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A region to the northwest, falling about 60 to 70 degrees latitude.
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Summer 811
The Ivinian religion & pantheon is described here.

The Ivinian hierarchic & arms are described here.
Other things of note: Wooden Housing, Stone Housing, Winter, Magic, Mystical events, Northern Lights etc


Politics in Ivinia covers this in more detail.

Kingdom of Ibanvaal, Location: Central Ivinia, King: Osidar Dagen
This expansionist state is the product of the ambition of the Dagen clan; it is Ivinia's most centralized state with many settlements controlled by members of the ruling clan. Fear of Ibanvaal caused both the formation of the Kingdom of Govyna and the creation of the Realm of Swenway. When Swenway formed an alliance with Jarenmark, Ibanvaal's southern expansion was checked. Seeking to outflank the southern alliance, King Osidar of Ibanvaal invaded Menglana, an act that could plunge Ivinia into all out war.

Kingdom of Menglana, Location: Northern Ivinia, King: Hlanakar III Stahler
Like Ibanvaal, Menglana is the product of one clan's ambition, the Stahlers. Unlike the Dagens of Ibanvaal, the Stahlers failed to consolidate their success and until the invasion from Ibanvaal, faced an incipient revolt from another clan, the Storzars. Now, King Hlanakar III plays a dangerous game and waits, hoping that the Storzars and the Ibanvaal invaders will cripple each other and allow him to defeat them both.

Kingdom of Lokis, Location: Western Ivinia, King: Kalgis Thoryn
Small and sacred Kingdom of Seiðr, Seers and Portents and Adepts. It is said that to be in Lokis you are one step closer and under the watchful eye of the gods. Fate may find the lucky and unlucky alike.

Kingdom of Rogna, Location: Western Ivinia, King: Haakis Turensyn
Rogna is a pirate kingdom, which used to be part of Menglana until it successfully revolted. The kingdom once controlled territories on the Ivinian mainland until they rebelled and joined Swenway. Ibanvaal's invasion of Menglana has given the King of Rogna a chance to gain new territory at the expense of Menglana's beleaguered King.

Realm of Swenway, High King: Bjan Hargelsen
Clan Ulandasen of Seldenbaal

Fearing the rise of Ibanvaal, four kingdoms (Gilbenmark, Balisheim, Lokemheim & Seldenbaal) joined to form the Realm of Swenway. In combination with Jarenmark, the new state was strong enough to halt Ibanvaal's expansion south. Later, part of the Kingdom of Rogna broke away under the name of Gelemaar and joined Swenway, making the Realm the richest state in Ivinia. Its wealth is tempered by the fact that each new High King must invariably put down a revolt amongst his subjects upon succession.

Kingdom of Seldenbaal, Location: Southern Ivinia, King: Varaal II Ulandasen
Kingdom of Lokemheim, Location: Southern Ivinia, King: Bjan Hargelsen
Kingdom of Balisheim, Location: Southern Ivinia, King: Stavaar Dangeld
Kingdom of Gelemaar, Location: Western Ivinia, King: Jarag Gelem
Kingdom of Gilbenmark, Location: Southwestern Ivinia, King: Harlmaar Ivyrsen

Kingdom of Jarenmark, Location: Southeast Ivinia, King: Lygen Klabesel
Jarenmark spent most of its energies expanding east. Fear of Ibanvaal forced the kingdom into an alliance with Swenway. Together Swenway and Jarenmark have stopped Ibanvaal in the south; soon Jarenmark's warriors may travel to Menglana to do the same in the west, with or without the support of Swenway.

Realm of Govyna, Location: Eastern Ivinia, High King: Ulfesen of Rosby
Entrance of the Dwarven Kingdom of Kuzjera

The Realm of Govyna is not so much a Kingdom as a loose tributary alliance formed to check the ambitions of Ibanvaal in the east. Successful in this, the kingdom prefers to remain outside the mainstream of Ivinian politics.

Kingdom of Gildaar, Location: Eastern Ivinia, King: Bork Gilsen
Kingdom of Pergenmark, Location: Eastern Ivinia, King: Helgi Enheling

Dwarven Kingdom of Kuzjera, North Eastern Ivinia, King: Inkanar

Kingdom of Beshea, Location: Central Ivinia, King: Sighvat Hibjar

Kingdom of Eldeskaal, Location: Central Ivinia, King: Paal Beldesa

Ivinian Winter

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Games in this area

Summer 821 WK Blood & Ice
Summer 820 WK Okla is missing
Spring 819 WK Half a crisp spring
Summer 819 WK Northern Summers
Autumn 817 WK Northern Lords
Spring 816 WK Ivinia Darkness
Winter 816 WK Chelemby Northern Darkness
Winter 814 WK Copper Sands and Broken Dice
Summer 816 WK Chateau Haut-Brion
Winter 813 WK A Cold return
Winter 810 WK Twice as Cold

Also Politics in Ivinia may be of assistance.