Guild Meeting December 2005

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DQ Guild Meeting 11th December 2005

Venue: Grey Lynn Library Hall. Map of Grey Lynn

1 pm GMs Meeting

DQ GM Guide 2005 orders

General Business

  • Star of Alusia Candidates
  • Rulebook March 2006 - editing & production procedure suggestion (Errol)
    • Basically I think we should write-up the voted-in rule changes in detail on the Wiki by Jan 15th, then have a month to do all the fiddly spelling/re-wordings we have the stomach for. This then leaves 4 weeks to convert the already-written changes into a proofed final PDF.

Adventures Going Out

Current GMs may book themselves on adventures at this time.

Voting Issues

NB If approved these come into play with the next printing of the rulebook. We plan to issue the next Rulebook at the March 2006 meeting, so this will be the last chance to gets rules changed prior to the next printing.

The following are proposed for addition to the rules:

  • Namer: True Seeing (S-10)
  • Material Components and Binder/Illusionist Permanency Rituals
  • Golem Weights
  • Armourer
  • Overstrengthing
  • Rune College restrictions lifted
  • Allow alternate Spec Grev tables

The following are proposed for acceptance into playtest:

1:15 Guild Meeting

Adventure Summaries

  • This would seem an ideal time for a DC update
    • Where is it currently?
    • Warnings for people heading out, etc.

Adventure Announcements and Sign-up

GM - Level - M/Tu/W/Th - Title/Precis/Employer
  • Jim Arona - High end of medium - Not Monday - Nereus, the Caster of Bones.
  • Zane Mendoza - Competent Low to Medium - Father Leo Elatius.
  • Jonathan Bean - High - Tuesday night - Matt Tumbledown and group in Carzala.
Matt Tumbledown and group would like to gain the assistance of a few people to assist them with dealing with the little people of Carzala in the fight against the Children of the Undying to the South East of Seagate at the wall.
The group comes from the Lunar Empire. They speak Lunar. The group is made up of two Titans, 3 Storm Giants, and some humans. People who are aligned to greater powers need not apply. Skilled blade masters and other fighters should apply.
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?


  • Smartest
  • Bravest
  • Stupidest
  • Best Death
  • Star of Alusia (Rarely)

General business

  • Straw Poll for preference for meeting hall for next year. Main options:
    1. Grey Lynn Library Hall (Most Central)
    2. Leicester Hall, Epsom (Has Playground)
    3. Greenlane Hall

3:30 Hall Closes