Terranovan Queen

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The Terranovan Queen

Vessel Information

  • Vessel Carrack
  • Length 135ft
  • Bean 35ft
  • Draft 10ft
  • Freeboard: 23ft
  • Weight 750tons
  • Masts 4
  • Sail Type Square and Lateen
  • Best Sail Speed 9 knots
  • Best Angle to Wind 70
  • Oars / Side NA
  • Best Rowing Speed NA
  • Good Distance / Day 90 miles
  • Maximum Wind Force 8
  • Usage Ocean going
  • Crew Size 130 (inc 20 'marines') 10 ship girls are on board, 3 are fully employed in the galley with the Cook and 7 others undertake various duties on board the ship.
  • Cost (sp) - For a basic vessel of this type 100,000sp
  • Cost (sp) - As is 400,000sp

General Vessel Information

A carrack is a three or four-masted sailing ship and it has a high rounded stern, with aft- and fore-castles and a bowsprit. It is square-rigged on most masts, and lateen-rigged on the rear or mizzenmast. Carracks are the only proper ocean-going ships outside Destiny: large enough to be stable in heavy seas, and roomy enough to carry crew, provisions and also cargo for long voyages. However, the large superstructures of these ships make them prone to toppling in strong winds. Carracks are around 100 feet long. The carrack was the choice high seas beast of burden and has been described as the 'perfected transport ship'.

  • They were virtually impregnable to attack from small craft, which was often a problem in the Isles.
  • Their ability to carry cargo and provisions made them independent of ports en route, and so they had a longer range using the most efficient route.
  • The combination of four sails allowed for a fair degree of flexibility—the large square sails provided propulsion, but were reduced in size during storms. The smaller sails at bow and stern allowed for manoeuvring, and the lateen sails allowed for sailing across the wind.

This carrack was built for a greater proportion of long range voyages across suspect seas with additional length (35ft), 10 crew and extra tonnage (200 tons). All of these combine to provide a more sturdy and robust vessel for long distance voyages. The ship has been determined to have been 'laid down' around 610WK

Listing of Important Crew

  • Captain Jacque Rackam- the Captain of the Terranovan Queen. He is a 7ft tall red head with a full beard and solid build. He often has a sea Eagle (named Spike) perched on his shoulder. He is known to be a capable Namer and has a thick Nautical accent.
  • John Woodward - 1st Mate
  • Robert Falcon Scoit - 2nd Mate
  • Thomas Hardy - 3rd Mate, a non mage
  • William Blygh - 4th Mate or Bosun
  • Louis Montbaten - 5th Mate / Ships Carpenter, another non mage
  • John Jellicoe - 6th Mate or Ships Steward
  • James Stirling - the Master at Arms
  • James Somervielle - Quartermaster
  • Andrew Curningham - Sail Master, a capable Celestial Mage
  • James Oliver, Ships cook
    • 3 Cabin Girls assist him in his work and these are 3 sisters Sara, Mar and Lara.
  • Giles Montjoy - the Ships Surgeon
  • Pierre the Eunuch (aka the Garotteer)

The ship has a figurehead at its prow of a tall queen like figure (woman with a crown) breathing fire ahead of her, wearing courtly garb that is slightly revealing for her busty figure. She holds a large harpoon in her right hand and clasps lightning bolts in her left hand. A DA that she is in an effective state of stasis and that she is a currently living Long lived Sentient with a GTN of Sea Wytch. It's suspected that she exercises some control over the boat that she is an intricate part of in that she can sense obstacles and steer the vessel around them through force of will (such as rocks, whales etc) and otherwise be inert unless special circumstances occur.

She was taken over by the current crew when they relived it from some pirates that had attacked their earlier merchant vessel. The old pirate crew were put to death as pirates.


These all sleep in one cabin made for the 10 of them with space for another 5 if needed as there are 5 spare 'spaces' but the ships carpenter has put 2 sets of bunks side by side and made a triple double bed bunk set which means there are 6 double bunk beds and 6 single bunk beds.

  • Sara Blond 5'6
  • Mara Raven Haired
  • Lara

These three are sisters (triplets) who were bonded to be cabin girls by their family to pay off debts. They are not charged with duties other than serving meals, cleaning quarters and helping n the galley - anything else they do is up to them. They were indentured in Spring 804 and due to be released in Spring 809. There are another 7 lasses who work as cabin girls who have similar stories and are also either working off debt for them or their families or are serving for a term to earn money, get experience and / or away from their previous homes/homelands.


  1. There is the deck with a suite of rooms at the rear of the main deck (under/in the aft-castle which houses the captain and senior officers. The Forecastle also has room for officers.
  2. Below this is the main deck where passengers, galley, mess and other important crew and provisions are.
  3. Above the waterline are spaces for the rest of the crew and other such spaces.
  4. Cargo Deck is at or on the waterline as is the brig.
  5. Below the cargo deck is the major bilge and the minor bilge


There are giants rats on the ship and average around 2ft long. They are vicious and nasty fighters in the close quarters below the decks in small enclosed spaces. They are not natural and they are known as elven rats with a legend around them that they are old evil elves that have been reincarnated as these large rats that live in this vessel and likely other places.

Dining with the Captain

Captain Rackham dines with 9 others every night at 9pm unless he is called away off the ship for some reason when his next most senior officer will host the dinner. 4 (of the 10) most senior officers are always at dinner along with invited guests from the crew or passengers. The dinner will last 2 hours and the food is always the best quality prepared by the cook - James Oliver.

Watches at Sea

Watches are from Midnight to 8am, 8am to 4pm and 4pm to midnight.

Incidents at Sea

They have been attacked 17 times over the last 6 years with the most recent one in Winter 808 down off the coast of Delph.