Breastplate of the Titans

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This item is a powerful artifact of the Lunar Empire. In 806wk it was awarded to Mebh for winning the Lunar Winter Games.

Breastplate of the Titans

WGT: 36 lbs for size 6 figures, Value: Quest

This fine suit of Full Scale magical armour comes from the area within the Lunar Empire called the Blessed Provinces. It is made of true silver and gold and is odd in that it also will armour any wings that the wearer may have. The armour has a negative to cast chance while wearing it of 5%. It takes 1 minute (12 pulses) to put on or remove this suit of armour. The AG modifier is -2AG.

This 'Full Scale' armour will provide the wearer with 10 points of protection from fatigue blows and 6 points of protection to Endurance and Specific Grievous blows.

The suit will give the wearer 99% magic resistance Vrs any magic or enchantments cast on them. This bonus will not stack with any other magic resistance bonus. The wearer cannot elect to not resist magic. On the day of the equinox, and day of death they will automatically fail to resist all magic resistance.

The armour will also provide to the wearer an effective rank 20 Waters of Strength and rank 20 Strength of Stone on Endurance. This will provide the wearer with +24 PS and +21 EN.

The armour will also cause the wearer and anyone in an adjacent hex (yes tell the GM) great luck in melee combat by giving them ten off their dice roll for SC. This does not stack with death aspect bonus. This bonus is not for Close or Ranged combat.

If the armour has any protection value left on it (after damage from Specific Grievous) then the armour can be repair by an Armourer of rank 6 or greater at a cost of 8,000sp per 2 Specific Grievous points of damage being repaired.

Generally Titans will have greater respect for the wearer.

The Armour will have to be returned Summer Equinox 810 wk.

GM: William Johnson-Dymock, Jon McSpadden, Jono Bean.
Aura: Magical
Plane of Origin: Alusia
Nature of Magic: Protection and Great Luck
Magically Trapped/warded/cursed: No
Game: Lunar Empires Winter Games 806