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This is the capital city of Lecbes Island, the largest city on the island and the seat of the King of Lecbes.


It is built on a rocky shelf 'volcanic tongue' of land beside the river which is some 20ft above the sea level and then further buildings were built going up the side of the hill the city is built against.
To the east on the other side of the Ugran River is a lower level of land only some 6ft above sea level but full of vegetation and crops which help to feed the city as its 4 times the size of the city itself..

Places of Interest

  • Istana Rassak (Castle Rassak)
  • Rassakam Harbour: This is a fine harbour well protected from the fierce storms of the area by the coastline and a sturdy outer breakwater made of quarried stone. There are many stone wharves of varying sizes to carry all types of cargo.
  • The Rassakam Naval Docks:
  • The Janberag Lighthouse: This is a 100ft tall lighthouse standing to the Southeast of Rassakam city and on the edge of the Janberag cliffs which marks the entrance to the Janberag strait.
  • Janberag Cliffs: These are a set of cliffs rising sharply above the surrounding water and which stretch for 30miles down the coast before rapidly falling away. These are all 200ft above the surrounding land and stretch inland for a mile before falling back to normal heights.

Who rules

The King of Lecbes is the ruler of the island and his palace is here in Rassakam.

  • The royal family (princes and princesses): The royal family is large as the king has had 3 wives in the 30 years that he has ruled the Kingdom. Prince Ahmed, Prince Tajul, Princess Bongsu, Prince Alauddin, Princess Sulong, Prince Jaafar, Princess Wulan, Prince Yusef, Prince Idris, Prince Sallehuddin, Princess Muda, Prince Abdul, Prince Ismail, Prince Iskander, Princess Jumullah, Prince Muzaffar. The current wife is Consort Gita with previous ones being Nadya and Nisrina who have been given palaces of their own.

Powers in the City

  • The Vizier of Lecbes: Jafar al-Barnaki
  • The Great Guildmaster of Lecbes: Nizam al-Muylk
  • The Steward of Rassakam: Jorge Louis de-Borges

Law and Order

The city has a city guard that is responsible for keeping the peace it the city.
The walls and gates of the city is the responsibility of the Warders of Rassakam.
There is a royal guard but they guard the royal family and the palace.


  • Charon, The Inn Keeper of the Golden Hawk
  • Tora and Garesh, two local lads who 'work' for their uncle Foraz
  • Foraz, a local merchant dealing in Leather goods and shoes

Local Establishments

  • Golden Hawk, A local Inn with some class and style, reccomended by visiting Ship Captain. This is a 80ft tall building which has much of the structure open to allow air to flow through the building and keep the occupants cool. There are three levels with the ground floor level being a common tavern type area and the upper floors are for accomodations.
  • Red Dog, A local Inn, reccomended by visiting Ship Captain
  • Sailors Shanty, A local Inn, reccomended by visiting Ship Captain
  • Mermaid's Revenge, A local Inn, not reccomended by visiting Ship Captain as its a place of little repute
  • the Gem Market, this is held in one of the upper caves which is secure and big enough for the local gem merchants.


The island has many substances that can be abused for a number of reasons, one of which is the local toads that when licked have a hullucinagenic affect on the licker