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Second planet out from the sun. Is the brightest object in the Alusian sky (save for the sun and Luna), alternatly appearing as the Evening Star, or the Morning Star.

This world is perpetually cloud covered. Under the clouds is a global ocean, broken only by a few islands. However, only one expedition has been here so there may be larger land masses that have not been discovered. It does have icecaps but they are smaller than the Alusian ones.

There are at least two indigenous races: a saurian race (Sea-Devils) which live in the depths and wage war on everything else, and a race of intelligent cetaceans who are a race of intellects and thinkers and spend most of their time philosophising.

Many of the islands are fixed but some float around the global ocean, mostly in the area where the sunken city of Perelandra, one of the Seven Ancient Cities, is located. The only fixed island known in the area is small and has the Perelandra trilithon portals on it.

Some of the humans became aquatic and live in the city while the rest live on the floating islands. It is forbidden to go on any of the fixed land because the life forms there are highly dangerous. Merfolk also inhabit the undersides of the floating islands as well as the shallows around Perelandra. The humans are all descendants of the original colonists that were brought there during the War of Tears. They, and the merfolk, suffer raids from the Saurians but live in harmony with the cetaceans.

There was an alliance between the merfolk of Pasifika and Perelandra but, with the rising of Rangiwhero, and the sahuagin cutting off access, communication between the two groups has been sporatic at best. Recently, with the defeat of the sahuagin, a method of canals and docks have been built to make it possible for merfolk to travel from Pasifika to Perelandra.

The cloud cover is rather thick and actually protects the planet from the sun. If, somehow, a hole is made in the clouds, the ground below would be hit by an effect similar to a low powered Solar Flare, i.e. the water would get very hot and any entities would be quickly sunburned and not so quickly fried. Even a Rank 20 Protection from Light will not provide full protection.