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Dart, halfling bard

D'Artagnan Took (Dart) is a male halfling Bard and troubadour played by Alex Dickson


A tall (3'8") and limber (80lbs) halfling, with handsome and pleasing features, blue eyes, blonde hair and goatee, and a nonchalant, debonaire manner. He looks to be in young adulthood (born Winter 789), fit and trim, with a graceful step, and dexterous hands.

D'Artagnan will usually be well dressed in a courtly cavalier fashion: tall soft boots, shirt and pants, with a fancy jacket, and a fine hat sporting blue ostrich plumes. He will likely be wearing a rapier and main-gauche on his belt, and may also be carrying a lute.


D'Artagnan spends much of the time at his family home in Seacroft, but can be found entertaining in taverns around Carzala. Some people will know that he is the son of Guild member Mary-M.


D'Artagnan is a member of the College of Bardic Magics and a troubadour of some skill, while his other abilities run to more military pursuits.


D'Artagnan grew up in and around Seacroft, often helping out his grandfather Aloysius Took, the publican of the Adventurer's Rest tavern.

Info for GMs

Visible Value
Moderate - finely dressed, with a little additional jewellry.
Party Roles
Offence: Low, but training to be better.
Defence: Low, but training to be better.
Utility: Beginner level Bardic magics.
To be advised...
Friends and Allies
Zardoz: Childhood Friend
More to be added in the future...
To be advised...
Gods and Powers
To be advised...
Halfling and Common, with a little Elven.
Main Skills
Mid-ranked Troubadour
Low ranks in Courtier, Military Scientist, and Warrior.
Hobbies include cooking and sharpening swords.
Main Spells & Rituals
Low generals in Bardic Magics.
Other Stuff of Note
To be advised...

DragonQuest Personality Profile

List your skills (including College)
What motivated you to study each of these skills?
Bard's College
I spent a lot of time in taverns. Listening to stories near and far. Growing up in a family of adventurers most likely inspired me to learn Bardic magics. The idea of telling stories, the power of words. It also seemed to be the more fitting college for me. Although, the spells contained within the college are very... situational and rarely practical. Mocking a foe is great, but creating an ear you can listen through with Clairaudience... not so much.
Learning to be a performer, playing instruments and such was part of being a Bard. I find it relaxing playing music. Every day, when it's a moment to rest, I play my instruments mainly to tune them. 
While some might find it stuffy, I like visiting courts and palaces, mingling with guests. Being a part of formal dances and Entertaining guests.
Military Scientist
Having knowledge of the battlefield and tactics can certainly be useful on an adventure. You don't know when you'll be ambushed. (Skirmish and Aerial) 
You might say, "of course the Halfling is a Thief". My mother (Mary-M) hates that stereotype but having training from your grandfather (Aloysius Took) who was once the Guild's Thief certainly helps in rare cases. 
Being a Rapier wielder, being a Warrior is a major skill for me. Fighting duels and back-to-back in fights like in the stories. You could say it inspired me to practice. 
Mainly to take care of my Rapier and Main Gauche
Low Rank but it's good to have some cooking skill. Mainly from helping my grandfather at the Adventurer's Rest tavern.
Accomplishments you are proud of.
Unknown for now
Speculate on the ideal relationship.
Hmm... Having a partner who will be there for you. To pick you back up from your lowest point, to fight side-by-side with you. Someone who won't betray or abandon you. Might not be an ideal relationship, but an ideal partner.
What events in your life did you enjoy most?
- Following in the footsteps of my parents and grandparents, as an Adventurer.
- Playing music for people who actually appreciate it. *chuckle*
What events in your life did you enjoy least?
- Pranks involving the Graves' kids. I tended to get in a lot of trouble with my mother.
- Being made fun of because my choice in college.
- Growing up without a father. I barely know him, never got to meet him. (Dumas)
What aspects of yourself do you like the least?
- I... dislike hiding how I truly feel.
- Self-conscious about my choice in college due to the spells within said college.
What aspects of yourself do you like the most?
- Being a loyal friend.
- Kind-hearted.
List your most frequent worries.
- That I won't or can't be useful. Sometimes I just feel useless.
- That I'll lose the spark. What I mean is... I don't want to lose my sense of wonder, what keeps a wandering adventurer keep wandering.
What are your greatest strengths?
- Kindness.
- Listening. In general, or if someone needs to get something off their chest.
What are your principle desires?
- N/A
If you were to receive an award, what would you like it for?
- A bard would say for their music, or songs. But I think I would want an award for courage.
List three things you believe yourself.
- You shouldn't start fights but be willing to finish them.
- The world isn't always Black and White. There are shades of grey but... everyone has different morals. So, do I.
- N/A
List three things you believe about your relationship with party members.
- No-one likes music in the early hours of the morning. Even if it's tuning your lute.
- Adventuring with friends is always fun, even if it's chaotic at times.
- N/A
List three things you believe about money.
- N/A
List three things you believe about adventuring.
- It gifts you with opportunities to see the world and entirely different worlds.
- Still early in my career, but some people are set in their way of thinking. "Kill everything"
- N/A
List three things you believe about the Guild.
- I haven't done enough to form an opinion.
List three things you believe about the future.
- I'm not sure, let's get through the next few years to see where things go.
List three things you believe about tolerance.
- Limits. Enough said.
- It's alright to come up with stupid ideas, just expect harsh feedback to your stupid ideas.
List three things you believe about Pacting
- What is Pacting?

Games played on

Salve Rex

If you can't be bad, be bad at it

Gnome Way Home

Future Game: Grymeron Out of Shape