Titan Belt of Healing

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From the Temple of the East Winds

Size: 6 WGT: 0.5 Value: Quest
This magical belt is made from the hair of a Titan. This belt will last for two years before losing its enchantment and crumbling to dust. This belt will allow a healer to use their rank three ability as follows:

As a unengaged pass action and at a cost of 3 Ft per attempt:
Range: 5 per rank
BC: 90% + rank
Heal Endurance will cure the patient of [D + Rank X 2] Endurance points. It will not heal damage associated with a specific grievous injury.

This belt will stop working; XXX of XXX in the year XXX (normally two years from the date received).

Jono Bean (ph 828 2959)
Plane of Origin
Nature of Magic
Magically Trapped/warded/cursed