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Order of the Wandering Warrior


  This order was formed in Pasifika in Spring 814 at the suggestion of the Knights of Barrinor after the emergence of the horrors stirred the creatures from the deep, and the re-emergence of Olympic Gods along with a Gargoyle town from off plane being settled, with its purpose being to hunt down and kill dangerous beasts in the wild well away from towns and villages, and to supplement the various town & tribal war bands & militia in case of another invasion like the Sahuagin.
  While a more formal army under the command of the Pasifikan Shamans and Chiefs may have caused significant concern as a neutral entity formed under another planar traveller the Order has been accepted as representing the assorted groups settled in Pasifika so is welcomed in all the towns.


The Order does not have a full heraldry in the tradition of the Western Kingdoms, however they are in the process of adopting a standard shield design and banner that any of their members are entitled to carry.




Ranks & Requirements

  The three standard ranks apply to both Resident & Travelling members. Resident members of the Order are those who serve full time in a specific Fellowship house, while Travelling members are only required to provide limited service time each year, but spend at least some of the rest of their time carrying out the aims of the Order.
To be eligible for membership an adventurer is expected to have adventured in the area, and to either be invited directly by the order or have been sponsored by an existing member and passed by the council. As well as this there are requirements per rank which must be met.
Pacting is discouraged, but those who are pacted to allied pantheons or powers who's world views are close enough to any of the worshipped Pantheons will be considered still.

Koa (Warrior)

  The standard member of the Order will hold the rank of Koa. This is functionally equivalent to a Western Kingdoms man at arms, meaning they will tend to be well equipped and trained, with above average stats. They are expected to present themselves well at all times and be available for service to their local order. Members of this rank will normally not be travelling on their own but employed in a full time manner at the local hall. This employment will include activities such as farming, building and the like alongside the training and military duties.
Specific Requirements

  • Good personal equipment. (Ranked leather or better, Silvered weapons or better and the like)
  • Swimming rk 5+.
  • Two weeks service a year. (Healer, Herbalist, Mechanician, Alchemist, Armour or Weapon Smith).

Laekahi (Squire)

  The Laekahi is the standard rank a travelling member will be, being proficient in personal combat and having a valuable trade skill which assists the order. There is also a general expectation that members of this rank will have some magical resources, either from being a mage or from a number of magical invested or shaped items.
Specific Requirements

  • Warrior rk 3+.
  • Useful skill rk 3+, as per the skills for the service per year.
  • Some access to magic as above.
  • PC 15+.
  • Three weeks service a year.

Naika (Knight)

  The highest ranking standard member and the highest rank that can be achieved by any travelling member, the Naika are field leaders of the order expected to be proficient in a number of skills and capable combatants. All members of this rank are also expected to have their own personal magic as well as other magical resources. Generally this is in the form of a College of Magic however the rare pacted members who have shown their dedication to the wellbeing of Pasifika also can attain this rank with powers from their pact without a College.
Specific Requirements

  • Warrior rk 5+.
  • Useful skill rk 5+.
  • College or other equivalent source of personal magic.
  • PC 20+.
  • Four weeks service a year.


  While these are the main formal ranks of the Order, a number also hold positions which grant them additional powers. These members with additional powers will always be Resident members. Examples of these positions would be the leader of each fellowship, the messengers who oversee the councils directives and the council themselves. Other than the council, these positions are held on the basis of time in the Order and time in that particular region, as well as skills in that particular area of leadership. So the positions in each Fellowship shift between members often as reassignments or moves happen.



  The Order is organised loosely, with a self governing group local to each town (normally called a Fellowship by the Order). These Fellowships then submit reports of things of note to the Council of the Order.
  Within each Fellowship there are normally a number of resident Koa, as well as a few Laekahi & Naika, with a senior in charge of the Fellowship. Sometimes travelling members will be attached to a specific Fellowship if they normally act as scouts basing out of that location, but more normally travelling members will simply report to their nearest Fellowship as they travel.


  The Orders headquarters are based on the island of Waiheke where the Council reports to the Council of Chiefs when it is convened.
  Currently the majority of the Council of the Order is formed by Knights of Barrinor with a couple of displaced Shamans from southern tribes supporting them, but it is expected that over the next few years the Knights will step back from the Council for the most part allowing new local members to rise up.
  When issuing directives and reports a number of Naika are used to carry instructions and provide local guidance. These members do not come under the domain of any individual Fellowship but are directly answerable to the council. In addition when under Council instruction they may take on a commanding role beyond their rank.

PC Members





  • Sir Wojer
  • Menolly
  • Sven
  • Serra Angelus
  • Sau Rus
  • Hagan
  • Wordsmith


The Order offers training to its members in most mundane skills, weapons & common trade languages. Master rank teachers are only available with prior arrangement in Artisan Skills, Warrior, Healer, Herbalist, Mechanician, Alchemist, Armour or Weapon Smith. They also have Curse Removal services available, and limb regeneration is possible in New Alvurron, but the availability of Magical services as well as Master Rank skills is dependant on who is present at the time.
At this point in time magical training is not available unless specifically mentioned in special skills & abilities.

Benefits, Special Skills & Abilities

The Order also offers a range of special training & services to its members, much of this is done by connecting the member with the spiritual ancestors of the region who hold the knowledge themselves. This means that while the learning process is very fast & effort free (Takes one full week per ability, no EP cost inside the Order, Talents still take EP to rank), the abilities learnt in such a manner will normally be lost if the member leaves or is removed from the Order by the Council. (Depending on the nature of the departure, some abilities may be able to be kept with EP/Time expenditure, a member leaving in good standing due to gaining a title elsewhere will often get to keep abilities).
Summary of Skills on offer

  • Circle Magic
  • Language ability related to ranking.
  • Alternate Weapon ranking method.
  • Limb regeneration for free.

Laekahi (Depending on exact ability or technique)

  • Generic, Blunt, A Class Pole & Quarterstaff warrior techniques (Some apply to specific weapons/classes only)
    • Rank to 10 (any).
    • 1/2 Handed Use.
    • Special double strike attack.
    • Defence or Damage while 2H.
    • Certain gain Close rating.
  • Underwater warrior techniques (Some apply to specific weapons/classes only)
    • Keep Agility.
    • A Class while floating at no penalty.
    • B class while grounded at no penalty.
    • Full shield defence.
  • Branch Counter-spells


  • Physical Modification.
  • Eye Modification.
    • Dark Vision.
    • Infra-vision.
    • Clear Sight.
  • Magical Tattoo's (Very basic tattoo's may be available to Laekahi).
    • Manifest Weapons & Armour.
    • Manifest Magical Abilities.
    • Manifest Animal/Monster Constructs.

While these are all available to the Order, not all of these are restricted to the Order for those with enough money or other forms of valuable trade on offer. However when learnt or bought outside of the order the process is generally much longer to learn or acquire as it doesn't have the spiritual connection.


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