Sword of Petrus

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Scribe Notes


Adventure: Sword of Petrus
GM: Jillian Mitchinson
Session: Winter 807 wk
Night: Tuesday at S&L's abode
Level: Medium

  1. Cher - A Suarime Binder played by Sean English.
  2. Sven - Head-hitter - played by William.
  3. Lucius- A sad elf E+E played by Bridget.
  4. Pennlucien - Elven Healer played by Lisa Rose. Available to play any night except Wed.
  5. Morgan the Orc - Non-mage played by Cherie.
  6. Mary-M - a Halfling played by Helen

6 Player Maximum.

Draco d'Anima
To find and remove the foreign bodies from Morfran
To Be Negotiated.
Day the first

On the evening of the Guild meet with our hearts high we gathered to listen to the tale of Lord Sox the Infirm. With great woe and sorrow he did recount his planes fate. The fateful actions of Cher the Lizard have doomed the people of this world to a slow death of starvation and poisoning. Still Cher is bold and stalwart belying her binderish nature and shall quest to save the plane. We are to remove two foul and eldritch devices, a mystic blade and a sunken keep which poison the land. To aid her she has enlisted the aid of Pennlucien the Republican, Mary-M the Angelic and Morgan the Orc, these three being some of the mightiest healers in the land with power over even life and death. With are also Lucius the Glum and Sven the Chaotic to aid with spell and sword to the cause.

After much deliberation we determine to meet again on the third day to travel to the strange doomed land.

Day the Third

Using his arcane arts yet strained due to his doomed health Lord Sox sends us to his world. His people, though pleasant and welcoming do suffer from the same Malaise. Pennlucien the Republican did bring much food to Lord Sox's people which was recieved with many purrs of thanks. The mighty healers then did divine and study the kittens of the Smoke the Wise. The peoples of this world lack many elements such as slood and spime and so waste away without these humours to nourish them.

That night we spy three strange lights. Pennlucien the Repubican, in the keen eyed manner of her folk notices that the light has waxed since last she visited. Lucius the Glum fortells that this means the land is losing it's very essence from these sites and spake the truth it does transpire.

Feeling that the ancient lore of Draco d'Anima the Awakened may have some aid to us we travel by dog to his council.

Day the Forth

We travel by steed, although more by foot for the blighted land troubles our hosts and they easily tire. By the end of our days troubles we too are weary and Morgan the Orc advises us on the ways of her people to seek shelter in a cave. Lucius the Glum uses his special talents to locate the safest place to rest.

We are woken by an eldritch dread as a foul presence approaches. Mary M the Angelic does spy the presene's dark nature and I do cast my dart at it. A mighty cast it was too for the being was smote. Alas, it was then that Pennlucian did spake "But the Undead are friendly on this world." to which I, Sven the Chaotic spake "Pull the other one, it has bells on.". Then too do the others spake, remembering "No, really they're a bunch of swell guys". We thus say "Um sorry" to the nice undead who only wanted a bit of company on the dark, plagued, bandit infested road.

Thus it went well for Silver the Wonder Horse, who later turned up seeking aid and comfort. He had lost his rider and whished to come with us. He is a wondrous beast who can speak and knows many things. He communicates with us via the mystic arts of Lucius the Glum.

{Day the Fifth

We arrive in fair and unblemished lands. Draco d'Anima the Awakened gives life and succor to those nearby. Bright was the day we arrived and lifted our spirits were by this. We are greeted well by all who think we shall cure the ills of the land. We meet with Draco d'Anima the awakened and he spake of many things. That we should pull out the Sword of Petrus from the earth his body and do so with the Foul Castle of the Greys, that we should do this ere the Fortress falls and if need be find Visine the Unlucky who fell from Silver the Wonder Horse. During this time several friendly undead give up their death force for him to continue living.

With concern for his health Mary-M the Angelic and Pennilucian the Republican minister and tend to Draco D'Anima the Awakened. Though their skill be great they can do little but alleviate the pain. They do learn of the location and nature of the Sword and Castle and Cher the Binder does use fell and hideous sorceries to learn of the nature of the sword and castle. Despite her thirst for power and world domination the artifacts were not able to control the bizare and alien mind of a walking lizard. Weakened she retires to bed.

Lucius - We should wake up Cher for her watch. Morgan - That would be creul and unusual punishment, yeah.

Day the Sixith

The enemy crept up upon us like thies in the night and then settled in for a protracted siege. Pennilucian the Republican gives wise counsel and advises us not to attack the besiegers as it would not be a fair fight. We discuss this and agree to leave Lucius behind and ask if it would be fair now. It is explained to us that the odds are actually the other way round.

After being gifted with many diverse and powerful magics we set off through the rear secret enterance that amazingly the enemy doesn't know of. WE head out and make for a lake so we can travel by water elemental. That night we are aproached by riders of one army or another. Pennilucian's silvered words do beguile them and they let us pass.

Day the Seventh

Camped by the lake I begin preparations to summon a mighty thing of the depths when we notice several things approaching us. They had the appearance of wargs, but their eyes did glow like coals and sulphurous was their breath. These it appears were clues. Morgan the orc prepares a cunning defensive strategy which alas is undone when fell demonic forces posses mary-M the Angelic. Fortunatly her pagan gods were with her did help us in freeing her while we went about the pounding, smiting and cleaving in twain of our enemies.

I will not relate the aftermath of the battle as it is of great embarrasment to all. Suffice to say that almost everyone was possessed at some time and pagan gods can be bloody useless. Eventually we were all in the right body and we set off.

We travelled for several days and came accross a cave of ancient evil. With powerful namering and a little judicious violence we saw to it.