Barony of Alpina Azuri

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An area in the north west of the Duchy of Tuscana. With a wide range of landscapes it is one of the most mixed and successful baronies in the duchy.



Crafted by Artifact in 623 WK, this city is large for western kingdom standards, with generous space for roads and market places. However the lands around the city were devastated by the Artifact and even today are left as open grassland, with small copses of trees to break up the view. As the city was build on the eastern bank of the Whiteflood the lands to the west of the river suffered less and many small holdings run along the river.

The city itself has considerable industry, mostly metal working. It competes heavily with foundries of Magdeburg and is very successful at making general metal good but for weapons and armour the products are nothing special.

The baronial family of Tiagallo have their home in Stockholm, in the Palace of Echos.


This city was constructed in 620 WK using Earth Shaping. Because of the limitations on the ritual at that time it is relatively small, feeling much more like a town. Built to withstand the forces of Bowcourt, the city walls are both high and wide, somewhat over shadowing the buildings within.

In later years the requirement for security has reduced so many small hamlets now exist within half a days travel of Poznen. This has enabled much of the former housing to be converted into businesses and warehouses. In 750 WK the rather pokey town square was greatly enlarged, with a new hall and domkirk built.

Because of its location there is considerable road traffic, especially minerals and furs. As a result there is a small but highly specialised industry producing fine metal and leather work. Prices are good for bespoken items but standard items are considered pricey, as most are imported from Stockholm.


House Tiagallo

Minor NPCs

Jhiselle Nyc

Is a runaway from a noble family in Drakenburg who left to avoid marrying a "complete oink" as she puts it. She left with some valuables from her family estates and decided to settle here in Poznen where she was furtherest away from the family and life she knew but close to the land and cattle herds which she knew well.

She has developed a hard reputation for straight dealing and bargaining in regards to the buying and selling of cattle and she is sought out often by various people to discuss prices (for a small cost) and almost all come away happy. She is a talented singer however and of late she has been enticed into performing with local bards in the Inns to great acclaim.