Horns of the North

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Scribe Notes


Adventure Data

  • Adventure: Horns of the North
  • GM: Mike Young
  • Session: Summer 811
  • Night: Thursday (currently)
  • Location: Mangere Bridge (currently) - please keep an eye on the discussion page for any changes
  • Level: Low
  • Employer: Craig McMasters - one of the Guild staff members
  • Pay: Standard Guild rates (200sp/wk) + minimum 1000sp bonus per month + 2 10 point healing potions


  1. Grizelda - Female wiccan giant - Jacqui
  2. Kerry - Female dark celestial - Helen
  3. Angus McLoed - Male human namer - Keith Smith
  4. Valentine - Male human Fire mage - Jim Arona - Party Leader/Scribe
  5. Aramil - Male elven shadow celestial - Matthew Hodgetts
  6. Red Ronon - Male dwarven Sorceror of the Mind -
  7. Robert McLeod - Male human mind mage - Alan Mason- Military Scientist
  8. Djulius the Witchboy - a foreigner - Dylan the Young



Magic Rk Effects Duration Grizelda Kerry Aramil Valentine Robert Djulius
Fire Armour 6 28 Ablative fire armour 7 hrs Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif
Fireproofing 6 Protects vs normal fire & smoke 7 hrs Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif
Cold Resistance 6 Protects -12°C, -3 cold damage 7 hrs Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif
Water Breathing 6 Breathe water, see through water/fog 7 hrs Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif
Shadowform 6 +14 to defence, half in close 3.5 hrs Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Red x.png Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif
Witchsight 8 See in the dark, see invis 4.5 hrs Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif
Strength of Darkness 6 +4 PS 70 mins Green-tick.gif

Only if/when needed

Dalran has cast a Rank 20 Greater on Grizelda ONLY - all 4 areas +21%. Likewise Basalic has cast a Rank 11 Lesser on Grizelda only to subtract 1 off every die roll she makes. The Guild will provide Rank 11 LE's for the rest of the party. Villa has provided a Rank 20 GE on Magic and Resistance which will last until breakfast on the 12th of Meadow.

Scribe Notes

1st Session

1st Meadow
Day of the Guild meeting and I decided to help out a party of low level adventurers. Our employer was a merchant looking type, human, late 40s early 50s. His name is Craig and he's one of the staff members. Apparently the Guild are considering opening up a Chapterhouse up north in a place called Jotunheim. He said it's full of people that ride around in dragonboats and is roughly 2500 miles north by boat. That includes a lot of west, basically going around the coast. We figured we may as well take trade goods as well and could even find some extra work along the way.

Grizelda told us she was under the effects of a powerful curse, put on by a demon and needed an equally powerful being to get rid of it. Craig suggested that she should go and see a troll witch called Meg who lived a couple of days inland up north.

Craig also mentioned our pay: standard guild rates which I believe work out to 200sp per week plus an additional bonus of 1000sp per month. If there's any trouble, he'll double the bonus. If we found work through any of his contacts he'd want 10% of the take. I presume that's ten percent of the gross before tax, besides, it makes the accounting easier. I was certainly pleased to hear about the money because I was flat broke and even getting a loan off my sister was ... rather problematical. Oh, and the Guild are giving us two 10point healing potions each.

Craig told us it would take three days to find an appropriate ship so we had that time to do whatever we needed to. So Grizelda went to organise trade goods, especially some spices and her homemade honey, while I decided to check out the library to try to find out more about where we are going - after all ... forewarned is forarmed. What I discovered that the inhabitants are clannish and, as well as going around in boats, they scrappy as in fighting and raiding a lot. They fish and hunt, have a runic script and worship old gods such as Thor, Oden, Freya etc.

4th Meadow
Craig told us that we had passage on a twin mast schoonar with a dozen crew. We're leaving really early in two days.

6th Meadow
Craig had a really heavy chest that I had to help him get it on board. We went 200 miles north to Ranke and saw the castle that Craig had told us about. He had originally believed it to be uninhabited but we could see stone masons working on it which threw that into doubt. Sailed into the small bay and some of them came down to meet us and others prepared crossbows. They probably thought we were raiders. However, we convinced them otherwise and I found out that Master Robbins was now inhabiting the castle. They knew of Meg and lent us a local lad, John, to guide us up into the hills where her cave is.

After a short while the trail got steeper as we got into the hills. John told us to go up a bit further, turn left at the fork and don't go up to the stone circle on the top of the hill. He scampered off back down as we continued on, following his directions.

Took the left path, rounded a corner .... and I was grabbed by the vines that were growing on the cliff face. We could see a cave behind them as a large trollish figure came out wanting to know what we were doing here.

Grizelda explained the situation. Meg replied she wasn't sure she could fix the problem but knew someone who might. Peg, a unicorn who lived on the island of Heg up north. Fortunately it seemed it was on our way. Grizelda was invited to stay the night. Then Meg produced a broom and made a sweeping motion at us. All of us, except Grizelda, were swept off the ground and hurled over the cliff where we landed on the beach by our boat.

The results of Meg and Grizelda’s night led to Meg believing Grizelda is in the wrong College. She knew someone who can retrain Grizelda. Grizelda also agreed to be an Agent of Meg and, as a result, they swapped a hand and an eye. This meant that, on occasions, Meg could see and touch whatever Grizelda was doing.

7th Meadow
When there was no sign of Grizelda the next morning, Valentine decided to go up the hill to see if she was okay. However, once he was reassured that everything was fine he left.

Later on, we met them outside the cave. Grizelda had been given a couple of Quickness potions and half a dozen gut busters.

Someone wanted to know if it was possible for our currently running Greaters to be made permanent so Meg wanted to know if anyone wanted to risk being struck by lightning. Valentine was the first up followed by Aramil. Both of them were hit by lightning bolts nearly killing them and definitely leaving them smouldering. Not sure it had any other effect though.

The other suggestion Meg had was for someone to go into a very dark cave and have a poke around. So I volunteered to do so. My first attempt at a Celestial SK Counterspell failed and made me blind, but that seemed rather irrelevant at the moment. Once the next attempt had worked, I went in. Couldn’t feel anything but heard a buzzing sound before something contacted my arm and I was flung backwards. I then carefully made my way out of the cave but not before hearing that buzzing sound again. Fortunately I got out before I had another encounter.

Valentine went in next and came out with a bloody arm and a black statuette of a woman. I had also received a bloody arm because the Dark Sphere had stripped off the skin. This was being tended to. Valentine also traded three high powered gut busters for a dozen r9 ones.

It was late afternoon before we got back to the ship. Captain Jack had heard of the Island of Heg and believed it to be on our route north. We had a two week journey to get to where we were going, a distance of 2500 miles.

During the next few days we travelled west during which an on going game of ‘Hide the Bottle’ was going on. This was because the First Mate, who was controlling the Mage Current, was a lush and had secreted bottles of moonshine all over the ship. We were kept busy find them and hiding them in different places. Of course the First Mate was playing ‘Find the Bottle’.

11th Meadow
Four days later we discovered a storm coming at us from the north. We try to avoid it and discovered a pirate ship coming at us. Going the other way, there was another one. And that storm was moving faster than it should be. Valentine tried to obscure them with fogs but it was soon apparent we were going to have to engage at least one ship. Plus it looked like each ship outnumbered us three to one at best, double that at worst. It didn’t help that something was making us sick. I even lost consciousness for a bit. Some sort of poison.

I came to just as the other ship was bearing down upon us and we prepared to repel boarders. Those that had missile weapons started throwing them. They were also shooting at us and one shot made me wish I had plate mail in my sporran. I gritted my teeth and tried to make it look like it didn’t hurt at all but the next shot stunned me.

Valentine immolated himself and leapt onto their ship while the rest of us defended our ship. Their deck was three foot higher than ours. It didn’t take long before battle was joined.

I think we went in a bit overconfident, thinking this was going to be a pushover, but it soon proved that it was not going to be. The airmage firing lightning balls from the crows nest didn't help either - and he was well out of range of my counterspells. It took us a while before we cleared the ones attacking us, then I had to take both the healing potions I got from the Guild in order to stay upright before following the others on board the pirate ship. Valentine had also discovered that their ship was fireproofed so burning down the mast the airmage was out of the question.

The situation was looking really grim when Grizelda decided to call on Meg. The first sign we had that Meg had heard us was the airmage being flung out of the crows nest. Maybe we had a chance after all.

3rd Session

Angus retired injured, seriously wounded in the groin, which is entirely to be expected if you're going to flounce around in a knee-length skirt. Anyway, I had to take over his scribe duties, because apparently the pain was so great that he couldn't hold a quill. Never let it be said that Valentine flinches from his duty, so I have taken up the writing irons.

Grizelda and I forged ahead, wading against the pirate tide. We cleared a group of rowdies from in front of one of the masts, and heard the voices of prisoners calling up to us for aid. Grizelda drew back her giantish club and belaboured the grille a time or two and crushed it into twisted bronze. We drew up the people inside and they fell in enthusiastically with us. Amongst their number was a dwarven sorceror who called himself Ronon. He was particularly useful, for he would cast a magic that took control of his victim's body and force them to fall overboard. Several pirates succumbed to it, and I wished I had taken the time to summon some sharks.

The captain and some of his senior crew gathered at the pointy end of the boat, outside of the area darkened by Kerry's magic and one of them managed to remove the darkness. Grizelda threw stones at them for a time, while the rest of us tried to regroup. I found a potion, and considering my low health, drank it but it was only Walking Unseen. Not very handy considering I was immolated. Nevertheless, after searching a few more bodies, Grizelda, Kerry and I moved up to engage the remaining force of pirates and they fell before us like wheat before the scythe.

Someone behind their front rank threw a grenado, and we believed ourselves safe because I had protected everyone with fire protections. But, in fact. the greenish smoke was some kind of knockout gas and Ronon was felled by it. However, the wind was too strong and it dispersed quite quickly, so Ronon was soon active.

The prisoners we had released took up weapons and even though weakened by their bondage, attacked enough pirates that they couldn't afford to encircle Grizelda, Kerry and me. We were gradually pressing them back when a mage standing next to the pirate captain cast blackfire. Most of us resisted its effect, and the damage wasn't enough to worry many, but most of the pirates fell victim to the dread. In their disarray, Grizelda took the opportunity to move within striking distance of the toughest members of the opposition, while Ronon moved up and healed me. Kerry moved in support of Grizelda.

Once healed, I also moved to engage, trying to keep a bunch from flanking the giantess and we pressed them severely. The healer gave us added confidence, and it was obvious that, even though they were being reinforced, we would eventually overcome our opposition. We called out for surrender, promising not to slay them, and they capitulated to our terms. We looted their ship of everything that looked valuable and that wasn't nailed down. I swum under their ship and drilled a hole near the line of the keel, then cast Ship Strength to repair it for 5 days, so that when they eventually got free, they would have something else to worry about other than preying on other users of the sea.

While I was doing that, Meg (so we believe) had taken charge of the storm and sent it off after the distant but closing other pirate ship. They fled from it, and no longer obstructed our passage. By the arts of his Navigation, our captain determined that we were about a day's sail north of the Pirate Coast, and we needed to head further north to find our way to Jotunheim.

So, Grizelda summoned a lesser efreet she had made the acquaintance of, and then we set her to divining the loot 1.

But, her ritual was interrupted just as the sun was going down. A white shiny form appeared, outlined by the setting sun in the west. It was moving toward us at high speed. Nevertheless it was after dark before it was close enough for us to identify. And, it was an Ice Devil mounted on a monstrous snow-mount, perhaps a snow simulacrum.It raced around our ship, casting ice projectiles at Grizelda, and Ronon was hard pressed to keep her healed.

Grizelda sent one of the crew to fetch her huge crossbow, and then she fired upon the devil. Although she missed him, the devil realised that she had the greater range and so fell back. We hoped that he had entirely gone away, but I believe we can expect to encounter him somewhat later.

4th Session

Considering that the ice devil was not an immediate threat, we refreshed our protective magics. A few hours passed, and the entire ship was plunged into powerful darkness. We had spread ourselves throughout the length of the ship (which was not all that big, but seemed so in the darkness) and it took us a while to regroup. Indeecd, when the darkness lifted, most of us were still below. We all quickly assembled on the deck when there was sufficient light, however.

A large caravel flying dark colours was rapidly overhauling us. Three or four people lent over the rail, and several, sprouting dark wings flew down to land on our deck. As they approached, most of us recognised one figure, for it was Morgan Voidwalker, a senior guild-member. He told us that he (and others) had been sent to warn other members that agents of another plane lay in ambuscade for us, so as to make us accede to their terms.

He brought with him two adventurers, Robert, who is a sorceror of the mind. I don't recall seeing him but Grizelda and Kerry knew him or, at least, of him. The other was called Djulius the witchboy. He had a cat and a bird with him. Some special dietary arrangement, perhaps. Anyway, it turned out that both of them could see at night so we could set up overlapping watches overnight. I cast water-breathing and buoyancy on both of them.

Morgan kindly Blackfired me, Aramil and Kerry so that it would sustain our Enchantments for another 20 days, after which, I went to bed. Grizelda also went to bed, because she had been at the runestones for the better part of 4 hours and was beginning to see them everywhere.

12th Meadow
Sometime after midnight, Aramil and I were woken up to an alarm. Heading up to the deck, we found that the ship was heading towards an iceberg. As we hove (sort of) into view, those of us with Witchsight or Night Vision could see the ice devil, still mounted on his massive polar bear.

The crew tried to change the ship's bearing away from the icy obstruction, but it was too late. The ice devil left the floe, creating an ice path on the water so that it could move into a better boarding position as the ship heeled over in the crew's frantic attempts to avoid the collision.

I had not had time to put my armour on, in any case it was below-decks, and I was caught in my water college. Djulius prepared a Circle of the Seasons spell, while I prepared Create Fog. Angus drew his paired daggers and Kerry prepared Shadowform. Grizelda moved forward a few paces, and evaded, waiting to see what the devil was up to, while Robert moved forward as well. Aramil moved around on the other side, keeping an eye out for the bear thing, hoping to circle around the devil and get a rear attack.

I bungled my fog spell, but Djulius managed to get his circle down. Grizelda surged forward, choosing not to charge the devil down, trying to keep it occupied as Robert moved into to hit it.Kerry got a Shadowform on Grizelda as Robert attempted to hit it. His blow failed to penetrate its armour.

Grizelda managed to get a blow onto it, but the curse turned her luck, and her club fell upon a particularly well-defended area of its icy armour. It was obvious that this would be an oft-repeated event unless we could get the damned thing removed. Nevertheless, the weight of her blow was such that the devil felt it.

Djulius moved forward to a more central position, preparing Harming Entity, as the devil cast a Freezing Wind spell. Although we all managed to resist the damage, still were we afflicted by the biting wind. I prepared Create Fog once more, while Robert and Grizelda lay about the devil. Aramil warned us that the polar bear thing was climbing up the port side of the ship, and, with his javelin prepared, attempted to charge the devil from the rear as Kerry knocked back a potion.

Aramil was dismayed to find that the devil was immune to harm from normal weapons, and so pulled back. Angus, in the mean time, guessing that the bear thing was some kind of summonable, prepared Banishment for when it came into range of his Ice counterspells. I managed to get my fog spell to work and this time it covered a 10 ft high area centered on the devil. Djulius' Harming Entity assailed it with pain, seriously reducing its effectiveness. I drew my sword and shield and moved to engage it, while Grizelda and Robert smashed it around a little.

By now, Kerry had put Shadowform on Robert and was working on casting the next one. I smashed my sword into the devil, but although I did some damage, it was clear that its armour was extremely good. So, I pulled out a grenado of Greek Fire and smashed it on the vile creature. This caused a few problems, because I hadn't had time to refresh everyone's Protection from Fire, so most of us took some damage from it. Meanwhile, Angus had managed to get off his Banishment, tripling the duration, which was handy considering the thing had managed to get up on top of the deck.

Grizelda had taken a massive beating from the devil, and pulled out a healing potion. I slammed my blade into it, and Djulius proved to himself that it really didn't take any harm from normal weapons, so he dropped back a bit and prepared a Damnum Minatum. I found bits of darkness chasing themselves across my pyjamas, as Kerry cast a Shadowform on me. Angus attempted to banish the bear thing, and succeeded, but it resisted, and we believed it had been counterspelled to avoid this very thing. Robert pulled out an item and traded places with the devil.

The devil, believing that the spell would end if the body it found itself in was dead, smashed Robert's head open with his axe. Which bloody near killed him, and he fell to the ground senseless. In the mean time, the bear thing, which was some kind of ice elemental, went berserk as its controller lost consciousness and went straight for the ice devil. Which Robert was possessing. Soon, he fell beneath the weight of its assault as we tried to chop the thing up. I delivered a great blow to its arm, which, had it not been a creature of ice, would have crippled its arm. It succeeded in drawing its attention away from Robert in his diabolical form, however, and it bent its attacks on me. Luckily, it lost an attack or two from the arm I had managed to slash while it attempted to grow ice to replace the bit I had managed to chop off.

It layed into me for a while, stunning me with the savagery of its assault. I managed to recover my wits and return the occasional blow, while Grizelda slammed her club into its back. Kerry fell upon the devil's body so as to stabilise him by feeding it potions. Angus tried to banish it again, and this time, he backfired. However, his will was strong and he shrugged it off. Kerry managed to drag the devil's body out of the Greek Fire and Freezing Wind so it wouldn't take any more damage.

Djulius prepared a Fear spell, as the elemental pushed towards me, and I deftly interposed my blade. But, it wouldn't be stayed, and it pushed its way up my sword. The creature was within the reach of my sword and too big for me to bring it to bear effectively anway. I did have any other magical weapons, so the only thing I could do was feebly attempt to escape from its icy clutches. Angus, again, tried to bansih it, but again it resisted while Grizelda smashed it some more from behind. Luckily, Djulius Fear spell went off, and the elemental fled.

We put the flames out, and checked out the devil's loot. It had a trident, which melted before we could get a divine off on it, a bat's wing amulet and a souped up luck amulet. It also had a pouch that contained something that looked like a water compass. It turns out that it pointed in the direction of the nearest adventurer. Or, you could name an adventurer, and it would point in their direction 2. We opined that the devil had been given this by the forces that Morgan had mentioned to us.

5th Session

In any case, we sailed on with our reinforcements. Over the next few hours, we acquainted each other with our roles. Then we called it a night.

15th Meadow
We sailed on for a couple of days until we saw a rocky island off the west of our bows. After some discussion with the First Mate, the captain turns us away from it. He lays on more sail and we try to make our best speed away from it but soon the sky behind us is filled with a swarm of gargoyles. They take well over an hour to get to us, so we cast some support magic, but unfortunately, Grizelda doesn't manage to call her efreet friend.

I cover our ship in fog, and wait for them to arrive. They overfly us and drop stones on the deck, hoping to catch the unwary. We avoided any harm from this, indeed, Robert brought one down with a Mental Attack. But four managed to land on the ship, two at the helm, one amidships and one at the prow. Grizelda raced off to get the one up front while I went to engage the two at the stern. Kerry, Djulius attacked the one amidships while Robert attempted to mentally attack any new gargoyles.

I hit my gargoyle and my sword rang out like a bell. Chips of metal flew off the blade, and the wretched creature seemed to take no damage at all. I sheathed it and instead pulled out a morning star. Grizelda had more luck with the one she was fighting, having soundly sconed it with a big club. Clearly, crushing weapons are in fashion this week. Djulius smashed his with a mace while Kerry hit the same one with a stick of some kind. It didn't seem too worried, and in fact, tore into the witchboy.

Grizelda, having gained the foremost one's attention, pulled back a little, and then drew it after her into the swirling fog. Djulius recovered from the stunning attack of the gargoyle, and he and Kerry fled down the back to me. Robert decided it might be bad to stay on his own amidships, so he joined the rest of us, too. Without my Sword of Speed, however, these opponents were much more difficult to deal with, and I resigned myself to a long fight. An idea occurred to Djulius and he prepared a storm summoning spell in the hope of forcing the gargoyle's away from us.

Grizelda and I took the front line, while the others harried the creature at the helm. Two more landed amidships and charged me and her, as Djulius and Kerry belaboured the gargoyle that remained at the stern, trying to pull it off a sailor. Grizelda and I were soon rolling around on the deck with the vile creatures. I was forced to rely on my even less effective gauntlets. Thankfully, my immolation seemed to be burning them up. Eventually, by sheer pressure of our attacks, we slew a couple and badly damaged several more. The rest fled when they saw their wounded companions emerging from the fog. We recovered a couple of the unclean creatures horns, but they seemed to have no special magical property except to salve desires for revenge.

Some of us had taken a few blows, but none so severe as Djulius. Grizelda had taken a horn in the ribs, too. Robert healed everyone who had taken wounds, and we took pains to make sure that the crew were well. Sadly, our care of them was to be betrayed by their unmanly behaviour.

We sailed on through the night, and we would have liked to rest, but it turns out that one of the mate's caches of rum had been affected by a backfired restorative spell of Grizelda's. When we found him, he was unconscious. Again, we called upon the services of Robert, who healed him up a little, and we led him off to bed. Grizelda took a great deal of pleasure in telling everyone that it was her backfire which had near killed the mate. The why of which still escapes me.

Anyway, I got out of my armour and cast another mage current spell so that we might make best speed away from this dreadful place. We headed north-west, Flugelheim being somewhere east of us. The island of gargoyles was somewhere to the west but we hoped that our northerly course would take us beyond its reach, and this proved to be the case. 16th Meadow
After about 18 hours of travel, we sailed into the harbour of a Destinian port. We sailed into the harbour, a pinnace from a military vessel approached us and some kind of port master boarded us with some of his guards.

This was to be my first occasion in a port of Destiny, and I looked forward to it. Well, at the time. Sadly, the place is filled with the most abject scum it has ever been my ill-luck to cross the path of. Well, except for the crew of the ship that we sailed in on.

It turned out that the crew insisted that the captain put us off the ship at the next port. However offended one might be at this behaviour, I would, at least have been happy to accede to this demand. But, it turns out that Destiny have a policy of imprisoning travelers who are guild members while they await transhipment elsewhere. It matters not if the guild member is a person of good standing and sober regard. Just being a guild member is enough, apparently, for them to behave in this manner.

And, if I ever come across a Destinian official on fire at my feet, I will not even piss on him, unless at that time my piss is inflammable. And, if I come across the craven crew of the ship that would surrender us to these scum, I will drive them before me like the vermin they are.

In any case, we spoke with the captain and, since he was no longer honouring his contract to bear us to Jötunheim, we required his jolly boat. Then we spoke to the Destinian master and asked him if it would be acceptable if we left Destiny under our own power, to which he agreed.

Craig arranged to have his chest sent overland, and he took with him the barest essentials. The rest of us, traveling somewhat lighter, simply piled into the jolly boat. Space was at a premium, being at most 3 metres long. We were so cramped, we had to unship the sail. Not that we cared about the sail, overmuch, since we would be using mage current to drive us onwards.

The Destinians insisted that we travel south, which we did, until it got dark. Then, given our small size, the range and the fact that we showed no lights, we slipped around the larger vessel and headed north. We resolved to look for a small fishing village and steal a fishing smack. Sadly, we found no lights ashore, well, aside from the Destinian port, and we avoided that.

17th Meadow
I drove us on overnight and well into the morning, and then we looked for a small island to rest up on. An outcrop of rock thrust out of the sea, about the size of a large house and we beached the boat there. While I rested, the others took the opportunity to fish, catch food and attend to any of the other things that needed to be dealt with.

In the late afternoon, we made off again, and as we sailed north we saw some fishing boats returning to shore, so we followed them in. Indeed, it was a fishing village, and it looked like it might be the sort of place that we were looking for.

So, duly enchanted, Robert and I went to have a look after dark. Although the boats weren't ideal, they were about 5 or 6 metres long and even provided a little shelter. Unfortunately, the two of us were not strong enough to draw it into the sea, it having been pulled up above the high tide line. So, we went back and got the rest. Indeed, many hands made light work of the task, and we were soon underway. We considered abandoning the jolly boat, but decided to hold unto it on the chance that we might have a use for it.

6th Session

So it was that we traveled north on the proceeds of our theft. We followed the coast as closely as we could without attracting attention, and when we detected evidence of towns or cities, we sailed to a westward quarter. We sorely missed the lack of charts but it seemed that we only had one direction to go.

After three days, drawing upon our spells for sustenance, we reasoned that we were sailing into a southerly current. It seems that, once we leave the precincts of Destiny, the current reverses direction. If this be the work of a kraken of great power, I can only hope that it chooses to drive its tentacles straight up the appropriate Destinian orifice.

20th Meadow
We spied marks on our northern horizon which looked like a storm might be building, so we decided to make for land. The only place that looked like it offered any kind of harbourage was an estuarine river mouth. We drove our small craft up on to the flats, unstepped the mast and tried to overturn it. The rain we had seen in the north had finally arrived.

It was a noisome and unpleasant place, filled with every crawling thing that Destiny deserves, and, in the hopes that these vile creatures increase in number to blight the entire nation, I forebore to immolate, accepting their attentions.

Grizelda had saved a haunch of venison from an earlier hunting foray, and she gathered some roots and wild greens to prepare a feast the like of which we had not enjoyed since we had left Seagate. So it was that I and Aramil searched out our environs to make sure that there was nothing with an unnatural appetite, but we found nothing. It has to be said, however, that the smell of roasting venison called us back after about half an hour of scouting.

And, Grizelda did us proud, that evening, the meal being a welcome change from fish. Ronon claimed to have enjoyed a seagull as a break from the monotony. He did not seem gripped with any bowel-ripping affliction, which I put down to his dwarven constitution. Or perhaps he can simply ignore the pains, being a Sorceror of the Mind. Still, best to stand well upwind of him, until the result has been eliminated.

Anyway, we set watches, there being enough of us not to make the task onerous and took to our beds early. We didn't think we'd be leaving in the morning in view of the rising storm, but we wanted to be up and about as early as possible to get an idea of where we were, having only seen some of the headland in twilight.

About three hours after we had turned in, someone dropped on Grizelda and held her at twig-point. Other forms dropped on me and some others, and were also held up by desperate characters in dark clothing. After the initial shock, we managed to peel the bandits off of us, and could see that they were kids ranging from 10 – 12. There was a larger shape lurking around, and I sent Aramil after him, and in short order he brought back a larger kid who was the one in charge.

The smell of the roasting venison had drawn the children. The oldest kids, the ones who had jumped us, had attempted to lay an ambush for us while they had left the smaller ones in a more secure place further inland. So, we went and gathered the kids up and fed them. We talked to the oldest boy, and he told us that a horde of goblins had come to their village and taken everyone away. The boy's father had told him to get out of the village, and take the other kids with him.

So it was that they were wandering around in the rough areas around the village.

We resolved immediately to find out what had happened to the villagers, and the kids were able to give us an idea of the lay of the land. The river had swollen as a result of the rain in the north, and was now a raging torrent. The kids had crossed a ford when they made their escape when it was passable. They didn't know where else to go, unfortunately, and so had hidden in the forest on the other side of the river from their village. From there, it was Grizelda's cooking that drew them to us.

So, we left Kerry, Angus and Djulius to look after the kids. The rest of us headed to the ford the kids had used to cross, and found the river in flood. My mage current managed to make it bearly traversable, but it was about a hundred feet across and we didn't have nearly enough rope. Grizelda had summoned her efreet to help with the crossing. I cast water breathing and buoyancy on everyone and we attempted the crossing. Unfortunately for Ronon, the water was too tall for him and he was swept off his feet, the rope saving him from being tumbled down the course. In the end, he used the buoyancy to push him to the river bed to get traction, and this worked. Grizelda slipped on a smooth river stone, but her efreet saved her, although it got drenched. After it had righted her, it landed and immolated a couple of times to get rid of the water.

Once across, we sent Aramil ahead of us, unseen, while the rest of us moved along. We wanted Ronon heavily protected because he was our Healer, with Robert, me and Grizelda as the front line. It took us about an hour or so of sneakery before Aramil came back to tell us that a swarm of goblins was coming to meet us.

He slid into a shadow and hid while the rest of us caparisoned ourselves for war. Fortunately, I didn't have enough time to change college, and this would have been a mistake. When they arrived, I could only see about 50 of them, although I know there were more that were out of range. They had been arranged in a bull's horn formation, so we knew that they had a leader of some sort. I yelled out to Aramil to look for the biggest one and take it out.

The goblins were not terribly good bowmen, but they sent in enfilading fire. I prepared to create a fog in the hopes of avoiding their arrows, while Grizelda and her efreet engaged the enemy. Robert prepared a mental attack, as did Ronon. For a mercy, my fog spelt succeed, and some higher power must have been listening, because the fog covered an area many times greater than normal. Since I had cast water breathing on everyone for the crossing, we could all see in it, so Robert, Ronon, and I sprinted across the otherwise area to close with the goblins.

One of them threw some kind of grenado which bowled Ronon over, and inflicted quite a bit of damage on him. He wasn't fazed by it, however, got to his feet and ran after me. Someone spotted a mist-shrouded form, a form much larger than the rest, and Aramil moved through the swarming goblins to get behind the big one. Grizelda and Robert waded through the horde, slaying goblins left and right, as I and Ronon came up on the large form. Ronon tried to control it, but it had enormous powers of the mind.

In the mist, the goblins couldn't really pick us out, but the large form could tell that we were in the process of encircling us, and seeing its minions fall, decided to change position. Luckily, Aramil spotted shifting mist, and coming up behind it with a mattack, sconed it properly. The blow briefly stunned it, and it became visible as a result. It was some peculiarly coloured spell casting ogre.

We piled on it and thumped it with everything we had, and it fell before our blows.

7th Session

For some time we laboured under the belief that the creature had fallen, but it turns out that it has some regenerative ability. And so it was that while our attention was turned away, it got up and turned gaseous on us, which was a surprise. Ronon, however, managed to get a Control Person to stick to it, and forced it back into a more solid form. We fell upon it again and this time made sure it was dead by burning its remains.

Then we checked out the village and found that the inhabitants had been forced out of the village and up the river. There was also another track running north up the coast, but it seemed unlikely that the villagers had gone this way. So, we headed up the river path.

We took the left fork of a branch on the river path, heading a little north of the river, and came to a mine. We found many of the villagers. They had been forced to work in the mine, and had been seriously mistreated. We set them free, and they headed back to their village, while we tried to work out what the big ogre had been trying to do.

We found a rockfall in the mine, and it was obvious that the villagers had been sent to work trying to clear it. It seemed like it would take several days to clear, but we decided to have a go at it.

24th Meadow
It took us about four days to clear the fall. In the process, we discovered a dwarven shortsword which seemed useful for Ronon so we gave it to him. But, we couldn't find any other clue as to what the ogre had been looking for, so in the end, we gave up.

We decided to head back to the village but decided to fully rebuff. I took one of Grizelda's restorative, but it was a particularly bad brew and nearly killed me. At the same moment that I dropped, another ogrish spell caster, an undead one, cast Mass Fear. Although everyone else resisted, Robert had it away on his toes. Then it cast a cone of wintry cold and this slew me.

Grizelda gathered me up and the party ran towards Robert to regroup and took cover in the forest near the mine, hiding our tracks on the way. While we stayed under cover of the forest, Grizelda tried to contact Meg, and finally managed to raise her. Meg said she would send us some assistance but didn't go into details.

Creatures Encountered

Various scum of Destiny
Ogre mage
Goblin horde
2 dozen kids, fed but unwashed


Gargoyle Island
Destiny, where scum has formed a civilisation
The kids' village

Stuff for the Seagate Times


  • Grizelda - "Aim - The Lesser of three evils"
  • Angus - "Let's find out what we're doing - we had no idea last time"
    Grizelda - "That's normal for Guild parties"
  • Valentine - "Quick, what languages do people know?"
    Kerry - "I know Lalange."
    Valentine - "They say you lose a centimetre off your manhood for every Rank in that language."
    Kerry - "I don't have a manhood."
    Valentine - "Ah. Native speaker, then."

Potential Awards

What's Hot/Not

Other publishable stuff


Adventurer's Guild Water Compass

Wt: 3 pounds empty, 5 pounds in use
This water compass will point in the direction of the nearest member of the Seagate Guild of Adventurers. Alternatively, if the use-name of the guild member is used, it will point in their direction. Range: 75 miles.

Red Cleadh Mor

Base Chance: 60% Base Damage: D10+5 Wt: 5 lbs
The damage of this claymore increases directly by how much blood it drinks. The hilt has barbs in it that cut into the wielders hand(s) and channels that take the blood to the blade. Wielding the sword inflicts a 1 point bleeder on the wielder which in turn adds to the damage the sword does the following pulse. In addition to the total blood bonus the wielder has fed the sword, every time the sword tastes blood (inflicts a Endurance or Spec Grievous) a further point of damage is added the following pulse. The GM may rule some creatures either have no blood or the blood is not to the taste of the sword and therefore only the wielders blood bonus applies.

Wand of Black Ice

Wt: 1 pound
A Celestial Mage may release a Blackfire spell regardless of their branch by casting a Wall of Darkness through it. Endurance must be sacrificed to the wand to increase the maximum rank of the Blackfire and reduces the Fatigue Drain (ADDITIONAL Fatigue cost for a SUCCESSFUL cast) of using the Wand. Until this sacrifice is made the maximum rank of the Blackfire is 0 regardless of their Wall of Darkness rank and the Fatigue Drain is 8.

The sacrifice of 1 END raises the maximum rank to 3. 7 Fatigue Drain
An additional 2 END raises the maximum rank to 6. 6 Fatigue Drain
An additional 3 END raises the maximum rank to 9. 5 Fatigue Drain
An additional 4 END raises the maximum rank to 12. 4 Fatigue Drain
An additional 5 END raises the maximum rank to 15. 3 Fatigue Drain
An additional 6 END raises the maximum rank to 18. 2 Fatigue Drain
The final sacrifice of 7 END raises the maximum rank to 20. 1 Fatigue Drain

Base Chance is that of the casters Wall of Darkness spell. The Range, Duration and Effects of the spell cast using the wand are those of the Blackfire spell. The wand does not work with the Investment Ritual.

E.G. Aramil has Rank 10 Wall of Darkness with a BC of 50% but has only sacrificed a total of 3 END to the wand limiting the effect to a Rank 6 Blackfire, with a Range of 60 feet doing (D-2)+6 (resist for none) with all other characteristics of a Rank 6 Blackfire. The Wand drains an additional 6 Fatigue Drain (i.e. a total of 7). Fatigue Drain is Spell Fatigue, wraps to END and is not cured by Healing.

The Water Cup

Wt: 3 pounds
The EFFECT of the magic is enhanced by ONE when it is cast on water poured into this cup. Specifically, Waters of Healing, Waters of Strength, Waters of Vision, Liquid Purification, Liquid Transmutation and spells that have Potion as a means of storage have their effect increased by one (May not exceed rank 20). Spells like Maelstrom are not affected.

END may be sacrificed to the cup in the following manner:

Water's Rest If an END is sacrificed to the Water's Rest then those spells may reach Rank 21 effect (i.e, Rank 20 + 1 = Rank 21). TWO additional END raise the maximum effect by an additional two (i.e. Maximum of 23 effect). THREE additional END raise the maximum effect by an additional three (i.e. Maximum of 26 effect). Etc. This cost may be reduced if the cup contains (at least a pint) or is immersed in Elemental Water (Minimum of 1 END).

0 END (20), -1 END (21), -2 END (23), -3 END (26), -4 END (30), -5 END (35),

The END sacrificed to Water's Rest may be added to the BC of any one spell of the Water College. That spell is _____________________________. BC add is _____.

Water's Bounty If four END are sacrificed to the Water's Bounty then an additional rank will be added to the cups effect on spells that it enhances (i.e. it adds 2 ranks to the spells effects). Six additional END raise the cups add by one (i.e. it adds 3 ranks to spells effects). Etc. This cost may be reduced if the cup contains (at least a pint) or is immersed in Elemental Water (Minimum of 2 END).

0 (+1 spell effect), -4 END (+2 spell effect), -6 END (+3 spell effect), -8 END (+4 spell effect), -10 END (+5 spell effect),

The END sacrificed to Water's Bounty may be added to the BC of any one spell of the Water College. That spell is _____________________________. BC add is _____.

Water's Sparkle If TWO points of END are sacrificed then those spells may be ranked to Rank 21 in the usual manner with the usual increases in Base Chance, Range and Duration. Each two additional END sacrificed allows 1 further Rank to be achieved. This cost may be reduced if the cup contains (at least a pint) or is immersed in Elemental Water (Minimum of 1 END).

-2 END (Rank to 21), -2 END (Rank to 22), -2 END (Rank to 23), -2 END (Rank to 24), -2 END (Rank to 25),

The END sacrificed to Water's Sparkle may be added to any one spell of the Water College. That spell is _____________________________. BC add is _____.

The Water Cup has one further function. If 3 or more END have been sacrificed to the cup then the owner may cast Water Creation on the cup and water will flow from the cup until such time as a Water GN Counter spell terminates the spell. The cup may not be used until after the spell has been countered.

Fortuitous Dice

This soft, supple bag contains three pairs of cubic dice. They are well made but not magical. Some further experimentation may reveal their workings, then the owner's fortune may be influenced positively.

Warlocks Ring of Obscurement

Wt: ⅛ lb
Sinister black onyx ring that only realizes it's full powers in the hands of a Warlock. Entities that sacrifice a point of Perception to the ring are able to see through obscurement spells cast by the wearer of the Warlocks Ring of Obscurement that the Warlock has sacrificed for. Spells able to be sacrificed (cost is TWO Perception) for include Darkness, Storm Calling, Walking Unseen, Wall of Thorns and other similar spells may be added.

The Warlock must keep a list of those entities that have sacrificed to the ring and which spells he has sacrificed for. The Warlock may sacrifice a point of PC to remove someone from the list.

For every 4 seperate entities that have sacrificed to the ring, 3 Obscurement Points may be extracted from the ring by an Alchemist of Rank 5 or higher. These points may be used by the Warlock on suitable spells or traded.

All points of PC sacrificed may be bought back at the normal cost at any time.

Demon Invocation

Heat Shield

Wt: 8 lbs
This magic irregular shaped shield looks like flames over a half round lake and reduces the wielders MD by 2. It adds 4 Ranks to any Heat Shield Spell cast on the shield to a maximum of 100 points (Rank 20) against cold or ice damage. If no Heat Shield Spell is cast on the shield then it acts as a Rank 4 Fire Armour Spell that resets at noon, providing 20 points ablative damage against fire or heat damage.

Diabolic dagger

Wt: ½ lbs
This sinister looking dagger is made from the tusk of a Devil. It has a BC of 55% and a DM of +3. Once per day it can deliver a Rank 10 Disruption as a Free Action at the discreation of the wielder doing D+11, 1/2 Dm if save verse Mind Magic.

Gladius of the Soft Touch

Wt: 26 Ozs
This blade is of Dwarvern origin and is covered in Dwarvish runes. It ranks as a Short Sword and is unbreakable in the hands of a Dwarf. It has a BC of 65% (plus Healer Rank) and a DM of +3 (plus Healer rank). It never needs sharpening and can deliver A and B-class Spec Grievious. In addition it may be ranked up to the wielders Healer Rank at a cost of 4000 per rank above 6. On an END blow or better there is a chance (Healer Rank x 10) that the dagger will Soothe Pain which makes the blow unnoticed by the victim.

Incantation of Darkness: Dark Inferno

Name: Dark Inferno
Spell: Darkness
Effects: Anyone caught in the Darkness when this Incantation is cast is also considered to have been Blackfired at an equal rank.
Cost: 3500 Experience.
Constraints: Unracks the spell, reduces FT value by 2.

Incantation of Rune of Willow Healing: Cannibalise

Name: Cannibalise
Spell: Rune of Willow Healing
Effects: This incantation of the Rune of Willow Healing can only be cast on the Adept. Instead of recovering 3 EN per Pulse, the Adept will immediately suffer 1 Damage Point directly to EN (which cannot be avoided). If they are Quickened, then they lose the point of EN on their Initiative, and the next one at half that value. They receive 2 FT (which will restore FT lost to spell casting before that lost to damage) whenever they lose EN.
Since the Adept is under the effects of Rune of Willow Healing, they cannot benefit from another casting of the spell (even a normal one). The incantation cannot be made into a potion. It will remain in effect until the duration expires or it is Counterspelled.
Cost: 500 Experience.
Constraints: Unracks the spell, reduces FT value by 2.

Incantation of Charming: Spell Penetration

Name: Spell Penetration
Spell: Charming
Effects: Halves the Magic Resistance of all targets of the spell. Halving is applied first, then subtractions to MR.

Cost: 2000 Experience.
Constraints: Unracks the spell, reduces FT value by 1.

Magic Great Sword

Minimum BC is 50.

Magic Giant Bow

DM 2D10 (Rollup) + 5
Minimum BC is 50.

Elven Cloak of Blending

When activated the wearer is under the effects of a Blending spell. If a Blending Spell is cast on the Cloak then the wearer may move up to half their TMR and remain invisible. The spells duration is increased by 3 hours. Activating the cloak requires a Pass Action.

Dwarf Made Weapons


These 6 Javlins are of Dwarven origin and finely crafted. They count as silvered weapon and have no penalty against casting magic and may bear a weapon spell.

BC: 60% DM: +2 with +2 Armour Penetration (Ignore first two points of armour)

Weight: 2.5 pounds each

Giant Crossbow Bolts

These 24 Crossbow Bolts are of Dwarevn origin and are tailor made for Grizelda's Crossbow of Sniping. They count as silvered weapons, have no penalty against casting and may bear a weapon spell.

BC +10% DM: +2 Armour Penetration (Ignore first two points of armour)

There is a straight 50% chance that any bolt fire may be recovered intact unless the GM declares them broken or lost.

Weight: 0.5 pounds each


This Battleaxe is of Dwarven origin and finely crafted. It counts as a silvered weapon, has no penalty against casting and may bear a weapon spell.

BC: 70% DM: +5 with +2 Armour Penetration (Ignore first two points of armour)

Weight: 4.5 pounds


This Battleaxe is of Dwarven origin and finely crafted. It counts as a silvered weapon, has no penalty against casting and may bear a weapon spell.

BC: 70% DM: +5 with +2 Armour Penetration (Ignore first two points of armour)

Weight: 4.5 pounds


This Battleaxe is of Dwarven origin and finely crafted. It counts as a silvered weapon, has no penalty against casting and may bear a weapon spell.

BC: 70% DM: +5 with +2 Armour Penetration (Ignore first two points of armour)

Weight: 4.5 pounds

Small Round Shield

This Small Round Shield has been tailor made for Ronon. It counts as a silvered weapon, has no penalty against casting and may bear a weapon spell.

BC: 40% DM: D10 MD Loss: 0 (For the purposes of Melee only, otherwise 2)

Weight: 4 pounds


This Morningstar is of Dwarven origin and finely crafted. It counts as a silvered weapon, has no penalty against casting and may bear a weapon spell.

BC: 70% DM: +5 with +1 Armour Penetration (Ignore first point of armour)

Weight: 4.5 pounds


Restore Life Potion
Wt: ¼ lb
This is similar to a Rank 9 Herbalist Restore Life potion
Brooch of Lightning Strike
Wt: ⅛ lb
Invested Lightning Strike which inflicts 12 damage, and stuns unless the effect is resisted. If resisted, they take 6 damage and are not stunned.

  5     4     3     2     1

Potion of Mind Cloak
Wt: ½ lb
Rank 10 Mind Cloak
Potion of Walking Unseen
Wt: ½ lb
Rank 10 Walking Unseen
Waters of Strength
Wt: ¾ lb
Rank 11 Waters of Strength. D-2+11 PS, lasts 1 hr.
Waters of Healing
Wt: ¾ lb
Rank 10 Waters of Healing. Neutralises natural venom and cures 1 EN. If no poison present, cures [D-5]+10 EN deficit, wrapping to FT deficit.
Restorative Potion
Wt: ½ lb
Rank 7 Restorative. Inflicts 9 EN damage, restores 18 FT.
Healing Potions
Wt: ¼ lb
Heals 10 damage, restoring EN deficit first.
Goblin Extra Healing Potions x 6
Wt: ½ lb
Heals 20 damage, restoring EN deficit first. Save verse 2EN or suffer stomach pains and cramps (3WP/EN plus Resist Pain Bonus save to cast/melee) for next 30-EN hours. In addition if you Break 100 + 3 x EN + Rank in Healer it will cure a natural poison or disease. You may attempt a Break 100 + 3 x EN + Rank in Healer roll to remove each natural poison or disease you are currently under.
Goblin Healing Potions x 3
Wt: ¼ lb
Heals 13 damage, restoring EN deficit first. Save verse 2EN or suffer stomach pains and cramps (3WP/EN plus Resist Pain Bonus save to cast/melee) for next 30-EN hours.
Goblin Thunderclappers x 5
Wt: 2 lb
Grenado type device that explodes with a loud concussive force (D+7 Dm no armour) in the megahex in which it lands. AG save. 1 AG - Half Dm, 2 AG - Full Dm, 3 AG - Full Dm and Deaf for 1 min, 4 AG - Full Dm, Deaf for 1 min and Stunned, 5 AG - Full Dm, Deaf for 1 min, Prone and Stunned, 6 AG - Double Dm, Deaf for 1 min, Prone and Stunned
Any Strike Check greater than 70 + MD means that the thrower dropped the grenado at their feet, or, if the roll is 99 or 100, has gone off prematurely.
Light Mummy Bandages x 5
Wt: ¼ lb
Heals A-class Spec Grievous except 11 (aorta) and 13 (eye) in 36-EN hours.
Heavy Mummy Bandages x 7
Wt: ½ lb
Heals B class Spec Grievous except those that kill you outright or sever body parts in 39-EN hours.
Extra Heavy Mummy Bandages x 2
Wt: ¾ lb
Heals C class Spec Grievous unless it kills you outright in 48-EN hours.


Amulet of Luck
Wt: ⅛ lb
+3 MR, +2 DEF.
Amulet of Aquilegious
Wt: ⅛ lb
Subtracts 10 from the result of a Fright Check.
Amulet of Bloodstone
Wt: ⅛ lb
Reduces the chance of infection by 20 and prevents miscarriage.
Amulet of Elderflowers
Wt: ⅛ lb
Makes the wearer proof against Evil Eye .
Amulet of Aquilegious
Wt: ⅛ lb
Subtracts 10 from the result of a Fright Check.
Amulet of Amethyst
Wt: ⅛ lb
Wards bad dreams and assists the wearer in achieving a restful sleep. Increases the wearer’s Fatigue recovery during sleep periods by 10% (round down).
Amulet of Hypericum x 2
Wt: ⅛ lb
Increases the wearer’s Magical Resistance by 10 to any magical act performed by a Demon or Daemonic being.
Bat's Wing Amulet Wt: ⅛ lb
While this amulet is worn openly, the wearer is under the effect of a Lesser Enchantment.
Greater Amulet of Luck Wt: ⅛ lb
While this amulet is worn openly, the wearer's MR is increased by 6 and their DEF is increased by 4.


11th Meadow

Red Cleadh Mor,
Wand of Black Ice,
Water Cup,
Fortuitous Dice.
Winter Bees

12th Meadow

Adventurer's Water Compass


Item # Weight Angus Kerry Grizelda Valentine Amaril Robert Djulius
Red Cleadh Mor 1 5 lbs Green-tick.gif
Wand of Black Ice 1 Green-tick.gif
Water Cup 1 Green-tick.gif
Fortuitous Dice 1 Green-tick.gif
Brooch of Lightning Strike 1 ⅛ lb Green-tick.gif
Potion of Mind Cloak 1 ½ lb Green-tick.gif
Potion of Walking Unseen 1 ½ lb
Waters of Strength 7 ¾ lb 1 3 3
Waters of Healing 11 ¾ lb 1 3 2 2 3
Amulet of Luck 5 ⅛ lb Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif
Amulet of Beryl 3 ⅛ lb Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif
Amulet of Bloodstone 2 ⅛ lb Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif
Amulet of Aquilegious 3 ⅛ lb Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif
Healing Potions 15 ¼ lb 2 3 3 2 3 2
Restorative Potions 7 ½ lb 3 1 3
Greater Amulet of Luck 1 ⅛ lb Green-tick.gif
Bat's Wing Amulet 1 ⅛ lb Green-tick.gif
Water Compass 1 Green-tick.gif

Experience Awards

Grizelda Kerry Valentine Amaril Angus Robert Djulius Ronon
20430 14548 18883 11760 6575 11520 10560 10980
After racial tax:
13620 14548 18883 9800 6575 11520 10560 9982
After the Loot Auction:
14048 15184 17919 10330 6575 10856 10896 10560
Final Experience after racial tax, loot auction, all bonuses and penalties:
16858 16702 19710 12396 7890 13027 13075 12672


Summer 811wk: Meadow
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon0.jpg Beltane

Full Moon

1 Guild Meeting 2 In Seagate 3 In Seagate 4 In Seagate 5 In Seagate 6 Departed Seagate
Moon1.jpg 7 8 9 10 11 Battle with Pirates & Ice Devil 12 Defeat Ice Devil & elemental, enchantment expires 13
Moon2.jpg 14 15 Gargoyle Island 16 Destinian port and betrayal by crew 17 Steal fishing boat from Destinian village 18 19 20 Encounter goblins and ogre mage
Moon3.jpg 21 Dig 22 Dig 23 Dig 24 Break and broken 25 Burnt and broken 26 27
Moon0.jpg 28 Full Moon 29 30
Summer 811wk: Heat
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
1 2 3 4
Moon1.jpg 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Moon2.jpg 12 13 14 Midsummer Eve (Faerie Day). 15 Solstice. 16 17 18
Moon3.jpg 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
Moon0.jpg 26 Full Moon 27 28 29 30
Summer 811wk: Breeze
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
1   2
Moon1.jpg 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Moon2.jpg 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Moon3.jpg 17 18 19 20 21 22 23
Moon0.jpg 24 25 26 27 28 29 30