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Part of the Five Sisters

One of the city states ports that make up the Five Sisters. The Five Sisters are made up of the only major ports in the north west of the Islands of Adventure.

The walled town of Saktekorum make up the only notable seat of power. The old city of around ~6,000 people is dominated by trade (which often expands to a population over 10,000 in the trading seasons), and is a major deep water port, with excellent shipping facilities.

Outside the walls is deep sandy desert and the city is occasionally bombarded by sandstorms.

The town gains most of its revenue from spice and slave trading between between the Tycho in the east and the Kingdoms and Baronies in the west. It is also a large service centre for shipping. In 807WK a unknown cartel of Merchants have been exporting the valuable 'Blue Sands' rumoured to be harvested from somewhere in the Gatar Depression, to Destiny.


  • Ahmed Ghul, the Harbour-master
  • Akmed Ghul, Ahmed's brother and proprietor of a local Tavern.
  • Calif ab-zul, 'The Red Mage' - An Air/Greater Summoner pacted to Savnok. Can create high mana zones and seems quite pleasant.