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Dalran dresses appropriate to the situation but prefers muted colors such as black and brown. Approximately 10,000sp of visible jewellery, gems and the like.

As of 813wk - Dalran is permenantly dead

Combat Ready -
Social Occassions - Nice armor, a staff and a small sword
Guild Everyday - Nice armor, a staff and flail (that old weapon combo) and a few sharp weapons as well as a backpack ready for a minutes notice of departure.
Party Roles
Support mage to assist others fighting and denying enemy forces. No blast magics (unless invested)
Dalran would like the world to be a safer place and where true evil has no place in the world. He will endeavor to make the world a better and happier place through works across the planes.
Friends and Allies
There are few in the guild to be counted as Allies or friends but those that are know it.
Numerous but to be advised...
Gods and Powers
Has met a few and worked against or for them (unknowingly)
Seir, an associate of good standing
Furfur the 4th, aka Silguitia -= could be reasonably disposed to Dalran
Foras, President and Lord of Seekers
Leraje, the Marquis of Archers
[Kokhan (http://www.dragonquest.org.nz/dqwiki/index.php/Kokhan_the_Summoner%7CLord)], of Kinlu
Clementine the Water Nixie
Berith, the Savage Duke
Girwyllan the Shaper
Gust Front, retiner to Matt Tumbledown
Angela of Bremen
Death - see Temple of Death

Several of reasonable rank
Main Skills
Warrior 6, Mil Scientist 8, Spy 10, Assassin 10, Thief 7, Painter 7
Main Spells
Quickness 20, Enhance Enchant 20, Enchant Armour and Weapon at High Ranks, Invisibility 16, Locate and Create Crystals at good ranks.
Non-Standard magic
A few bits of esoteric knowledge
Other Stuff of Note
To be advised...