Air Elemental

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Natural Habitat
Other Planes
Very Rare
Air elementals appear as a whirlwind of a height equal to their Endurance. They have facial features, which will appear on one side of the whirlwind.
All air elementals have a Rank, usually that of their summoners rank in the summoning ritual.
Air elementals can predict weather with complete accuracy.
They can increase the speed of winds up to the equal of their endurance, blowing in a line ten times their endurance in width (measured in feet).
They can also create windstorms per the Windstorm Spell (College of Air Magics) at their Rank, as a talent.
Movement Rates
Flying: 500 + (50 x Summoner's Rank)
PS: Base 15 MD: 25-30 AG: 32-37 MA: None EN: 5-50 FT: 10-85
WP: 14-18 PC: 19-23 PB: 10-12 TMR: 10 + (Adept's Rank) NA: None
Air elementals can strike with two fists without penalty.
Fist: BC 65%, [D (+ 1 / Rank)], Melee & Close.