Psst!, where is this town called Konigsburg?

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Adventure: Psst!, where is this town called Konigsburg?
GM: Ian Wood
Session: Winter 812
Night: Mondays - starting monday 25th June
Location 32 Dawnhaven Drive, Te Atatu Peninsula

Monday July 9: playing at Clare's place in Ranui. 11B Muriel Pl. Ph 832 8319 / 021 027 22550 There is plenty of parking space down the drive if you park efficiently. We are the second house down the ROW.

Level: Low.

A disguised entity declaims the astonishing rapidity with which humans have approached the threshold of sentience. After listing five examples, including the bardic tradition, he states with some dismay that people wont believe him. He then asks that iconographs be taken (a device is provided) of important places across the Western Kingdom. Examples of high quality works, such as the gates to a major city and its market square, castle and fields.

Reasonable expenses will be met, and 2,000gs are advanced.

The Party:

The party;


  • 500 sp for each minor example of sentience.
  • 1,000 sp for each moderate example.
  • 5,000 sp for each amazing example.

Appropriate reward is lodged with the Guild.

The Narrative

1-3 Frost

We spend two days preparing ourselves, and our equipment. Importantly, substantial amounts of food are to be carried in Aaron's Sack of Carrying. Also Healing potions, Gut-busters and Alchemical ingredients (for trade in MMHS) are got. And a carrying case for The Device (which the 'employer' demonstrates) is fashioned.

4 Frost

Slow Portal to Elfenburg. Hungry masses attempt to over-power us as we transfer our food to the Sack of Carrying (which had to be empty for the Portal). No pleasure is taken in slaughtering dozens of unfortunates, we console ourselves that they would have likely not made it through the season. The delayed action Wings (nice trick, Lord of the Bats!) take us to Ablest in Borovia before a storm arrives, Boris {Aaron???} wrenching an ankle. Find a inn, Daisy buddies up with a Halfing.

5 Frost

Daisy (with Horton along) buys a halfling-cart (with pony), and a spare pony. We Warp Wood the Device's case as a bench in the cart, and head south. At an appropriate spot, the Device is set up in the cart (looking through a transparency), and makes it makes an 'Image' on paper - it looks like an ink drawing. We put it in a scroll case, and hide it in the cart. Our cover story while traveling is that we are a Guild party which was on a mission in the north, which didn't go well, and we are having to travel by road and river back to Seagate.

There is a fort at the top of the scarp above the river on Borovia's southern border. It looks like it was molded from rock or something? The device produces a sculpture about "' each side, a very detailed model of the fort and its setting - including internal details that we couldn't see!?

There is a town at the bottom of the scarp, where we are bothered by a supposed potioner, who we brush off. Image taken.

6 Frost

Continuing down-river, the countryside gets rougher, until be reach a small town. Take the road up to MMHS, and come across a pathetic barricade, and note an ambush being aborted. For some odd reason, Daisy pays a 'toll'. Another village has also being trying the same thing, we scowled them away.

{we had to overnight somewhere before MMHS, yes??}

Approaching MMHS, there is a very new guard post (not even a tower really). We act like gorping travelers, while the Device makes a charcoal drawing of the city - looking at it, it feels like you can 'see' deeply into the city. We pay the toll (a real one!), and find accommodation on appropriate levels. We find digs in the merchant layer. Daisy goes off with a hobbit trading clan while the rest of us get our bearings. In the night, an orc visits for a chat with Boris.

7 Frost

Do talking and trading with hobbit merchants. Mungo and Boris see a local orc boss, who says that the goblins are getting above their place - to the top of the stairs even! The more refined side of the city is recorded by a music-box created by the Device at a bard training session. We try the fast type of recoding (in the same place as an earlier recording), and find that, as expected it takes just a few minutes, but 'pre-corded' things that hadn't been said yet!

Finances & Loot etc

Device Iconographs

Charcoals {C}, Drawing {D}, Fresco {F}, Inks {I}, Music box {M}, Oil {O}, Sculptures {S}, Watercolour {W},

  • {I} Ablest and surrounds
  • {S} Borovia Border Fort and immediate context
  • {I} Middenland town, and river
  • {C} MMHS (from outer guard post)
  • {M} MMHS Bard teaching
  • {M} MMHS Bard pre-cording
  • {O} Winery + villa
  • {S} Forge
  • {S} Golem
  • {I} Cathedral + city
  • {G} History since Sigmund
  • {S) Guild Piazza
  • {D} Kongisburg Cathedral
  • {D} Wedding Progression
  • {W} Mountain Pass
  • {O} Curvy Fort
  • {C} Road
  • {F} Ormond
  • {D} Aladar
  • {I} Sanctuary (from outside)


  • Advanced 2,000gs
  • 5x G-B @400sp, 8x 10HP @ 500sp, 2x 20HP @1,500sp (total 9,000sp) - used 2 G_B and 4x 10HP
  • 5,000sp of alchemical ingredients
    • 1/3 sold in MMHS for 6,000sp (in gs)
    • 1,500sp cost sold for glasswork -> vials etc -> 4,000sp
    • 1/3 sold 2,292
  • Various exp 2,000sp
  • net 18,400 (earlier miscalculated at 20,400)


  • Necklace of Eating. Value: 1,000 sp. The wearer of this silver neckalce cannot be poisoned orally (eg food or bad water) and will always enjoy their food. Any amount of food will always sustain them - even one cup of water will be sufficient.
  • Bracelet of Strength. Value: 2,500 sp. The wearer of this plain brown leather bracelet will have their Strength increased by 2, ignoring racial and personal maximums.
  • Anklet of Agility. Value: 5,000 sp. The wearer of this blronze chain anklet will have their Agility increased by 2, ignoring racial and personal maximums.
  • Earing of Enhancement, rk11. Value 5,500 sp. May be triggered three times per day, refeshed at dusk, to placen and Enhance Enchantment of Rank 11 at the triggerer's feet.
  • Nose Ring of Breathing. Value: 2,500 sp By skewering this 2 inch wide ring through both nostrils - it hinges open - the wearer may always breath normally, even under water or where there is no air. The ring does not however protect the wearer from noxious vapours etc as they still have to breath in and out.
  • Rod of Divination. Value: 12,000. The wielder may touch the Rod to one object or entity to learn what spells and rituals are currently in effect. The Rod may be used up to three times per day, refreshing at dusk.
  • Gem of Synchronicity (held by Daisy). Value: 12,500 sp. Crystal with yellowy-orange flame in the middle: there is a 50% chance that any spell that impacts the bearer will also impact all entities within 10 feet. The magical resistance of each entity so impacted, if any, is resolved individually. It is not possible to have the Gem on one's person and not be the bearer. It will be destroyed if placed in a magical bag of holding or similar, or dimensional device or similar or if not held for more than one minute.
  • Warm Cloak. Value: 500 sp. The wearer will alsways be warm, the posessor will have a comformtable and refreshing sleep if the cloak is rolled up and used as a pillow.
  • Chain armour (4 sets, human sized). Value: 1,200 sp each.
  • Short Sword x 4. Value: 40 sp. Normal short swords.
  • Field equipment (various). Value: 4,000 sp. Choose items from using the list, although of better quality
  • Artisan Tools (various). Value: 2,000 sp. Above average tools for artisans to use.

Personal Development

  • May choose one of:
    • Scales: a spell of armour
    • Ritual of Remove Minor Curse (takes 10 minutes)
    • Minor Geas: Tell the Truth (for 10 minutes)
  • May choose any or all of:
    • Talent of Immunity to Backfire
    • Talent of Common Miracle: transfer EN
    • Permanent Talent of Coming Back: resurrection
  • Its happened already, no choice
    • Enhanced Aspect of Death (already Death Aspected)
    • Depleted Aspect of Death (not yet Death Aspected)
    • Fatigue +2: everyone gets +2 FT, ignoring racial and personal maxima
    • Uncapped Fatigue (Daisy, Boris, Horton): not only do they get +2FT, their Fatigue limit is removed: the cost to increase FT is 2,500 ep to FT 25 and 5,000 ep per point above 25.
  • Individual
    • School of Jousting (Mango). May add half his rank in Coutier to his weapon ranks during a formal joust against an acknowledged opponent, but not in general melee.
    • Enchanced night / infravision (Daisy). May see items that are hotter or cooler than their surroundings, including footprints, heated air from bodies. The footprints etc are visible for 1 minute for each degree above or below ambient of the article that made the artifact.
    • Dragon's Breath (Daisy). this needs some discussion.



Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon2.jpg Samhain
Frost (7)
  1 Guild Meeting 2 Prep 3 Prep 4 Portal to Bergelfen, Ablest 5 Borovia Sth'n border 6 road to MMHS
Moon3.jpg 7 MMHS 8 MMHS - Goblin Cleansing 9 road to Bordelay 10 road to Bordelay 11 Bordelay 12 Old elf healer 13 Road to Bowcourt
Moon0.jpg 14 Road to Bowcourt 15 Bowcourt 16 Road to Foxcourt 17 Dumas teaches lance & spear 18 Dumas teaches lance & spear 19 Road to Foxcourt 20 Near Foxcourt, Golem scout
Moon1.jpg 21 South to city 22 West to port town, followed 23 Nth on river road 24 Innesburg 25 road to Königburg 26 road to Königburg 27 road to Königburg
Moon2.jpg 28 Königburg guard village 29 Königburg 30 Drawing from Cathedral  
Snow (8)
  1 on road sth 2 skirt civil war 3 skirt civil war 4 on road sth
Moon3.jpg 5 on road sth 6 ambush bandits 7 Escort to town 8 push Sth to aerial fortress 9 Sth on Road 10 past white castle through Aquila 11 Aladar
Moon0.jpg 12 many skirmishes on road 13 Freetaun 14 Freetaun (training) 15 Solstice
Ship to Ormond
16 Ship 17 The Duke of Carzala's Winter Ball
18 Yuletide
Ship to Sanctuary
Moon1.jpg 19 Days of Chaos
Not in Sanctuary
20 DoC 2
Ship to Seagate
21 DoC 3
Ship to Seagate
22 DoC 4
23 DoC 5 24 DoC 6 25 DoC 7
Moon2.jpg 26 DoC 8 27 DoC 9 28 DoC 10 29 DoC 11 30 Twelth Night  
Ice (9)
  1   2  
Moon3.jpg 3   4   5   6 First Plough 7   8   9  
Moon0.jpg 10   11   12   13   14   15   16  
Moon1.jpg 17   18   19   20   21   22   23  
Moon2.jpg 24   25   26   27   28   29   30