Baric’s Clique

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The main 'lads' in the clique are:

  1. Reginald (Rex) Gerentor – Son of Nathan , the Duke of Adenport
  2. Horatio de la Verain – Son of Granor, the Marquis of Caric
  3. Connor Carlton – son of Eryl, the Earl of Tilden
  4. Phillipe Alouson – son of Boris, the Baron of Kland
  5. Richard Payne – Son of Valic, the Baron of Prindar
  6. Gareth Hool – Son of Bryn, the Bishop of Kiltary
  7. Xavier Beltarcon – Son of Gorg, the Lord of Kinloch

The ladies associated with this clique are:

  1. Lady Latisha Senecan – Daughter of Hayle Senecan the Lord Chief Justice of Eltrandor
  2. Lady Shauna Palathar – Daughter of Constance Palathar the Lord Historian of Eltrandor
  3. Lady Elise Bodain – Daughter of Danar Bodain the Bishop of Soulport (current)
  4. Jessica Strend – Daughter of Yogan Strend the Cmdr of Westports 3rd Naval Squadron
  5. Amie Braddon – Daughter of Onyx Braddon the Capt of Eltrans 2nd Wardens
  6. Paula Gerentor – Daughter of Deitrich Gerentor the Trade Chancellor of Eltrandor
  7. Bronwyn Vladeck – Daughter of Conrad Vladeck the Warlord of Eltrandor
  8. Sereyna Barents – Daughter of Patrick Barents the General of Berinar's 8th Infantry

The youths in this clique are viewed as lazy reprobates who are too busy partying and playing to partake in politics, appropriate social behaviour and the like. Courtiers will give them the respect of the titles they stand to inherit but little else as none of the clique are well liked as they treat servants as beneath them and are selfish, self serving, arrogant and haughty to the extreme.