Northern Summers

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Scribe Notes


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Adventure: Northern Summers
GM: Jono
Season: Summer 819 wk
Night: Monday night Albany
Area: Ivinia
Level: High
Info: Information from players for Jono
Playtest: 47 - Thief - Version 3.0 A and 33 - Assassin skill 3.0 A1 Healer skill 3.0B

Dramatis Personae
Ragnfríðr Yngvarrsdóttir
Ragnfríðr Yngvarrsdóttir
Ragnfríðr has received a message and needs a party to assist her.
If travelling north the guild would like to you test a new portal they have built. A payment of - a free resurrection, and 3,000 sp in guild services for each party member. To be redeemed at the guild.

Letter to Ragnfríðr


  • Lights from the Eric the priest of Loki cave
  • scrolls and knotted ropes from Eric the priest of Loki cave
  • 3 headed miniture mermaid statue
  • weapons from the giants
  • repairs to a trident
  • chers salamander tears
  • chers finger for hel
  • amulets of protection from cold and being turned to stone
  • poison from hel
  • corrosive liquid
  • ice bones for annock
  • armour from annocks grandfather
  • Jessicas armour completed two quests
  • 1 resurrect item
  • Giant battle axe - double damage vs the living, double damage against servants of the gods, dble str of a giant who wields, add str to defence
  • 3 bones of creating a portal - 1 used
  • 2 armulets of stop grown things from approaching
  • Items dipped in the hearts blood of a seer
  • 1 blackened eye - pruedence
  • 1 stone eye mungo
  • phastasm jessica
  • ermine shawl
  • robes
  • belt
  • things from the graveyard that got sucked into the bone ball
  • something found when the dwarf was exploded?
  • the spy spirit sucked into the bone ball
  • two dead assassins
  • daggers
  • necklace of saphires
  • withered arm