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  • Autumn 805 - Robert - Was interrogating a rabbit with mind magics and managed to scare it so much that it became infected with the local Dark Essense. It became vorpal and attacked him.
  • Summer 805 -Clarissa – Ordered the party necromancer to cast Warp Wood on tone walls, and wondered why nothing happened. Also managed to get stuck on a ledge and had to yell for help – while the party were trying to be discrete.
  • Spring 804 - Tom – Fired a lightning bolt through an illusionary wall. The bolt then proceeded to bounce around the party.
  • Winter 804 - Motley – For nominating Serendipity who plans to be a master assassin. Also for casting random magics in battle
  • Autumn 804 -Brightflare - dragonflaming a party member, encouraging a fire elemental that nearly drowned many of the party - While fighting a demon, Gok was engaging it by throwing pillows at it, Morgan was standing firm, and Brightflare was flying above carpetbombing the area with dragonsblood. As well as damaging the demon, he took out Morgan's armour, another party member, and dissolved the floor they were standing on.
  • Summer 804 - Phaeton - For attempting to heal someone else when he was suffering from the same poison.


  • Autumn 805 - Dirk - losing his skin they were using for skin changes, when he wasn't wearing it.
  • Autumn 805 - Tussock - having the same plan a second time that didn't work the first time
  • Autumn 805 - Bainbridge - Wandering off down to the next level of the tower and getting pasted.
  • Autumn 805 - Neroli - Abandoning Bainbridge and Lizette, leaving them to rot in jail.
  • Summer 805 -Gok – He dragged off the artifact, while it was draining him. Instead of leaving it there, he then put it back where he found it.
  • Summer 805 -Eric – They were encountering a large dragon that was sunning itself. Just in case something went wrong a bolthole tunnel was constructed, lined with soap stone, supposedly so that people could slide through. Eric decided to try it anyway .. and bounced all the way down the slope bouncing through the corners –and was very battered, bruised, and broken at the other end
  • Summer 805 -Cayenne – The party were going to an oracle to find out the nature of a Doom. When the oracle said “I can give you your own Dooms”, the entire party said “Yes!”
  • Spring 804 - Hamish – Faith mugged a guard and Hamish stayed around to watch. Moral. Never stay at a crime scene
  • Spring 804 - Tom – hesitating when asked for a name
  • Spring 804 - Lt Mordren – The party were talking to the goblin fae when they opened fire. Instead of closing he tried to cross 600 yards of open ground.
  • Spring 804 - Father Broc – The party were under attack by enchanted insect creatures. Broc used a large spear to attempt to kill one, that was on him.
  • Winter 804 - Adien/Kevin – Stopped to waste time with a demon who was selling magical weapons
  • Winter 804 - Drum. – The party reached a destroyed elven city. There was an illusionary ball with revenants etc. Drum decided to dance and talk to the undead. He got cursed
  • Winter 804 - Starflower – There was a ruined city and a circle of dryads doing a circle of wrath. She cast a Mindspeak
  • Winter 804 - Veor – The nixies created a geyser and Veor turned it into ice. This resulted in the party being pelted with lumps of ice.
  • Winter 804 - Maeb. She was in a high mana zone, summoned a wind. She managed to

offend it and lost all her gear.

  • Winter 804 - Serendipity – She was trying to learn to be a cat so she changed into a cat in front of a male cat.
  • Autumn 804 -Lady Summers - An invitation was received from the Thieves Guild basically 'Come with us' - signed 'The Bad Guys'. She went anyway, by herself, and was controlled.
  • Autumn 804 -Silverfoam - While the party were storming a tower, Silverfoam's idea of carefully scouting was to fly over the top - he was attacked by an air elemental - and had no fatigue left at the time.
  • Autumn 804 -Retsum - while the party were staying on the undead plain. There was an unusual number of undead out there and, even though there was a sign saying 'Don't open the door' Retsum opened the door and went out anyway.
  • Summer 804 - Brightflare - When the party was told to surrender, Brightflare, as

Military Scientist, agreed. As the rest of the party dropped their weapons, he then flew up and started casting Dragonflames

  • Summer 804 - Tussock - A book was translated and found to be a demonic text which curses the reader into being a worshipper of the demon. Tussock read it anyway.
  • Summer 804 - Tussock - The realm the party was in had a Hero who was really annoyed with the party. Tussock contacted her messenger spirit and basically invited her to come and get them.