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Nastiness Rating 3/10
Nastiness Rating 3/10

Currently no known alias

Illiyas is a Minor Power who was formerly a succubus. She appears as a woman of considerable beauty and allure who has the ability to metamorphosis at will into any humanoid form or into mist. Her words are as honey, with her wit as the bee-sting. Seduction is second nature to her, and men's brains cease to function clearly when near. She cannot be destroyed by simple magical or religious damage, reforming at will.

She is always happy to negotiate, as she tends to have the upper hand in such situations. When bound to a deal, she is compelled to betray it. When a deal is bound only by her word, she is as trustworthy as any succubus. She likes to trade for information.

Little is known about her but the following information has been divined.

  1. She is a Mind Mage with a sub specialty in Illusionary Magics.
  2. She is bound to Alusia, has a specific weakness and an ITN.

Known Agents and Followers

  • None.
  • Silverfoam has been taught an invocation to summon her, as per an agent.

The religion and it's factions

  • No known religion.

Activities and Known Interests

  • Self-preservation
  • Seduction
  • Defending Alusia from the Calamar.


  • Winter 807. Five Sisters. She has probably stolen a Golden Flute that shapes the crystals that caused the Dark Circle. She claims she will give it back if the Guild takes a Urielite Artefact, the Scales of Balance, from the powerful ex-Dark Circle dragon Scaleryx and return it to the Urielites. She claims this artefact will help the Western Church prepare for the forthcoming invasion by the Calamar, which endangers her as much as any Daemon.