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Mungo the Humble So Named By Odin himself & the Bold, so named by Freya herself; known by the pseudonym Mungo Third Son. His given name is Rothek Ulandasen.

He comes from the Land of the Ice and Snow in the North somewhere populated by the sort of folk described in "The Immigrant Song"... He is 6' 4" 240 lbs, 22years old. He has long shaggy gray hair & sideburns - after obtaining the talent to shape-change to Wolf & Werewolf forms ... He shows more bare skin & muscles than are necessary for warriors other than those portrayed in the art of Frank Frazetta & seems unaffected by cold (Ring of Warmth rather than fortitude). He wears fur and leather otherwise.

He is accompanied by a giant 4ft tall talking Raven called Haguldr the Black.

Odin is his god. Worship seems to mostly involve feasting, good hospitality to others, fighting and bragging about it with his comrades later - Northmen from Mungo's region apparently are similar to fishermen in their accuracy of recollection of their deeds...although in fairness the lies are expected to be embellishments rather than out & out ffibs....

Apparently he is on the right track as Odin is appreciative and gifted him via a Valkyrie a magical spear - which Mungo used to defeat an avatar of the Demon President Fo#$%. Another time Odin appeared in person as an old man and advised Mungo to be more humble.. Mungo, honoured accordingly took up " Mungo the Humble" - so named by Odin himself. (Odin knows his constituency so this action doubtless was no surprise.)

At the moment he definitely wont be learning a magical college as reading all that dry technical stuff bores the crap out of him... & also because he doesn't want to risk his reputation by becoming a know-it-all weedy coward who wears robes ... to be fair he regards mages as damned useful - like shopkeepers – but not as important as blacksmiths....

Mungo is generous and will give gold, drink, food to guild members & others who need it or just ask.

He is the third born son of a very self important highland barbarian "king" (minor bandit chieftain) & his much younger mistress - a well bred but adventurous lady at first captured for ransom & then seduced by large muscles, too much mead, a well cut fur loin cloth.

He has been taught to read, educated & given a good knowledge of the outside world by his ambitious mother keen to see him move up the family pecking order, improve the tribe’s (her) prospects (& so none of his half brothers kill him during squabbles of succession) ..... so has gone off to seek plunder & treasure but most importantly a fearsome reputation through the guild...

....Since no else was prepared to help with the reputation part, bards proving hopelessly inadequate in their praise, he developed skills as a Skald (Norse Story teller/ Poet) & is happy to provide listeners with free food & drink and regale them with adventures - (mostly his own flimsily disguised).

Surprisingly, given his bluster Mungo collects martial writings - sagas,, techniques & heroic sagas & owns a small library.

Aside from Odin's (other) Spear (with which he is more skilled than most mortals), his main weapon is a dual hand and a half sword set called 'Hope Crusher".

He knows how to survive in the wilds (Ranger)(Hunter) and & has been trained from birth to fight skilfully (Warrior) and tactically - especially by the traditional northern tactics of death or glory charge or by last stand at the top of a pile of his slain enemies (MIl Sci). He Is a master navigatior and owner of the knarr "Sea Urchin".

He is played by Michael McFadden.


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