Curse of Insel der Freiheit

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The curse detailed below was broken in Spring 806. The details will be left here in case information can be utilised by future parties.

The land is now beginning to recover from the curse. The rivers are flowing and the salt is beginning to leach out of the land into the rivers and eventually back to the sea. On the mountain ranges farthest from the coast grasses and small shrubs are beginning to encroach into the areas formally covered with the curse.

Two other areas are clear of the salt.

  • The Rock of Corruption - This area is about 400 yards across and is completely free of all salt.
  • The lands around Kinarigan - 42 Acres around the city has been cleared of salt.

Historical Information

The curse that plagues the northern reaches of the Isle. It covers all of Serawak and Sherazar as well as the western half of Boeloengan. The curse has been there for several hundred years and has converted what was once lush and fertile jungle into a desert.

The curse appears to attract salt that drifts in from the coast, a process that appears to have been accelerated in recent years as the winds blow continuously from the north out to around 600 miles off the coast. Previously the breezes tended to be light South Easterlies.

The curse is formed of a Central point and three anchor points.

Central Source

It looks like an old barrow about 50' long, 30' wide, and up to 20' high. The enrance is somehow hidden and divinations have revealed that the Tomb of Souls is out of sync with the rest of the area by 10 seconds.

Anchor Points

The northern most is the Rock of Corruption

For those who can see into the spirit realm there is an old dead tree with a gibbet hanging from a branch. In the Gibbet is a werewolf. The tree is a nature spirit driven mad by centuries of pain and near death. Attempting to utilise violence to remove the gibbet from the tree results in parts of the attemptors soul being taken by the curse.

Divination reveals that the were in the gibbet is the key to maintaining the anchor point of the ritual, but the ritual is controlled from elsewhere. If the were is killed or removed then its 'rescuer' will take its place in the ritual.

To break this anchor safely, the central point must be disrupted first.