Elemental Lance of the Magi

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An item recovered from the deserts of Milloo

Elemental Lance of the Magi

Spring 802

In the deserts of Milloo – thrive a sand dwelling human culture, fanatically
loyal to their one god.
The holy warriors of this land (Magi) are usually equipped with staves of
fire and lightning.

This is one of these weapons...

An elegantly carved wooden staff with a dragonhead on one end and an eagle's
on the other. It measures 6 foot in length with a 2½-inch diameter.

For physical combat – this is a quarterstaff.

An adept can use this staff to cast Rank 5 Dragon Flames (BC 35%) or
Lightning Bolt (BC 85%) twice a day (four uses from midnight to midnight)

The activation is a small prayer in the desert people's tongue. The
prayers are different for each spell effect. It does not actually matter
which end is pointed as long as the prayer is correct.

There are some cumulating modifiers –

Situation Modifier !
On/Off Milloo +/-5%
Pacted to 'The God' +10%
Pacted to any other -5%
Fire or Air Mage +5%
Water or Earth Mage -5%

Extreme failure or sucsess.

Backfires will affect the adept as per the standard table.
Double & Triple effects are counted as more damage.

They are also likely to draw the attention of the god.

GM: Roll percentile –

  • On 1% an agent of the god will appear before the adept.
    The reaction of the agent will be suitable to the disposition of the adept.
    So a friend of the god will be blessed/aided and an enemy will be attacked.
  • On 2 – 5% bless/curse the adept with a Lesser Enchantment
    effect of 5% for D10 days as appropriate to the adept's disposition.
Spell Descriptions (from the DQ Rules 2001)  
Lightning Bolt (S-10)Dragon Flames (S-2)
Range: 60 feet Range: Special
Duration: Immediate Duration: Immediate
Experience Multiple: 225 Experience Multiple: 500
Base Chance: 30%Base Chance: 10%
Resist: Active, Passive Resist: Passive
Storage: Investment, Ward, Magical Trap Storage: Investment
Target: Entity, Object Target: Area

Effects: The Adept may throw a single bolt of lightning
60 feet long from their fingertips. The bolt must
extend the entire 60 feet and will deflect off stone
until it reaches its full extent. All targets that are in
the path of the bolt must resist or suffer [D + 5] (+
1 / 3 Ranks) damage (save for half damage). In addition,
any target who fails to resist is automatically

Effects: The Adept may breath magical fire like a
Dragon causing D10 (+ 3 / Rank) damage to entities
within the area of effect. The area of effect is a
cone issuing from the Adepts mouth and is 20 feet
(+ 5 / Rank) long, and 5 (+ 5 / 3 Ranks) wide at
end farthest from the Adept. If an entity resists the
damage is halved, unless they are more than half immersed
in water (eg. swimming) where they take no
damage. Dragon Flames are analogous to an instantaneous
flash of heat, but there are no over-pressure
or explosive effects.

Guild Value 35,000 sp mailto:gordon@karakakat.co.nz