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Hired by drow to recover a bundle of cloth.

Payment is 5000sp + loot and Rank 11 Greater Enchantment.

The party travel by Runestick from Seagate to a transfer point and then on to somewhere in the drow kingdom where we are met by Urden and his two female bodyguards. The party receive material assistance and are transported via a portal to "The Land".


Arrive at midnight on a hill at the centre of a island one mile in radius. We see some fires in the distance and a bright light high in the sky.

We are attacked by shambling humans with the generic true name of Lurker. We easily see them off and head south to a cave complex. Find a bar of excelent steel but little else.

In morning see very tall (1000ft) tower some five miles NE. See island with lots of smoke, probably a volcano. Using crystal of vision we spy the top of the tower and see a strange metal bridge a few miles from the tower.

Using a earth elemental we travel to a island with trees and make a raft from trees growing there. Sail onto island with many strange buildings. We hold up in a building for the night.


Many buildings of strange construction, some tens of stories high, stick out of the water. Tower base deep under water bridge ends also submerged.

Search out the buildings and find one with strange humming machinary in the basement. Talk to birds and find out island with three peaks dangerous and nothing lives on it. We sail to the tower and break and enter it. Climb up stairwell to disk at top.

|  Open with viewing area                         |
| Observation desk                                |
| Alchemist's lab                                 |
| Alchemist's bedroom                             |
| Storeroom                                       |

Tower has five main levels. The occupant is a completely absent minded alchemist (Rank 20) Shaper. From tower we see island north of original island with a human village (50 houses). The orges live on the bridge. An elven yatch is tied up at the bridge. To the west of the original island is an island occupied by orcs.

Alchemist asks us to find us the find the Book of Understanding which is somewhere at the university (the island we stayed the previous night). We borrow a water breathing helmet.


We find the University library and the Book of Understanding. Find vault underwater and loot it of 50 bars of silver and 10 lockers of jewelery. Hide silver on floor of building just below waterline.

Sail onto human island. Told triple peak island that of the kings. Village has one of three crowns which make up some key. Villages say about 10 elves about. The alchemist known locally as Mad Stan. Stay overnight in village.


Head of to ruined island to the west with Bill and Ted and their excelent boat. Ruined island stinks like a sewer. Strange building on the island which stinks and is full of revolting pools. Find book in side room. Sail away.

Using locate we track cloth to area between the bridge and the tower. Find huge vault deep under water. We tunnel it out and it floats to the surface. There we are attacked by the elves. Fizzgig manages to get the vault open and rescues one of three different bolts of cloth but elves salvage remaining. Ted is killed by a bow shot from the elves.

Atleast one of the elves was an E&E and another a Dark Celestial. We retreat back to the tower and give the books to the alchemist. On the top balcony is a telescope with a very long range projectile weapon. Kel manages to shoot one of the elves on the bridge before almost killing herself went it blew up.

The elves retrieve the "powerplant" from the university and then leave. We get the remaining silver and transport it the original island.

We wait out the week and exactly seven days after we arrive the drow turn up and we head home.


  • 50 ingots of silver (~80000 sp)
  • 10 lockers of silver
  • Wand of DTJ (Kel)
  • Copper jar containig paste with aids healing (Jedburgh)
  • Cube which cleans up digestive system (Tulip)
  • Fluffy lolly which speeds up reactions (Drow)
  • Green grenado filled with knockout gas (Tulip)
  • Blue stripe grenado with flash of light (Fizzgig)