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To play Tuesday nights from 6:40pm we are playing at my place 57 Wharf Rd, Te Atatu Peninsular. Please arrive from 6:30 but no eairler as we are not free. Hamish

Combat Roles

This is a developing formulation of our roles and operation during combat. If your best role is not well described please change it.

Ezerbet: Mil Sci & Specialist Namer Dean Rowan: Blast Mage + healing Arwin: Assassin Keshah: Buffs and fighter Kit: Agility Warrior ? Boulder: Agility Tank

Are you sure you want Erzsebet as mil sci - she only has low ranks where Boulder has rank 8 from memory

well boulder is rk 7, i always end up in combat quickly - I need a which so that i can be milsci while engaged.

That isn't a problem I have an item which will add one rank to your mil sci and make you be able to use milsci while engaged --Mebh 02:13, 19 September 2010 (UTC)

Boulder has an item which tends to cause the opposition to attack him, also hes a giant. So one combat formulation is to buff boulders endurance as much as possible and give him multiple images while using Kits concealing magics to make the other melee types hard to notice. We discussed this and found we had no good way to know where poeple where if they have rk 16+ invisibility on.

Another combat formulation is to buff Kit's endurance and have both Kit and Boulder act as high agility tanks engaging the opposition quickly and keeping them away from the rest of the party. If there are Demons/pacted people then Kit will go front-line, so we might as well plan for it. Kit can put on a trilby & scarf, and pretend to be a tank. Choice of fighting style - do you want a relatively slow ablative combat (bare feet), with extra MR for the party and high defence for Kit, or serious assault power (2H-sword), less defence/MR, and the best side dies last? The latter is more dramatic, and Fr Rowan can ressurrect. Andreww

In either case it seems best to have Arwin with rk 21 invisibility, does anyone have rk21 whichsite so we dont lose her, shes hot? Hamish


After all teh discussion, Jim just let me know that I missed the first night completely. Lost contact with reality. No excuses. Looks like you coped fine without me. I'll try to be up to speed for next week. Please form an orderly queue to kick me. Andreww No worries. I only have a nodding acquaintance with reality myself at the moment William


Just a question - you "crown Isil Eth the Queen of the Western Kingdom" Won't this annoy the current king Ulric?

I didn't notice Isil Eth caring - Jim Arona