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Harliss is a nasty drow sorceror.

She was involved in the ritual torture and distillation of the Sea Elves captured when the Drow overran the Elven Isles. On the 3rd of Thaw 812WK, H was interrupted in her questioning by the intervention of Nessa Ancalimë who somehow caused H to be present on a ship in the The Great Western Sea. During H's discussion with Nessa Ancalimë, a little scrote attmpted to interupt through physical action (stabbing the one dimension form she had assumed) and she sideswiped him in return leaving an imprint of her signet rng which marked Roderigo as hers, this is a Scriptomancy effect attached to his soul rather than his physical being. It marks him as owned by Harliss. SHe can locate him via it and at closer range use him for things....

Her last known location was the ELven Isles where she is one of several dozen Drow sorcerers scouring the islands for mana, relics and elves who want to see the light and return to thewir drow-ness