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A map of the Isles in Winter which is hopefully helpful - but often not.

Part of the Islands of Adventure

A often changing dangerous area, with what is said to be 500+ Islands, with many pirates and mystical monsters.

Destiny Traders:

It is known that some Destiny trading ships know of a secret trade rout which cuts months off the trade routes from Arabie to the Five Sisters and said to allow sailing to the northern port of Chelemby by six days sail from Adjepbar. It is also said they between all of the trading factions with Destiny they have knowledge of the six secret trading ports within the isle that are closely guarded secrets, which return great wealth to the Dons and crews alike.

The Black Eye:

This giant one eyed sea monster necromancer who uses the corpses of Kraken and Whales to do its bidding. It is said to have lost a gem said to be the ‘eye of the sea’ which it hunts for. A few cults of Mermen worship the ‘Black Eye’ often taking all crew of trading ship leaving the vessel.

The Maelstrom:

Ships that survive getting sucked into the Maelstrom are said to travel to another world when under the cover of darkness. Great stories tell of islands existing which are covered in the crushed ruins of the hulks that have been sucked to the deeps of the Maelstrom. Yet more stories speak of the magical rock from the centre of the maelstrom can bind an island to a person who lives the crush of the Maelstrom. Others talk of it taking vessel to the other side of the world where strange people live. It is said that the Tycho Merchants Guild has some journals on epic adventures said to have returned from the Maelstrom. Legends of strange ships coming forth from stormy waters under the light of a Blue Moon.

Gates to Valhalla or Hel:

A Viking warrior prince by the name of Feneric the Black is charged with protecting the island of Yolmhelm, which is said to house the gates to Valhalla or Hel depending on the season. It is said that he must bed any woman that is able to wield a sword or axe. A goblin lord by the name of Slugger is paying well for the isles location. Agents of Slugger can be found in the lower class port pubs of Adjepbar, within the Five Sisters.

Isles of the Kings:

The chain is made up of a large set of over a dozen isles, the main island has a group of six giant dwarf statues well over 1,000 feet high made of stone. These statues can be seen from twenty miles over the open ocean. It is said that an evil group of mystical Gargoyles each with a single enchanted golden horn of great value. The shoals & shallows at the base of the statues of the Kings are rich with countless mystical pearls.

Freya’s human lover:

Freya’s human lover is lost in the Isle of Adventure said not to be dead but trapped as a statue known by his enchanted silver shield, by the Rat Queen who rules over a cult of mystical female shape-changers.

Nymphomaniac Mermaids:

These incredibly beautiful webbed toes women bribe shipwrecked sailors to copulate with them by offering them pearls and coral necklaces. Every act of intercourse sucks seven months of age from the human male partner and twelve years from an elf. The mermaids are said to never want to be intimate with dwarves as they are ugly and hobbits as they are child like.

Ivory Isles:

Inland on some of the tropical isles with fog covered mountains which cast a shadow over a great inland lake is a forgotten graveyard of huge long dead creatures. The bones are said to be blessed with luck and highly magical some bones are that of ivory and silver.

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