Toledo Steele

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Toledo Steele is a well known human warrior of great skill, and is in fine standing with the Guild after representing the Seagate Adventurers Guild in the winning team at the Lunar Games.

Toledo has bashed heads with the minions of Aim and others and they have appreciated the education. As a front line fighter he does the hard yards up front to give the mages time to do what they have to in the back row. A tactical fighter, he backs himself to go where he is most needed.

Toledo has done a lot of work in Catovar and earned the enmity of the the Engravers guild there and the support of the Enchanters guild. He has worked for The Fates and Matt Tumbledown. He has discovered that Matt has a very simple sense of humour and creatures under 20 feet tall appear to be the butt of many of his elaborate jokes.

Toledo is played by Craig Harper.