  • 6 Cold, bored minds - maybe sentient
  • 35 humanoid - 6 giants, 3 ogres, 4 priestesses, old Elf in water shaped around her.
  • Animals
  • Some or all are charmed by the priests

Camp is in a lightly forested bowl at the top of a hill, worm tunnels open into it in a couple of places.

We sneak in to spy the camp and see enough to locate the wyrm and the priestesses. But not the old elf in water, particulates in the water seem to be some form of anti-scrying.

Back to the cleft, climb, camp in the forest.

Reapsday 19th Meadow

An older Satyr arrives with a bowl of bones (messages) from White Blaine for Ragna:

  1. ...
  2. A follower of Odin is seeking Mungo to slay him.
  3. Kantoon will slay the shortest person on Mungo's left in our next battle.
  4. Someone comes to steal Mungo's spear

Mungo turns his spear to a bird and talks to it, it was given a shiny ring that would 'grant 3 week holiday'. - 3 weeks old, confusion and trickery, causes befuddlement and confusion to whoever uses it. Clearly from Loki or his minions.

The Satyr says a big wolf is looking for Ragna. He delivered a message from spirit of unborn child of Loki, envious of Hel - someone seeks Ragna to cut her face off to wear as a mask to hide assassins who seeks to steal Hel's poison, kill with it and blame Ragna.

Hagan shares a drink with the Satyr and gains the legs of a Satyr.

Mungo pays the Satyr to deliver the Loki ring to the fairest of the witches at the camp.

We rig a trap to go off in an hour to block the stream of salt water.

Camp battle and Heling Siege

Mungo and Vychan's elemental challenge each other to see who can get the most kills at the hag camp. The Elemental races off (2-4 TMR).

Approaching through the tunnels, the Satyr is waiting at the end of the tunnel urging us to hurry or we'll miss it. The delivery of the ring appears to have been extremely successful, the camp is on chaos, the bowl is flooded, the Wyrm is still bound, Giants on an iceberg, priestesses and sea hags fighting underwater, Elementals, chaos!

Heading around the rim of the bowl above the water towards the Wyrm, at another tunnel we encounter Ogre Magi and Necromancers. In a short fierce battle, we slay the Ogre Magi and their Necromancers, most of them a couple of times (Necromancers!). Hagan is killed by magic that turns him undead, we kill him and bring him back to life.

On around to the Wyrm, we release it by breaking the binding sticks a few at a time while weathering attacks. We make deal with Giants against the hags. With the Wyrm released and us badly hurt, we flee from the bonepedes. Quick Rune Portal back to town. Recover.

Rune portal back to our forest camp. Talk to the Satyr, he tells us the Hags are heading down stream followed by the giants.

We follow the Wyrm, find it a few hours later in the tunnels, talk to it get it to follow us to Borgon. As we pass through the old Dwarven cavern, half dozen spectral warrior goads detach and attack us (life draining), dealt to by a counterspell. Give the worm a bearing towards Borgon and then follow as he tunnels.

At the beach, the worm goes inside Borgon and starts inflating it. After a while Borgon drags itself into the water and then away leaving a pool of deathly slime. It thanks us and directs us to claim our treasure from the ship.

Back overland then down through the caves that let light into the ship cavern, not initially big enough for us to pass but Vychan fixes that.

Borith (the Octopus) is gone, as is the ageing/death rock.

We swim down and claim our treasure.

As we are leaving, a bonepede comes through the tunnel, we trap it with a wall then Vychan safely kills it with magics.

Portal back to town which is under attack by hags and bonepedes from the North. The wall has been breached and they've been fighting in the town, many injured and dead.

They have Thor's Lightning barrels, which they catapult at the bonepedes to destroy them, works better when they are outside of town. We discuss itemising them for throwing but it is not recommended. Vychan temporarily reinforces the breach in the wall.

With Truth Runes, we work out that most of the attack from the north is illusory, fog conceals a group moving around to attack from the south west.

Raising the Siege

We expect them to come in at the gap between the walls and docks.

Priests come to help, use Vychan's blood to raise a defensive mist along the walls.

We set traps, Rune Wards.

Priests walk us to behind the hag, we attack from surprise, banish the protective elemental, slay the sea hag, she transfers damage to one of the priests who dies, we slay the other priest. Ragna claims the corpses and gets a lot more than she was expecting, following up her ball.

We call out to their army in the mist that the hags are dead and they should go home. The we leave, fire running back to town.

Cross town to see how it goes on Mungo's side. He has led a charge and is engaging giants, orcs, and others. Hags and priests are on the hill and calling lightning on them.

Ragna calls on the priests to sneak us behind them, a white wolf (Flurgafen aka Fluffy - if you want to be bitten) turns up instead. They chat and decide to take us via Hel to the hags.

We turn up behind them on their plinth of stone, banish two of them with their elementals, banish the other elemental, kill the hag, kill the priest. Keeshah and Ragna get banished to the drowning deep, with one of the hags and her elemental (turns out they were from Hell, not from water).

Vychan calls on Fluffy, asks him to fetch Ragna, he sniffs around for a while then hears Ragna calling and bites Vychan to take him to the deep.

Alone on the hill above the battle field, Hagan starts sniping into Mungo's mellee with bolts of fire while I engage the Ogres with sleep and fear of Vychan - they leave.

Vychan and F. arrive, Ragna asks F to use his terrible magic, he warns it will slay all, she says yes: Vychan takes minor damage, Keeshah postpones his death, Ragna falls unconscious. Against Vychan's protests, F does it again and kills the hag, elemental, Vychan and Ragna, Keeshah postpones his death.

F animates Ragna but with the wrong spirit, she drains Keeshah, he slays her. She raises herself.

F takes them all to the halls of Hel, they are in a frozen waste, Keeshah triggers Trollskin then falls over from multiple lots of fatal damage. Ragna

Three wolves arrive to take us to Ragna and Hel. Hel bids us take our companions away. Vychan gets up, glowing orange. We leave, F leads us through snow and hills to a doorway to the healing temple of Hel's priestesses in castle Dagenborg in Ibanvaal.

The head of their order resurrects Ragna and heals us all. We dine with them and recover. I send a message to Mungo on the winds, letting me know we're ok and will be back to join him soon.

They gift Keeshah with a tray of 4 potions and Ragna with a tray of 12.

Their keep has been attacked recently, they're still repairing the portcullis.

Ball Battle

Sunday 20th Meadow

Release the bodies and undead from Ragna's ball. We slay them as they come out which goes well for about 40 of them. Then the 3 Necro's and 14 others come out all at once, they have been preparing for this while within the ball. The fight gets nasty, we eventually slay them all.

Then try resuming the controlled release and they all come out again. A less nasty fight, we slay them all again.

Pausing a moment to divine the ball we see it is altered by being in a place of death. Taking it outside we try again and this time they stay slain.

Loot and then most of us sleep.

Vychan and Ragna visit Hel to sort out a debt.

One of Hel's wolves tells Ragna there is a Harminger(sp?) Axe in a chest in Rogar - the island nation. It belongs to the king but he is no longer worthy. He may have been buried with it.

Rumour has it that Ragna discusses her lost weapon in the drowning deep, the wolf takes her and Vychan there again. But they're here when we awake so obviously not.

Dagenborg Social

Moonday 21st Meadow

We rest.

That night the castle is hosting a feast to honour the King's son. Nobles from around the area attend.

Ana invites us to visit their spa at Pelbly sometime this season, there is no urgency.

Mungo attracts attention, potentially to do with his brother, may be a price on his head, Merchant friends from Furling, friends of the King's youngest son: he is pressuring/blackmailing her to make an attempt at something relating to Mungo.

Duesday 22nd Meadow

Over breakfast I manoeuvre Mungo to sit with her and watch to see what she attempts. A few minutes later she starts choking, poisoned, while we quickly aid her recovery, she is badly hurt and unconscious.

One of the priestesses asks Ragna to equip her companions for battle and aid them in rousting some poisoners, I stay with the poisoned lady.

At the direction of the priestesses, they, the prince and guards break into a room to see 15 corpses, 3 Djinn, and a spectral demonic looking creature. Charging in Mungo and the Djinn exchange mighty blows and manly gossip, Ragna is struck down by poisoned weapons. Then they vanish, Mungo's Djinn 'accidentally' dropping his sword. Ragna's spirit is fighting the spirit of a Succubus, she wins and after being cured by Vychan, she comes to. Find bottles that seem out of place and cloths - probably poisons. Divination... Three part poison on Djinn Falchion, soul destroying. Falchion magic: vs Living, roll under Warrior rank to gain an extra dice of damage. The Djinn told Mungo the antidote is at the bottom of Lake Ekiel.

Head priestess gives Hagan potions for us. They remove magics that have affected us in the past 24 hours and we are immune to poison for 48 hours.

Rune portal to Heg (Heling), we locate Okla about an hour around the coast. She is hiding on the shore with 3 other children. We feed them, check them out, and learn they are shape changer bear cubs.

Kelpies approach from the sea. They are checking that we will not harm the children, they warn a wolf is hunting them and looking for Mungo, Ragna, Mordrin and others, possibly a minion of Loki. Ragna asks them to send a message to Borgon to request the return of her trident from the drowning deep.

We rune portal back Markah. They have extra people here, they are in the midst of repairing the settlement.

Erik digs out the chest that contains the payment. Gems, copper coins, 5 amulets, deeds to land - a hill at the edge of a fjord, from lookout about 600' above the sea down to the coast.

The wise woman advises Hagan to avoid the sea, he will get summoned by something bad. When we mention we are going to the lake, she gives us an alliance axe and some skins.

W'nsday 23rd Meadow

A few hours before dawn we set sail north in Keeshah's boat flying over mountains and through fog to near Sulubin a couple of hours after dawn.

Mordrin has been dealing with monsters: Minotaur, Cyclops that kicked the castle gates down, Otterman merchants, Basilisk, but the Djinn knocked her out and took her away. I locate Mordrin, she is now on the island in the lake.

5 Superstition Mt Dwarves arrive looking for Mordrin, they are keen to rescue her.

Keeshah does a special sending to send a message to Mordrin that she may answer: Where are you? What warnings and clues can you give us about where you are held and who holds you? When do you sleep? 35 word answer.

A night with the Fae Queen

Under further questioning, the locals confess that it's not actually Mordrin that was take, it's the Dwarf that was standing in for her to give the impression she was still here.

Astrology indicates the one behind the abduction is a champion of Hel's father, a master of binding, necromancy and blood.

Th'rsday 24th Meadow

Keeshah's Totem Beaver tells us of an invisible elemental beneath the castle, it is in the section where the Basilisk is. 13-headed Hydra can turn people into Brown Bears.

We fly up river about an hour (15 ish miles) to a calm pond. 3 Fae waiting for a boat tell us the Queen is grumpy as some Walruses attacked her to the north. We walk down a path into the forest and are escorted to her court by a Dryad. Some Fae butchering and cooking an Ice Whale.

The Queen has spies working for the Hydra. 6 of its heads are older and ruling the others. The Queen is expecting heroes to go into the mountains and deal to (hundreds of) Orc and Goblins who are coming out of the mountains.

We head 8 miles up river by wave to meet the queen who is dealing with Walruses. The battle is over, they are busy cleaning up. The Queen accompanied by her 12 guards talks with us. The Hydra turned 3 of its more animalistic to stone, the replacements grew smarter. We guess that it has been consuming the remnants of the Binder-Necro which may be influencing its new heads. The Queen believes we are the heroes she is expecting and this is all related, the orcs had writings from the Hydra employing them to come down through the Queen's lands.

We offer to wash out the Orcs, she accepts, we walk and tree-port to the top of a ridge above their cave, fire down to flooding crossbow bolts, and flush them out. Leaving a message warning them to stay home or the next time won't be a warning shot, we leave. We are given 3 amulets to protect men from Dryads.

The Queen and her court are happy, we return with her for lunch.

The tree at the bottom of the castle is from another world. Casting Wraithcloak on people while touching the tree will send them to the other world, there the tree can be cut and shaped.

Hydra has 3 main boss heads with 3 plans, which one is followed depends on which are awake:

  1. Get all the valuables out of the lake. Is a master of Charming magics.
  2. Sending messenger scouts to Dagenborg seeking independence from Menglana. Minor Shaping.
  3. Summoning and binding spirits into the other heads to make them smarter and more powerful. (Rune) Has burn and scarring on neck.
  4. Summoning elementals and hell minions.
  5. Can turn people into bears.
  6. Less overt, smarter than following heads. Water magic?

In their cave they have a fire lamp that summons creatures of fire. Other treasure there. Cave has large entrance, ledge about 30' above the water.

The Dwarf who was taken is on one of the islands guarded by a Djinn.

We spend the night. Keeshah and I talk with the Fae, the others get more intimate.

Frysday 25th Meadow

It takes a while to drag Vychan, Hagan and Ragna away from their companions.

In the basement of the castle, I divine the tree but it appears normal. We use Ragna's Wraithcloak to go through the tree to the other world.

The plane is Fulhelm - a small realm of Freya, created long ago to contain her valuables.

Divination: The Tree is near avatar level, very elemental, seasonal, life and death, casting any spirit magics while in contact with the tree will enable travel between the worlds.

Centaurs arrive, we talk. They accept we do not intend harm but we must leave. We may return if we are accompanied by Mordrin or others favoured by Freya. We leave.

There are 3 levels below the basement, the lower one is like the inside of a beaver dam - woven wood and stone.

Chapter 11

Reapsday 26th Meadow


Pay and gifts from Markah
  • Gems, copper coins, 5 amulets, deeds to land - a hill at the edge of a fjord, from lookout about 600' above the sea down to the coast.
  • Ivinian Language amulets
  • Alliance Axe
  • Skins
From Sunken Ship
  • Chest - the owner does not age, (Sea chest of the waves?)
  • Crate contains:
    • Ships log of Merry Jack + Quill with skulls. Cursed to age whoever opens it.
    • 3 Braziers
  • Pavilion of the fallen Dons
Ogre Magi and company bodies with loot (in Ragna's ball) and others (hags/witches and co who were assaulting Heling) from ball
  • Wooden foot
  • 3 Amulets ( 2, 1, 1 charges) hold up to 3 jaspers. Raise and control dead.
  • 2 wooden necro staves - minimum def, damage is healing within megahex.
  • amulets, ...
Priestesses of Hel
  • Keeshah with a tray of 4 potions
  • Ragna with a tray of 12 potions
  • Djinn Falchion - magic: vs Living, roll under Warrior rank to gain an extra dice of damage.
  • Gratitude of the Fae Queen
  • Hagan's Legs

Buffs & Mil Sci

Long Term (assumed always on)

Magic (caster) Rk Effects Duration Rg Ke Mu Ha Vy Rn
Willow Healing (Ke) 7 3 end per pulse 14 Hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y
Strength of Stone (Vy) 20 +20 to EN 21 hrs EN EN EN EN EN EN
Greater Ench. (Rn) 20 +21% to Res, Mag, Com, and S&S. 6 days Y A Y Y A Y
Witchsight (Rn) 21 12 hrs Y ? Y Y Y Y
Rune Armour (Ke) 20 +25% Def +5 AP 1 SG 10.5 hrs Y Y Y Y
Armour of Earth (Vy) 20 +42% Def -1 damage 10.5 hrs
Ench Armour (Rn) 14 +30% Def +1 AP 12 DR vs Phnt/Nmare. 7.5 hrs Y
Fire Armour (Vy) 20 100 ablative armour vs Fire 21 hours Y Y Y Y Y Y
Self Only  
Mind Shield +10+2/rk% vs M.Att. 1+2/rk hrs 7
Sense Danger 65%

Enhance Enchantment (Ra) rank 11: 70 seconds

Healer Buffs

Ability(healer) Rk Effects Duration Rg Ke Mu Ha Vy Rn
Soothe Pain () 10 additional resistance to pain or agony type magical effects 10 Hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y
Dampen Pain () 10 +20 to amount needed to stun 12 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y

Short Term

Magic (caster) Rk Effects Dur Rg Ke Mu Ha Vy Rn
Rune Weapon (Ke) 20 Acid D-5+7 x D10 pulses 25 min BAxe
Enchant Weapon (Ra) 11 +12 BC%, +4 Dam. +6 vs Phn/Nm 16 min bow Y
+14% SC from battle chant - Mungo
+15 vs Fear from Vychan. -5 on Fear/Awe table.

Watch Order

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Hagan Mungo
Keshah Vychan Ragna

Marching Order

Skirmish Formations (Front)

Mungo Rahne Keshah
Ragna Vychan Hagan

Double File

Mungo Hagan
Ragna Keshah
Rahne Vychan

Single File



Lucky Numbers (Rahne)
Ragna Keshah Mungo Hagan Vychan Rahne
15 -- 04 __ 29 67


Summer: Meadow 820WK
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon0.jpg Beltane Full Moon 1 Guild Meeting Set sail from Seagate, west then north...
Moon1.jpg 7 ... Sailing ...
Moon2.jpg 14 ... Markah 15 Markah, fly... 16 Heg highlands 17 Heling, near Ilby 18 Heling, tunnels, Karashoo, sea cave, hag camp 19 Forest, Satyr, hag camp battle, Heling siege, Hel,Dagenborg 20 Dagenborg, ball battle
Moon3.jpg 21 Dagenborg 22 Dagenborg, Heling, Okla, Markah 23 Sulubin 24 Sulubin, Orcs, forest Fae 25 Sulubin, Fulhelm 26 27
Moon0.jpg 28 Full Moon 29 30 1 2 3 4
Summer: Heat 820WK
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon1.jpg 5 Blackshore 6 7 8 9 10 11
Moon2.jpg 12 13 14 Midsummer Eve (Faerie Day) 15 Solstice 16 17 18
Moon3.jpg 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
Moon0.jpg 26 Full Moon 27 28 29 30 1 2
Summer: Breeze 820WK
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon1.jpg 3 Day of Death 4 5 6 7 8 9
Moon2.jpg 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Moon3.jpg 17 18 19 20 21 22 23
Moon0.jpg 24 Full Moon 25 26 27 28 29 30