Amulet List

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  • Amethyst Wards bad dreams and assists the wearer in achieving a restful sleep. Increases the wearer's Fatigue recovery during sleep periods by 10% (round down).
    Cost: 3000 SP.
  • Aquilegius The wearer subtracts 10 from all rolls on the Fear Table.
    Cost: 2400 SP.
  • Beryl Increases the wearer's ability to detect traps and ambushes by 5.
    Cost: 4000 SP.
  • Betony Decreases the Base Chance of infection by 15.
    Cost: 2200 SP,
  • Bloodstone Prevents miscarriage and decreases Base Chance of infection by 20.
    Cost: 3000 SP.
  • Carbuncle Decreases damage done by poison by 2 points of damage per pulse or day.
    Cost: 9600 SP.
  • Diamonds Increases all of the wearer's Strike Chances by 2.
    Cost: 8000 SP.
  • Elder Flowers Makes the wearer proof against the Evil Eye.
    Cost: 400 SP.
  • Hypericum Increases the wearer's Magical Resistance by 10 to any magical act performed by a Demon or Daemonic being.
    Cost: 800 SP.
  • Luck Made from tiger's or alligator's teeth. It increases the wearer's Magical Resistance by 3 and adds 2 to the wearer's defense.
    Cost: 2400 SP.