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Natural Habitat
Highlands, Woods
Very Rare
1-6 (1)
The sasquatch is a large humanoid being, very shy. It is covered in long brown fur, which allows it to survive in even the coldest climes. The sasquatch tends to be shy of humans and will run or hide rather than attack except when its lair is threatened.
The sasquatch is a fairly docile creature, but the yeti (the mountain-dwelling version of the species) tends to be much larger and meaner, with more Physical Strength & Endurance, and will attack instead of running when its privacy is invaded.
The sasquatch is a natural tracker and forester and will possess the Ranger skill at Rank 1-8. The sasquatch is sentient, however it will not possess any magic abilities and will not employ any skill involving tools or weapons.
Movement Rates
Running: 300
PS: 24-30 MD: 15-25 AG: 14-18 MA: 1-6 EN: 25-35 FT: 30-40
WP: 10-15 PC: 22-26 PB: 5-8 TMR: 6 NA: Fur absorbs 3 DP
Bare hands as per the Unarmed Combat rules.
Unarmed: BC 45%, [D], Melee & Close, Rank 0.