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Western Alusia map - Click to zoom.


This island grouping, located just south of the equator in the Western Ocean, consists of one large island Rangiwhero, several small islands, and a shallow ocean area about 600 miles across in both directions. The ocean itself is inhabited by merfolk and aquatic elves which are allied with each other. The sahuagin had gained a foothold in the north but have recently been kicked off the plateau. The three inhabited islands are.

The other islands that are no longer inhabited and that have become unstable in both physical & magical ways are.

There are a number of other lesser islands, the majority being small rocky outcrops or tiny atolls that often vanish under heavy seas.
One of the larger islands, is known as the 'Island of the Large Statues' or 'The Island of Death' as some explorers have reported seeing giant stone statues on it as well as several skeletons. Currently no sign of living habitation has been discovered. That island is located in isolation far off the plateau.

Location & Travel

Pasifika is about 6000 miles in a roughly SW direction from Seagate.
To sail from Seagate is a sea voyage of approximately 8,000 miles.
Alternatively there is a known portal from beside the lake of Beth Salem to Rangiphero, which is about a 700 mile journey.
Delph is about 2,000 miles east of Pasifika, and Southern Terranova & The Empire of the Sun about 3,000 miles west.

Current Events

The Pasifikan region is currently in significant turmoil with the Southern islands having become uninhabitable. As a result the Pasifikans, Merfolk & Sea Elves have all pulled back north to the three islands of Rangiwhero, Waiheke & Kailua Kona. The majority have settled on or in the region of Rangiwhero.
Currently people are living in very make shift conditions as a number of towns are being built quickly, with the towns tending to have an outer wall, then a number of walled tribal districts inside them with slums, markets & craft area's separating them.
The west of Rangiwhero has also been settled by two new groups to the area, one being followers to the Olympic Gods with some citizens coming from Delph and others being converted Pasifikans, the other being a primary Gargoyle town on the large new landslide area on the cliff of heroes, who claim to be from Atlantis on another plane.
The Maps are still being updated to reflect all the new towns and the new dangerous areas.

The Southern Islands are believed to have become larger with all the upheavals, though still island sized. It seems likely with all the distortions that they may be a bit larger on the interior than the coastline appears to be, and that they won't be stable from season to season. Rough expected size from expeditions indicates the coastline distances may be 20-50 miles across from shore to shore with the interior perhaps doubling that, though it's hard to tell without reliable travel magic. Villages that used to be located on these islands are not normally where they would be expected and are overgrown ruins now. Boats have also been observed coming and going occasionally who appear to be cultists or fanatics of some kind, likely the nastier sorts.


The principle deities found here are:

  • Rangi - Sky Father
  • Papa - Earth Mother
  • Tangaroa - God of the Sea
  • Tawhiri - God of Weather (clouds, winds, thunder & lightning)
  • Tane - God of the Forest
  • Rongo - God of Agriculture
  • Ra - God of the Sun (whether or not this is the same Ra, is unknown)
  • Itimanuka - Sage of the Sea
  • Pele - Goddess of Fire
  • Hine-nui-te-po - Goddess of Night and Death.

Underwater Pasifika

The entire island grouping (apart from a few exceptions) sits on a plateau, commonly known as the Pasifikan Plateau, which ranges from 0 to 20 metres deep before plunging into the abyssal depths. It is inhabited by merfolk and aquatic elves and the two kingdoms share a peaceful and friendly relationship, especially now they are sharing much of the same territory because of the incursion of the Horrors from the south and the chaotic land and water effects in the south as well.

The merfolk are ruled by King Kierl from the undersea city of Atlantica. The ruling seat used to be in Lower Pasifika (now spelt Pacifica) but, when Rangiwhero rose, much of that city was destroyed. It is in the process of being rebuilt. Also located in Atlantica is the new headquarters of the Pasifikan Guild of Adventurers, a smaller and more loosely organised, organisation than the Seagate Guild, consisting of mostly merfolk and aquatic elf adventurers. King Kierl has three daughters: Princess (now Queen) Annelsie of Perelandra on Freya, Princess Aquana, an ex-adventurer, who is currently the merfolk ambassador to the aquatic elves, and Princess Ariel, recently returned from the Southhaven Academy for Girls, majoring in military science and anti-demonology. She is currently at Perelandra in order to learn 'courtly manners'. Kierl also has a twin sister, Ursula, who used to be a Sea Witch pacted to Vephar but the pact has been broken. Kierl exiled Ursula to the land until she gains redemption for the things that she did such as trying to take over the kingdom.

The aquatic elves are ruled by King Ivellious. Unlike King Kierl, he currently has no heirs, but rumours had spread that he had fallen deeply in love with his new bride, Silaqui. Unfortunately, during Spring 810, it was revealed that Silaqui was actually a malenti, a sahuagin that looks like an aquatic elf, and was acting as a spy as well as being a priestess of Furcalor and was instrumental in keeping the aquatic elves out of the war. Silaqui was captured and, presumably, executed, along with several other malenti that had infiltrated the Court. About a year later, Ivellious married a childhood friend, Elani. The aquatic elf ambassador to the merfolk is the ex-adventurer Kaoh.

Roughly 1500 miles south from Pasifika is the recently discovered island group of Zeyland that sits on the Zeylandia Plateau. Although it is isolated from the rest of the Pasifikan group, the merfolk's sphere of influence does extend that far south and some colonies have been established on the edge of the plateau. Some of the Pasifikan natives have also managed to discover and settle down there.

About 50 miles north of the plateau is an area bounded by a slow circular current where floating seaweeds and other detritus has gathered. [Underneath this is a very tall kelp forest which also contains a sunken Destinian trading fleet, of five ships, crewed by undead, mostly lesser although the officers (about 20) were transformed into greater undead. They believe that they are still alive and are still sailing on the surface. Occasionally a lich will arrive and trade with them.] As of 816 it is believed that the fleet has gone 'missing', though it is likely they are conducting business of some kind and may return from time to time to use this region like a port. Down in the depths of this forest, it is believed a kraken lurks.

Politics & Orders

Order of the Wandering Warrior

The Order of the Wandering Warrior (known in Pasifikan as the Papa Poʻo Koa) is a very recent (Spring 814) addition to the area caused by the recent troubles with various disasters and the fragmenting of the politics in the region. The brain child of a Knight of Barrinor it is intended as a neutral force to combat terrors in the wilderness before they reach settlements. It is known that they offer a number of special tricks as well as some warrior training to their members, and that they are welcomed by all the settlements in the area.

They are also maintaining a rune portal network between their lodges that can be used by members & friends of the Order to get around the main settlements.

Adventure History

Magical Effects

The entire Pasifican plateau and the surrounding deep water (to a distance of 100-300 miles off the edge) is under the effects of a travel magic distortion effect. This has the following effects.

  • Travel Magic only has 1/3rd the normal speed.
  • Travel Magic has triple the normal duration.
  • Teleportation magic has 1/3rd the normal range.
  • Teleportation magic has triple the normal targets. If the spell is normally Self only it may be used as a Touch spell on entities whom are friendly to the Adept, or extra targets may be taken along with the Adept.


The Island of Waiheke is known as an area that is hard to do any summons in. Any summoning spell or ritual done upon or close to (A few miles) the island will be at half its standard base chance.

Kailua Kona

The peak of the main volcano on Kailua Kona is a place of power for Air, Fire, Druidic Earth & Celestial mages. It is also associated with the Pasifican gods, so any rituals undertaken without appropriate thanks given to them may result in the bonuses of the Place of power being lost.

Olympic Plains

This area on Rangiwhero is protected by some kind of misdirection effect, that pushes you further and further of course the closer to the middle you get. At this stage no-one has reached the middle to see if this emanates from an item or is simply an effect on the area.