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Ronon is a dwarf of enormous will and feeble physical prowess. He was not exactly cast out of his clan for his inability to master even the most basic crafting arts but he was encouraged to take on a life as an adventurer and travel the world. Far, far away from his family.
Rescued from a slaver off the coast of Caledonia, where he would likely have ended up as galley slave to the vile Destinian scum that ply the waters thereabouts, he has made his way to Seagate to take up employment with the Adventurer's Guild. He has a strong antipathy to anything Destinian, unless it is made of gold, silver or gems.
He is a relatively new adventurer, but has chosen to take advantage of the power of his will and is focusing his development on Sorceries of the Mind for the moment. He has a short sword of which he is inordinately proud, and some passing skill in Healing.

He is played by George Harmon.


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