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Westphalia - Hai Kipchak
Andrew W
Winter 800wk
TDP Roberts - Scribe & Party Leader
Aryan - Mil Sci
Gideon Greyfellow
Illilia Petrovich of the Kipchak
Being Invaded by Orcs and Trolls (19' high) supported by magic need evil sorcerors to defeat them.

Scribe Notes

1st Made preparations

3,600  6 x Cold weather gear.
  600  Gideon's lesser
  500  Barrel of Oil
  150  5 x horses, 1 x warhorse (A)

2nd Runeportaled to bedroom cupboard of niece (guildmember) in Volari

Lands near Duke Otto of Volar with his hier Count Leoplod and assosciate Baron Elfed of Anton.

Needed to travel to Duke de Borghrac.

We were escorted (watched) by Sir Rubin along the river and out of Volari lands.

Didn't go near the Enchanted Woods (within the one sorcerer of the region lives – all other mages burnt on sight – especially mind mages)

Purchased additional pack pony (and kit) for 350sp.

3rd Travelled toward Illilia's home territory which was over the plain and up onto the plateau.

4th Met the Kuman warriors and convinced them to come with us to fight the orcs.

5th Arrived at the town of the nomadic Kipchak Already there was: Baroness Ellesia de Borghrac – Mind Mage (in an area where they are burnt on sight) And her experienced knights (aged mid 20's to mid 30's) Sir Rolf Sir Adam Sir Leon Sir Thomas Sir Nicola

Kipchak: Chief Yosef Wife Mishki Warrior Mickayle Few speak Common most speak only Kipchac (most of us can only say "Hi Kipchac")

6th We set out West from the town with the following group The party. Illilia (Kipchac) Mickayle (Kipchac) Baroness Ellesia Sir Rolf Another knight.

Rode west and found Orc tracks. Followed them back to a staging area for an attack on the Kipchac camp. Dealt to the Orcs and captured (and questioned a whole lot of them)

There are four groups of orcs each with about 100 orcs 4-5 trolls and a Mr (some sort of half devil?). All of them report to a person calling themselves God. The Groups were called: The Rock crushers. 2 3 4

7th Someone snuck into our camp an assassinated the leader of the group we captured. We headed off into hostile territory (frozen wastes) to chase the other group of orcs.

Lost Track of Days – too much riding

Ambushed group of orcs and one Troll Trolls name was Shist. He had be press ganged into service. We sent him home north.

Tried to encircle them and was attacked by 2 half devils and a devil and a Dog.

Attacked their camp (apparently abandoned) and was meet by. Two half devils A devil Dog shapechanger – Name of Cain (half demon son of woman burnt nearby) Two trolls.

We killed the devil and captured the two trolls Flint (male-how can you tell), Louiss (female)

The trolls we convinced to join us against the Orcs and Mr's

That night they snuck in and attacked our horses. We killed one of the half-devils – the earth mage, and captured the celestial. Who we sent back to Asamadoth with a "Stop messing around on earth" message.


14th We hid from a Huge storm in a large ice igloo with the Trolls and our prisoners.

15th Smelly The whistling wind killed most of the orcs.

16th Smelly

17th End of storm We released the orcs and trolls and rode back to the Kipchac town.

18th More riding

19th More riding

20th Reached Kipchac town.

21st Headed south towards the border town with the cathedral Cain wanted destroyed.

22nd Looked around the town. Nothing especially special about it (except it is very religious) the cathedral bell is magical (a warning system we think).

23rd Warned them of Cain's desire to pull down the cathedral and alerted them to the forces arrayed against them. They thought they could defend themselves.

24th Back to Kipchac town to pick up horses (our pay)

25th Rode south to river

26th Rode south to river

27th Rode south to river

28th Sailed down river to sea

29th Sailed down river to sea

30th Sailed down river to sea

1st Sailed along coast towards Seagate

2nd Sailed along coast towards Seagate

3rd Stopped in a sheltered cove for a storm.

4th Stopped in a sheltered cove for a storm.

5th Returned to Seagate.