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Vassal of Mordeaux
Status Diocese (County Capital)
Location Central Mordeaux
Area 49 square miles
(Walled city + 3 miles in all directions).
Geography City and surrounding market gardens nestled in a wide valley between low hills.
Population 24,000
87% (Urban)
Major Towns
Périgueux (21,000)




35% (mostly clergy)

Addministrators, Manufactured Goods
Food, Commodities


Périgueux is the administrative and religious capital of Mordeaux, and its only large city. It is ruled directly by Bishop Tomas Xerxes, though in practise his Canons and Gabrielite administrative assistants take care of most matters. The city is bustling and crowded, full of priests and bureaucrats. It is also quite cosmopolitan, with large numbers of Rankene, Bowcourtian, and Tuscanan merchants, and many northern pilgrims wandering the streets and staring at the architecture.

The architecture of Périgueux is quite dramatic. Firstly, the city is completely enclosed by sixty-foot stone walls, with a secondary thirty foot outer wall a full bowshot from the main walls containing the nearest market gardens, and with no buildings permitted. Also, all buildings inside the walls must be built in stone, not wood. These two restrictions, imposed by a previous Michaeline Bishop, have led to vertical, gothic architecture. The best example of this is the Cathedral Notre Dame de Sanilhac, colloquially known as La Grande Dame; however the Basilica housing the senior offices of the administration is equally dramatic and impressive. In addition, most buildings are three or four stories high, and would be incomplete without at least one gargoyle or fantasical creature on the rooftop, and ornate stone filigree down the walls.

Places of Interest

  • La Grande Dame
  • La Basilica
  • La Chapelle-Gonaguet
  • La Chapelle-Grésignac
  • La Chapelle-Montabourlet
  • La Chapelle-Saint-Jean


  • His Eminence, Bishop Tomas Xerxes, Michaeline Warrior, Bishop of Mordeaux, and Arch-Bishop of the Unified Western Church.
  • His Worship Saint Crépin d'Auberoche, Michaeline Suffragan Bishop. Puissant Knight, but hot-headed.
  • Her Worship Sainte Marie de Chignac, Urielite Suffragan Bishop, and Protector of Venaissin. Just and merciful Urielite Knight, known as Sister Grace.
  • His Worship Saint Pardoux de Drône, Raphaelite Suffragan Bishop. Miraculous Healer and puissant Knight.
  • His Worship Saint Jean d'Ataux, Gabrielite Suffragan Bishop. Glib-tongued, dramatic, pretentious, and conniving war-monger and clothes-horse, according to his friends.
  • Reverend Canon Médard-de-Mussidan, Sammaelite Priest, representing the minor orders.