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Northern Lights

Kingdom of ELDESKAAL

Clan Beldesa
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Location: Central Ivae

King: Paal Beldesa
Population: 6,000
A kingdom governed by the clerical clan Beldesa, whose stronghold is Molima on Lake Temis. Molima was founded by Djarni Beldesa c.235 when he and a dozen followers came north inspired by a divine vision. They built a clanhouse on the shore of Lake Temis because it was close to Ilbengaad, the holy mountain. Each year, hundreds of residents and pilgrims from all over Ivinia journey to the kingdom and march up Ilbengaad for a three day festival on the summit. Eldeskaal is accorded political neutrality by the other kingdoms of Ivinia. Pious Sarajinians try to make at least one pilgrimage to Eldeskaal before they die. Kings of Eldeskaal have always been from clan Beldesa:


235-264 Djarni
264-315 Haksen
315-320 Vagaan
320-357 Kronault
357-388 Haksen II
388-402 Paal I
402-404 Paal II
404-434 Gjakart I
434-457 Haksen III
457-503 Kronault II
503-512 Paal III
512-541 Lonakar I
541-552 Lonakar II
552-578 Cyltaar
578-593 Margaf I
593-625 Haksen IV
625-634 Margaf II
634-667 Paal IV
667-703 Gjakart II
703- Paal V


The independent stronghold of the clerical clan Beldesa on Lake Temis. It is the centre of the kingdom of Eldeskaal.

ILBEGAAD, Mount (12,720')

The holy mountain of Eldeskaal. Each year on the tenth of Blossom hundreds of pilgrims ascend the mountain to celebrate the feast of Sarajin among the snows. The three day festival consists of one day and night of feasting and drinking, one day of semi-ritual fighting and one of prayer and recovery. There is a twenty five percent fatality rate among the celebrants, but those who die are presumed to go straight to Valhalla. Those who receive facial scars on Ilbengaad are deemed blessed. Those who attend often experience visions of Valhalla. Some believe that they are mystically transported there at the height of combat, and it is true that a number of the participants disappear during the ritual. Many have reported seeing strange creatures at the battle. At other times, the clerics of clan Beldesa often visit the summit for prayer, oracular meditation and martial practice. Of late, it has become the custom to say nothing of one's experiences at the Ilbengaad festival.