San Seryffe

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San Seryffe

This is one of the eastern-most set of Islands in the Far SE Archipelago and it has been settled for many generations by the Order of Ignation. The island is not large in area (around 7000sp miles) and has a population of around 400,000 who are all adherents of the Order or are foreigners who live in the trade town of Port Luther at the northern tip of the Island.

Features of the Island

Locations on the Island

Port Luther

This well-developed trade town is situated at the northern tip of San Seryffe. It has a sheltered anchorage and has good wharves and port facilities. This is the only area where non locals can reside on the island without issue.

Port Luther is administered by a Council of Ignations comprising of 2 from Ignation de Salusa (IdS) and 3 from Ignation de Gyrere (IdG) with the senior member from the IdG being the chair of the council