Nobody dies there...probably

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Adventure: Nobody dies there...probably
GM: IanA
Session: Autumn 820
Night: Tuesday
Location: Birdlands, Massey.
Level: Low


  • Eugene - Sam - Necromancer
  • Sno - Annuskha - Ice mage
  • Kurt - Bernard - Earth Mage
  • lydian - Chris R - shadow celestial
  • Cipher - Beth - runemage
  • Luther - Michael - non-mage
  • seraph - Connor - Namer
  • Schwarts - combat dog
  • Felix - Wild Tigercat
  • Shadow - Combat wildcat

Guild Astologers

Take a reading far away, Brastor sounds a good start.

Guild rates any loot you salvage. Some guild services.


Duesday 1: Autumn 820wk: Fruit

Guild meeting


Met with the adventures in the party and with our employee Clair

Information gained

Clair the astrologer, decided it would be a "good idea" to attempt and astrological reading for "what fun things are happening this season." For concern of guild safety and the greater safety of Carzala and its provinces, we have been charged with taking the reading (The astrologer) away. It has been suggested that we head east to Brastor as a starting point, though travel further east is likely.

Items of note

Clair gave us several potions (he didn't specify every potion) and some certificates of resurrection for claim at the guild if any of us are unfortunate enough to need to use them.

Personal Notes

The human necromancer is our party seems particularly interested in my "deathly incident" in a previous adventure, he seems to be an interesting fellow. nature of prophecy on Clair is of a "very high magical strength"

Frysday 4: Autumn 820wk: Fruit

Setting out


spent past three days Acquiring transport, food, and horse feed and any guild services before adventuring. Kurt seems very experienced with animals, so I with the idea to leave it to him. a tower shield and chainmail vest was purchased to protect "the prophecy" (Clair). Over the past three days kurt has given us all lesser enchantments.


set out from guild on adventure, plan is to get to Arn's Ferry. We stopped at a farm town where we were able to stable the animals and have food and bed at a tavern.

Personal notes

  • Kurts dog is intimidating, it twice the size of me.
  • Sno also has a large white cat, I wouldn't mind riding it over the massive horses, but Sno said no.
  • Eugene (the necromancer) is rather cautious, checking for nearby undead at each stop. A good precaution when camping out in the field in the days ahead.

Party Purchases

  • Tower shield
  • Chainmail (human size)
  • several horses from guild stable (fee repaid upon safe return)
  • horse feed
  • food supplies

Personal purchases

  • Greater enchantment, apprentice 1 area (magic): 1000sp
  • rank 6 silvered falchion(+1sc, +1dm) (journeyman) (ordered during training) - 775sp
  • 20x silvered hand-crossbow bolts – 200sp
  • 2x guild health potions (10hp) – 1000sp

Reapsday 5: Autumn 820wk: Fruit

Arn's Ferry


continued Travel, reached Arn's Ferry safely

Information gained

at the tavern in Arn's Ferry we learned that although no military patrols are due to leave, a merchant caravan left yesterday. There were also mention of increased banditry in the area and unsubstantiated rumors of undead, specifically an undead hippogrypth near the south of Brastor. Plan is to try make speed and catch-up with the merchant caravan.

Personal notes

  • overheard Eugene and some stranger talking about halflings and a price of 3000sp, this concerns me. If Eugene is buying, in my experience he's getting ripped off.

Sunday 6: Autumn 820wk: Fruit

Orcs, Clouds, undead and a Demonic Stone....


during camp setup: Eugene detected a small group of undead at the edge of his range, however it appeared that they were staying around that location, needed monitoring but not a huge issue.

second watch: we noticed a cloud coming towards us at low altitude. This was odd as it was also moving in the opposite direction of most clouds we could see in the sky. We woke the party when the clouded descended the group and it looked like people were coming off it. Sno drew their attention to us, but no confrontation arose. They asked some very weird questions about a wolf-king. I was very confused, but Kurt managed to point them in 'a' direction, and they walked off.

Eugene decided to see what was happening with the undead and was alarmed that they were getting too close to the camp. Kurt, Luther and I decided to investigate. We found a group of "shambling corpses" walking around a weird stone. Although very slow they were able to tell our direct from crossbow fire. After hitting the stone with a crossbow bolt, mass panic issued where some of the party started acting irrational out of fear. Sno panic hid behind the rest of the party while Cypher started a rage induced charge. The stone continued to send put necrotic magical attacks, while Kurt hit the ground repeatedly with a mattock which eventually caused the ground to shake, incapacitating the undead and shattering the outside of stone, sending infectious shards out at everyone with several of us taking collateral damage and getting infected. When investigating the inner remains of the stone, we discovered a huge issue, it was in the process of summoning a demon on a countdown. Kurt tried to remove the curse using his earth magic and a weird glowing green rock, however all he managed to do was to change the rock blue, and now his rock will be summoning the demon "at an indeterminate time". the rock splinters have a magical aura.


  • Splintered magical rock

Personal notes

  • Kurt seems to be able to turn people and his animals into giant shrubs. This interests me greatly!
  • I am unsure whether I want to know nature of demonic force in Kurts rock or not....

Moonday 7: Autumn 820wk: Fruit

forest ambush


continued along road at pace to continue to catch the merchant caravan.
camped in the forest roadside clearing
during second watch we were ambushed by several well armed bandits, was knocked out but we killed several of them, one had run off, one captured.
Kurt suggested we execute the captured man for banditry, we agreed he couldn't be a bandit because he was useless at doing his job.
the captured non-bandit told us that the merchant caravan had passed just the day before, but they did not attack because there was a lot of them
bandit camp has around 20 more bandits? residing at it.
Sno decided to poke a stick and the guts of one of the other dead attempted banditeers, and told him to go to the ocean and start a new life on an island..


  • 6 x chainmail (quality unconfirmed)
  • 6 battleaxes (quality unconfirmed)
  • other salvage from dead attempted bandits.

personal notes

  • battleaxes hurt..

Some extra notes for what's happened

Since we are lacking a scribe note update, can be removed once real scribe notes occur.
We caught up with the merchants, travelled with them to Brastor, split ways with them there after getting a lead to a grove of red trees from John, a suspicious merchant.
Started snowing early this year, camped outside villages in the cold as we travelled, got to the Red grove, 'someone' said 'something foolish' and we got teleported to a goblin cavern, huge & literally full of goblins. At least 12 goblin fire mages menaced us with prepared fireballs. Some people pointed crossbows back at them, Kurt said hello.

Sunday 13: Autumn 820wk: Fruit

tartans red trees


After reaching Brastor and renewing supplies and buying fur clothing/blankets we headed north into the forests, about two hours in we found a clearing area with three paths
a north path: which lead to a very clear clean source of water that we could use to water animals and fill water supplies, a south path we have yet to explore and the west path leading to our objective.
after heading down the west path we encountered a bunch of red trees that concernedly were long lived sentient. this concerned me, unfortunately before we could investigate further the area became completely black
when vision returned we found ourselves in a dimly lit cavern surrounded by Many Many goblins. One such goblin was where tartans, which we believe to be related to a previous adventure campaign "angus"

Quick notes. Some negotiations happen, we manage to not get murdered by all the goblin fire mages. We end up talking to the Shaman, Gabblebrox about the prophecies, and he has some further information, as well as a shopping list from a rival alchemists lab, he suggests we kill the entire goblin clan because they are evil.

Duesday 15: Autumn 820wk: Fruit

To the caves of the Dead & the Alchemists lab.

Following instructions from Gabblebrox, we head towards a rival goblin clan & their alchemists lab, clued there by the pink air caused by some strange light effects in the area.
Our first stop on the path there is the caves of the dead, or tunnels of the dead for the part we must pass through to gain stealthy entrance to the rival goblin clans lab.
Here we find our way blocked by several zombies, supported by a large number of skeletal archers above us. We send our heaviest armoured fighters forward to take the bow fire, and grind through the zombies in the narrow tunnel, while the skeletons are controlled and broken into disarray, and we hasten down the tunnel before any reinforcements can come to bear on us.
We continue on for what feels like miles in the dark tunnels, before finally reaching the area of the goblins. Our scouts take out their sentry, and we explore the area, finding one of their main nests, and a nearby underground river, before finally knocking on a suspicious door.
A furry 'troll like creature' answers the door, with a goblin alchemist behind it, and they speak to Cypher as the only initially visible party member, before then speaking to Sno, and we decide to go the negotiation route and file in, discussing things with Arglebrox before working out that he has some knowledge of our prophecy as well, or a related one at least.
He has further prophecies that are leading us to save a lost Sheriff in a wood that he has a portal to, in order to save a castle to save a kingdom to save a plane. A stitch in time saves nine and all that. We get a description of this Sheriff, and discuss us doing this in exchange for our shopping list from Gabblebrox and a few other herbalist items & magical gems.

W'ansday 16: Autumn 820wk: Fruit

In the small hours of the morning when the stars shine bright we ascend the near vertical tunnel to pass through the portal, emerging out the far side through a small stone circle into a wood. We spend several hours trying to orientate ourselves on this new plane, "Storybook". We manage to locate a river to the north, a road to the west, and find out about a castle beyond the forest to the north as well about 3 days walk. The trees tell us of people living in the forest, perhaps bandits or forest folk, a few distant fae, and wolves, before helping us locate a secure clearing.
We head to the clearing, setting up a camp and getting a few hours sleep before we are disturbed by an incoming band of heavily armed orcs (Is there any other kind?). Rather than pick a fight with a dozen orcs, we negotiate, offering them a share in some summoned pigs for breakfast, and after a few attempts to get ourselves all killed by some ill advised actions 'certain people' (you know who you are) took during the tense stand off, we eventually reach an agreement, and rearrange camp slightly so we are on one side and they are on the other.
They know of a Sheriff in the area, naming him as the Lord of the Castle we know of to the north, and appear to be in border dispute with him holding him in low regard. They tell us of a large war happening that has pulled many of the senior nobles away from the area which is why a Sheriff is in charge.

After summoning some pigs, having breakfast. and resting during the day after been up most of the night. we start to put our plan in motion for tracking down the sheriff. once the orcs leave we successfully managed to summon a pack of wolves who we then offered the remaining pigs to. (According to Kurt) The wolves were not directly aware of any patrol or group that might have been the sheriff's men, but they were able to inform of us of the location of an ambush site for the bandits in the forest, as well as the location of their main camp. as we approach around the ambush site the wolves tell scout out the their base. most of their forces appear to be at the ambush site, with 3 people back at camp one of which is tied up (and presumable a prisoner). leaving out position viewing the ambush site we follow the wolves and disable the traps around the base. on entering we managed to talk to the two bandit guards about their prisoner. Rather than dispatching them, kurt managed to negotiated a deal with them for up front payment of silver as well as a chance at a new life of decent pay handling animals (mainly the cat felix for now). in the camp we found to chests chaining alot of gold, several necklaces, a large quantity of good quality furs, a quartz that could be a crystal of vision and some holding pens containing several animals including two snakes and a VERY DEADLY scorpion. we quickly loot the camp and as we leave, Kurt awakened a bunch of trees at the edges of the camp clearing to "enact revenge" on the ambush party should they return to their camp. for the wolves help Kurt animal growth the pack leader and his mate and we head off for the city which is about 3 days away.

Sunday 20: Autumn 820wk: Fruit

we finally reach the outskirts of the city by morning. the sheriff that we rescued turns out to be an evil bastard but understand his situation and is somewhat grateful for our assistance. we run the predicament that with the sheriff in a 'slightly' tattered state that it would not do well for us to walts in the city without a reasonable 'normal' excuse for his appearance so we decide to get attempt to get some of the sheriff fresh clothes. just in case the sheriff decides to back stab us we decide to split our party in 3, those looking after the sheriff and the animals, one group (Luther and I) to contact local thieves and spy groups in the city to procure a back way out of the city, (we also find all the fence shops) and another group to talk with the captain of the guard to assist with getting appropriate clothes and a cover story. we meet back up with the sheriff and the group talking to the city guard came up with a hunting party incident and brought some decent looking leather clothes suitable for the story, the city guard also prepared a boar that was about to be cooked that night for physical proof of successful hunting adventure, the sheriff suggested we assist in carrying the boar for him and we enter the city together. Kurt manages to get a final payment reward of 900sp. Fearing that the gold might be traceable we tell the city guard we will be staying at an inn for two days. we use the "gold" we received at the fence shops and inform them it might be traceable and could be used as bait to set up ambushes of the city guard. afterward we then immediately head out of town and, without any better ideas head towards the bandit camp to see if the bandits ambush had procured any fruit that we could recover from "whatever the trees" had eventually done to them.

W'ansday 23: Autumn 820wk: Fruit

we return to the bandit encampment clearly and it's.. well lets just say there been a lot of blood spilled and the trees really like killing things, most of the corpses (if u could call them that) have been smushed into pulp. however the bandits do appear to have successfully ambushed another caravan as there is another chest filled with silver and large quantities of wiken amulets (including some diamond ones). Kurt then after talking with the violently unstable trees decides to summon a bunch of deer and goes "full druid mode" spilling even more blood in RITUAL SACRIFICE causing the earth in this area bubble weirdly and a powerful presence seems to fill this clearing. sno decides to poke around some of the deer corpses and declares "that the "DIRE BALROG" has not been released from the bowels of the city." now, i don't know what a normal Balrog is, but i'm going to assume that it "not been released" is a good thing and we have successfully prevented planar destruction.

Th'rsday 24: Autumn 820wk: Fruit

After creating the blood clearing, Kurt became linked to a forest god and was requested to spread the will of his grove. the blood oak trees, which now incorporated the message from this forest god, gave Kurt several acorns to spread it's influence else where. we as a party then assess the loot in the chests, finding 20,000 sp worth of silver and gems in two of them, and in the third smaller chest found 6 large vials filled with weird dirt and a random coin. the dirt turned out to be vampire dirt, and while the chest wasn't heavy it was a struggle to lift any of vials of dirt. we learn that the vampire dirt is from several evil vampires and that the coin acts as a locator. realizing this we spend a couple of hours attempting to both protect ourselves from potential vampire attacks, and find out more information about the vampires and the abilities of the locating coin. unsuccessful in both endeavor's we decide it best to head back through the portal and river just before it opens, and we were able to return to the vale of the trinity without issue. we sold Arglebrox the poisons/dangerous animals/creatures and got the received the goods requested by Gabblebrox. Arglebrox's troll assistant help lead us out, however is enraged by the flaming torches that are been brandished by a mob of some unfortunate protesting goblin's who have their touches extinguished by Sno, and then get smashed and trampled on by the now enraged troll. using the troll as an armed escort of sorts we managed to avoid getting caught up in the goblins and we make our way back to Arglebrox via a mountain route. unfortunately we have to cross a river containing a large quantity of vicious pike. Eugene does to attempt to cross using a spectral hand, who then while crossing gets chewed on by many pike but does successfully get to the other side. the rest of us cross o an ice oath which sno create upon the rivers surface and we began our trek across the mountain range.

Th'rsday 1: Autumn 820wk: Harvest

after trecking over the mountains for a week we get to the other side and find a crenelated castle. Kurt leads the pary to the back and communicates with those inside who warmlly offer us a proper bed and tell kurt to use the front door now. kurt then informs us not to go outside to far as a result of the highly aggressive "invisible ice bears." we are greatful for the ability to get some proper rest. we also purchase a cart to help cary our loot, and buy local goods from the north to attempt to make a small profit on our remaining way back to Arglebrox.


  • Clair: astrologer (now wrapped up in Armour)
  • John: Suspicious blue eyed merchant. (Probably a demon or similar)
  • Gabblebrox: A goblin Shaman/Alchemist from the Vale of the Trinity
  • Arglebrox: A rival goblin Shaman/Alchemist from the Vale of the Trinity.

Astrological Reading

All the trees are red
No one ever dies there
No one has a head

Kurt's Theory: The astrology reading should be regarded as a sequence of events, not a single place.

Things we might want to get or find out

Mil Sci

Mil Sci will receive an EP bonus for ensuring Combats run smoothly and quickly
Primary Mil-Sci: Euegene
Secondary Mil-Sci: Kurt

Daily Pattern

  • Sleep/Camp 12 Hours
  • Ritual 1 Hour Morning, 1 Hour Evening
  • Travel 8 Hours
  • Meals 2 Hours spread through day * 3 meals (3 Ft each)

Default pattern, vary as wanted by party

Watch Order

Provisional watch order, needs completing & confirming.

 1st.  Luther (Little Person), Sno (Light Warrior), Shadow (Large Cat)
 2nd.  Eugene (Mil Sci), Lydian (suspicious), Kurt (Light Warrior), Schwartz (Large Riding Dog)
 3rd.  Sariff/Seraph (Light Warrior), Cypher(Tank)

Travel Magics


'*some animals have been animal growth-ed by Kurt to be of 'ride-able size'

Marching Order

General traveling.

 Front scouts: Kurt, Sereph, Schwartz
 Main body front: Luther (leading cart), Shadow, Felix
 Main body rear: Sno, Claire (Riding Cart), Cypher
 Tail Guard:  Lydian, Eugene
 Wherever he wants:  John

Open field combat.


Buffs listed in the table don't need to be detailed, other buffs not on the table must be mentioned at the time they are cast.
Y means always on, N/- means never on, 'Sit.' means when the party has time for buffs before a fight.
Weapon Spells which weapon/s it is going on normally should be noted also.

Lesser, Rank 11, 3 Months. -1 to most percentile die rolls.



From the Sweet Riding

  • Some value of weapons & armour from some bandits. Including 6? sets of Chainmail.


From Gabblebrox.

  • Number of Boom Sticks. Roman Candle Alchemical explosion sticks. Once started can't be stopped, have to use whole 6 pulse duration.
  • Future promise of payment based on loot gained from other goblins.

Goblin Scout

  • Potion of "Speed"
  • Potion/Bottle of "Liquid Transmutation"
  • Bell
  • Was there another Potion/Bottle?

Bandit loot

  • 3 locked chest - two with gold and gems totaling aproxamitly 20,000sp, the last chest reduces weight and it's contents deliberately destroyed
  • several wicken amulets including amulets of diamond (some others with teeth)
  • a few jeweled necklaces
  • vision DA'd quartz
  • 1 scorpion
  • 2 different snakes
  • large quantity of good fur
  • several good longbows
  • several good composite bows
  • Lots of tulwars (2 silvered, 1 truesivered)
  • Many sets of good size 5/6 leathers

orc battle loot

  • chain-mail and weapons of two dead orcs.
  • whatever salvageable loot from the horriblely exploded orcs.


Payment for adventure

  • quantities of health potions
  • other potions???
  • One per character. Certificates of resurrection


At the Guild.

  • several riding and pack horses, cost will be refunded on safe return
  • supplies including grain for horses.
  • chain-mail and tower shield

From the Sweet Riding.

  • wild baby tiger-cat - Felix: purchased with promises by Kurt
  • Blue rock shard. Transformed to a blue shard from a green shard by a ritual. Unknown what it does.

From the Gabblebrox Goblins

  • Animal barding, Fancy, for 2 cats & 1 dog. Purchased in trade from Gabblebrox Goblins with Healing Ball.

From Arglebrox

  • love poison (1 dose)
  • 3 doses faster bleed poison
  • 2 doses of agility poison
  • 6 spheres of shrink animal


Autumn 820wk: Fruit (4)
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Lugnasad 1 Guild Meeting 2 3 4 Leave the Guild 5 Reach Arn's Ferry 6 Encounter Strange Undead
7 Bandit Ambush 8 Catch the Merchants 9 10 11 Reach Brastor 12 13 Reach Grove of Red Trees, Goblin Caves
14 Goblin Caves, Curse Removals 15 To the Caves of the Dead. 16 ork clearing 17 bandit camp 18 19 20 Northingham
21 22 23 WE MADE A VIOLENT BLOOD FOREST 24 returned to Arglebrox 25 26 27
28 29 30 1 made it to tower 2 3 4
Autumn 820wk: Harvest (5)
5 6 7 8 returned to Gabblebrox 9 orc surrounded guild horse collectors (sorry for the horrifying sight) 10 11
12 13 14 15 Equinox 16 17 18
19 Harvest Moon .. 20 21 22 Returned to guild 23 24 25
26 27 28 29 30 1 2
Autumn 820wk: Vintage (6)
3 4 5 6 7 8 9
10 11 12 13 14 15 16
17 Blood Moon 18 19 20 21 22 23
24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Beerfest