Street of Gods

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Scribe Notes


  • GM: Jeff Leddra
  • Time: Summer 817 WK
  • Day: Tuesdays
  • Level: Low
The Party
  1. Von Smut - Party Leader, Dark Celestial Elf
  2. Kappa - Bard Elf
  3. Ono - Shadow Celestial Hobbit
  4. Koffi - Binder Mage Gnome
  5. Rand - Chicken Mage Elf

On the plane of Harn, in the Street of Gods, 3 gods have been killed. Find out why and prevent a war of gods.


Scribe Notes

Day 1

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Day 2

We arrive on Harn and enter Golotha (religious capital). There we talk to Captain Samuels (Captain of the Guard). He tells us of the 3 gods that had been killed:

  • 9 days ago - Dreadlord - end of world cult. Magically torn apart
  • 6 days ago - Sunded Man - performed miracles 16 years ago but has been frozen in time since then. Killed by dagger
  • 3 days ago - Chicken God - there si a god for everything apparantly. Entrails ripped out

He also warns us to only trust himself and 2 senior guards called Hawk and Fisher (husband and wife team) He gives Von Smut an amaulet that increases magic resistance to the exocist effect. It is an area affect item.

We enter the street of gods and find ourselves transported to a new plane. The street is as long as it needs. We meet the God Squad who are the "police" of the street. They are

  • Tomb (Sorceror), an elderly male human
  • Rowan (Mystic), a short female human
  • Bucannon (Warrior), a very tall male human

Tomb formed the god squad 16 years ago. the previous 'squad' wasn't very effective at preventing god wars. They use the Exorcist Stone to control unruly gods. It removes magic from an area, and a god without magic is easily put back in his place. They last used it 10 years ago. Rowan joined 5 years ago and Bucannon 3 years ago. We don't know much about their predecessors yet.

The God Squad receive word that a riot has broken out so we follow along. There are 100 brown robed followers of Chrysalis and 100 grey robed followers of Dusk Devourer facing off in a square courtyard. Rowan and Tomb magically force a path between them. Bucannon, Rand, Razor, Kappa and Von Smut march forward. Onon stays with Tomb and Rowan. Bucannon tells the 2 parties to depart or face the consequences. Unexpectedly the 2 head priests tell him to get stuffed. Rand and Kappa take offence and smack them. A quick battle ensues. Rowan and Tomb seek help from the city guard who get here very quickly. Rand and Kappa barely survive. We do find 2 amulets whcih turn out to be suicide amulets. We give them to the God Squad for safe keeping.

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5


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Combat Order
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Watch Order
Death Register
  • Rand - Day 2 - Greek Fire Grenado


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