Dr Jericho

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A plumed serpent played by Jim Arona

Services Available


Spell/Ritual Price Rank / Effect
Restorative 750 sp Rk: 10, inflicts 12 EN, restores 24 FT
Skin Change 300 sp Rk: 6 Dur: 7 Weeks Eff: Transforms living entity into an unslept mouse
Skin Change 400 sp Rk: 6 Dur: 7 Weeks Eff: Transforms living entity into a slept mouse
Amulets 600 sp + Amulet Cost Eff: as Section 27.3 or special
Circle of Protection Potion 6,000 sp Eff: Avoid the first 20 damage per Pulse, Dur: 10½ hours

= Accomodation =

Dr Jericho the Apothecary
Dr Jericho the Apothecary

Dr Jericho is a plumed serpent, has a human shapechange, and by this means, maintains an apothecary in Ranke but spends some of his time at Seagate.

Info for GMs

Dark-haired short human man of slight build, quite plain (PB 11) in his early 40s.
At home, he wears merchant's robes of high quality. He generally favours green, brown and bronze colour and attends to the latest fashion poorly.
On adventure, he wears a scaled robe of black and white lozenges, a heavy sea coat in dark blue and fine black boots with silver buckles
He carries a black, slender mace through his belt and often holds a misty orb about 3 inches across.
Visible Value
At home, Dr Jericho wears clothing that reflects his position as a wealthy merchant and dresses to 1,000 sp. Not all of this is in the best taste.
On adventure, he wears extremely expensive gear around 75,000 sp.
Party Roles
Blast magic, crowd control, support magic, transport, Healing (Rank 8), divination, Philosophy (Rank 7: Magical Items, Powers)
Support of the South Lending, container to hold a shed sized building, get FT cap removed
5 Elvish, 5 Drow, 8L Common, 7L Brownie
Main Skills
8 Healer, 8 Philosophy, 5 Alchemy, 5 Courtier...
Main Spells
Hellfire, Torment, Light, Instill Flight, Willow Healing, Heart Rune, Visitation, Damnum Magnatum, Skin Change, generals...
Other Stuff of Note
Can lift tonnes with Instilling Flight, portable Air Spring